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Migrant ghettos will become ‘a nuclear bomb in the future’ a top EU official warns

A top European Union official has warned that migrant ghettos could become a ‘nuclear bomb’ of unrest and has urged the European Union to tackle the problem.

The EU has a war chest of £310 billion to spend by 2020 on its so-called cohesion policy as it tries to reduce inequality across the union.

European Commissioner for regional policy Corina Cretu says that the money is crucial to stop the segregation of migrants in harsh and dangerous ghettos.


Tests to prove gay asylum seekers are telling the truth about their sexuality break EU law

Psychological tests on gay asylum seekers to ‘prove’ their sexuality break EU law, the European Court of Justice ruled today.

Hundreds of gay people from Africa, the Middle East and Chechnya have claimed asylum in the EU on the basis that they would be persecuted in their home countries.

Today’s ruling, which follows a similar decision in 2014, sets a precedent which should be observed in all 28 EU member states, including Britain.


EU task force to clamp down on ‘fake news’, but can’t define it. Calls EU control stamp for news “an option”

Today, De Cock Buning was interviewed by Dutch newspaper NRC, and was asked: “Where is this headed? An EU control stamp for real and fake news?” She answered:

“That would be an option. But we’re not striving for something like a ministry of Truth. That’s certainly not the right direction.”


Facebook and Twitter face sanctions if they fail to help ‘fake news’ inquiry

The chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee, which is conducting an inquiry into “fake news”, has given the social media giants until January 18 to hand over information the committee has requested.

Damian Collins said that if they fail to comply, the committee will consider sanctions that could be imposed, such as encouraging the advertising industry to withdraw business on “ethical” grounds.


The Swedish government wants to increase immigration – proposes direct entry permits for asylum seekers

Sweden and the EU should hand out entry permits so that foreign immigrants can legally go to Europe and then seek asylum in place. That’s the government’s investigator, environmentalist Maria Ferm, writes in a new proposal. The MP-led investigation wants immigration to continue and that more asylum seekers can get to Europe more safely.


‘EU is killing Europe’: Far-right leaders call for end to ‘disastrous’ union

Marine Le Pen, Tomio Okamura and Geert Wilders during a conference of the rightwing Europe of Nations and Freedom

The European Union is a “disaster” and a “danger” for Europe that has no place in its future, leaders of far-right European parties said at a gathering in Prague. They also vowed to develop cooperation outside the EU structures.

“Because we love Europe, we accuse the EU of killing Europe,” the leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, told reporters at congress of European right-wing parties in the Czech capital, Prague. She also advocated the establishment of a new sort of union, which she defined as a “Europe of sovereign nations.”

“We are not xenophobes, we are opponents of the European Union,” she said. “I think this is something we have in common, because the European Union is a disastrous organization which is leading our continent to destruction through dilution by drowning it in migrants, by the negation of our respective countries, by the draining of our diversity.”


Populism will lead to ‘stagnation and collapse’ of EU if left unchecked warns shock report

The New Pact for Europe dossier says the surge in support for nationalist parties across the bloc poses a “fundamental threat” that could topple the “vulnerable” project.

It warns may ordinary voters are fed up with being ruled by an establishment they feel has failed to deliver on its promises and is “corrupted by elite interests”. 


‘No to Brussels!’ EU summit provokes fury as hundreds of protesters demand Swedish exit

The mass protest in Gothenburg on Friday evening came just as the EU summit, which Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and Emmanuel Macron all attended, came to an end.

Protesters at the rally, named the ‘Alternative EU Summit’, took to the streets to voice their fury at the direction of the EU and demanded Sweden break away from the bloc.