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EU tells Britain to take in more Med migrants: Thousands could gain asylum as Brussels looks to ease ‘unprecedented’ crisis in Italy

The UK will be expected to hand asylum to potentially thousands of refugees to ease the ‘unprecedented’ migration crisis in Italy, Brussels chiefs said yesterday.

As a fierce diplomatic row broke out between European countries over how to deal with the situation, the EU said Britain was expected to open its doors to help the bloc.

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Europe Is Still Ailing

A glimpse into the dark malaise behind the EU project.

Recent elections in France, the Netherlands, and Austria, in which Eurosceptic populist and patriotic parties did poorly in national elections, suggest to some that the EU is still strong despite Britain’s vote to leave the union. Yet the problems bedeviling the EU ever since its beginnings in 1992 have not been solved. Nor are they likely to be with just some institutional tweaks and adjustments. “More Europe,” that is, greater centralization of power in Brussels at the expense of the national sovereignty of member states, is not the answer. The flaws in the whole EU project flow from its questionable foundational assumptions.


Why the EU Constitutes a Mortal Threat to Europeans

Years ago, many Europeans hoped that the European Union (EU) might be a force for good. In the early 1990s, even I shared some of those hopes.

However, these dreams have been put to shame. The time has come to take an honest look at what the EU actually is today, not to dream about what it might have become.

There have been disturbing, Utopian and partly totalitarian undercurrents to the EU for years. These currents have now reached the surface. The EU increasingly resembles a pan-European tyranny.


The European Union Broadcasts a Paris Agreement Rebuttal Speech Via Emmanuel Macron

This is just epic in the broadcast fail. Those who control the strings on the puppets actually had a planned broadcast rebuttal to President Trump’s announcement to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty. [The producer, most likely from the Obama campaign apparatus that supported Macron, must have had a state of the union type response in mind]


Merkel Threatens UK, Securing Borders “Will Have Its Price”

In a rare move, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has threatened the British government with “consequences” if it were to restrict immigration from the EU member states after the country formally breaks away from the union. “If the British government says that free movement of people is no longer valid, that will have its price,” German Chancellor said. “Merkel threatens the Brits,” reported the leading German newspaper, Die Welt.


Europe conquers itself

EU heads of state gathered in Rome on March 24 to celebrate the Rome Treaty’s anniversary and be received by Pope Francis. But what are they celebrating?

Today Judeo-Christianity, on which the European leaders founded their civilization with Jewish wisdom, Greek philosophy and Roman Law, has been banished from public life. In 2003, European constituents were even unable to insert the word “Christianity” in the preamble of the constitution.