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Swedish security police want Muslim accused of terrorism for Islamic centre fire to be deported

Sunni vs. Shia civil war in Malmo Sweden.

Sweden’s security police (Säpo) want the suspect in a terror trial related to a fire at a community centre in Malmö last year to be deported, as they consider him a security risk.

The 30-year-old Syrian man is accused of terror offences for a fire which caused smoke damage to a Shia Muslim community centre in October. In a detention hearing at the end of the man’s trial on

April 7th the judge ruled that there was no longer any need to keep him in custody, pending the final judgement in the case.

But the man’s freedom didn’t last long: security police Säpo detained him immediately afterwards. According to newspaper Sydsvenskan, it has now emerged that Säpo opened a case under Sweden’s Act on Foreign Immigration Control arguing that they believe there is evidence he has links with Isis and should therefore have his residence permit revoked.

Palestinians of Syria: A Year of Killings and Torture

2016 was a tough year for the Palestinians. It was tough not only for those Palestinians living in the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority (PA) regime, or the Gaza Strip under Hamas. When Westerners hear about the “plight” and “suffering” of Palestinians, they instantly assume that the talk is about those living in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. Rarely does the international community hear about what is happening to Palestinians in the Arab countries. This lapse doubtless exists because the misery of Palestinians in the Arab countries is difficult to pin on Israel.

The Many Armies of Iraq: If ISIS Goes, Do They Turn on Each Other?

Officially, the Shiite militias are under presidential control, the Iranian clients are behaving themselves, the Sunnis and Kurds are being respected… officially.

ERBIL, Iraq—Two injured Iraqi soldiers stretched on hospital beds were still in their uniforms, a haphazard mix of mismatched camouflage in the military ward of a hospital north of Mosul. The walls were peach-colored, as if painted for some other kind of place. The tang of antiseptic hung in the air.

Another soldier was in a wheelchair, his lower half covered in a heavy multicolored blanket.

Journalist is shot dead in front of her six-year-old son ‘by a member of Bahrain’s royal family

A young mother has been gunned down in the street as her six-year-old son watched from inside their car in Bahrain.

Eman Salehi, a 28-year-old Shiite woman, worked as a sports journalist for Bahrain’s state-run television broadcaster.

She was known for her piercing blue eyes and friendly demeanor. It’s unclear what sparked the December 23 shooting.

Possibly linked to Bahrain’s Sunni – Shia conflict?

Family survived under Isis for two years by pretending to be Sunni

The family of Ali Amin Abdullah make unlikely Islamic State supporters – not least because they are from the Shia sect, despised and persecuted by the jihadi militants. In order to survive for two years under the self-proclaimed caliphate in Mosul, however, they did what it took to avoid persecution and likely death at the hands of Isis fighters: they pretended to be Sunni.

For Abdullah, who was repeatedly threatened by gun-wielding militants who were suspicious about his true denomination, this meant more than just words: he signed on for classes at a local Isis-linked religious institute. But his subterfuge proved so successful that, when newly arrived Iraqi government troops came to the family’s home in early November, they accused him and his relatives of collaboration.

The battle for Aleppo ends: Remaining civilians await evacuation after rebels surrender in deal for their safety

After four long and bloody years and countless lives, the battle for the beleaguered city of Aleppo appeared to finally be over on Tuesday.

The rebels, who had fought fiercely for Syria’s second city since seizing control in 2012, in the end agreed to surrender in return for amnesty and the evacuation of remaining civilians.

Under a deal brokered by Russia, which backs the Bashar al-Assad regime, and Turkey, which supports the opposition, those left will be sent to rebel-held countryside outside Aleppo.

Fifteen Saudi Shia sentenced to death for ‘spying for Iran’

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced 15 people to death for spying for Iran.

They were among 32 people – comprising 30 members of the kingdom’s Shia Muslim minority, an Iranian national and an Afghan – put on trial in February.

Prosecutors accused them of treason, setting up a spy ring in collaboration with Iranian intelligence, and passing about sensitive data on military zones.

Tensions between Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and Shia-led Iran have escalated in the past year.

Iraq’s Shi’ite militias could prove bigger test than Mosul

In early June, two Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias under the nominal control of the Iraqi government stormed into an Iraqi military airbase north of Baghdad. Driving armored vehicles and wielding rocket launchers, they took over a building on the base.

The Iraqi commander at the base, near the town of Balad, asked the militiamen to leave. But the men ignored him as well as orders from the central government in Baghdad, according to two army officers in the Salahuddin Operation Command, the regional military headquarters.

The June standoff grounded four Iraqi F-16 fighter jets and pushed more than a dozen U.S. contractors – there to help local pilots bomb Islamic State militants – to flee, according to the army officers and an Iraqi military intelligence source.

It also underscored one of the biggest challenges ahead for Iraq.

Destructive Hacks Strike Saudi Arabia, Posing Challenge to Trump

State-sponsored hackers have conducted a series of destructive attacks on Saudi Arabia over the last two weeks, erasing data and wreaking havoc in the computer banks of the agency running the country’s airports and hitting five additional targets, according to two people familiar with an investigation into the breach.

Saudi Arabia said after inquiries from Bloomberg News that “several” government agencies were targeted in attacks that came from outside the kingdom, according to state media. No further details were provided.

Although a probe by Saudi authorities is still in its early stages, the people said digital evidence suggests the attacks emanated from Iran. That could present President-elect Donald Trump with a major national security challenge as he steps into the Oval Office.

A challenge to Trump? Let Saudi and Iran fight it out, it’s a win-win.

Kabul mosque attack: 27 Shia worshippers killed by suspected suicide bomber

At least 27 people have been killed in a suspected suicide attack at a mosque in the Afghan capital, according to officials in Kabul.

An estimated 35 people were also injured but survived after the blast during the Baqirul Olum mosque ceremony in the west of the city on Monday.

Worshippers were marking the Shia ceremony of Arbaeen, which commemorates the assassinated grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, and which comes 40 days after the major Ashura festival.

Why Sectarian Violence Is Resurging in Pakistan

After a decline in scale and casualties, the anti-Shia sectarian violence is once again resurging in Pakistan. In the last two weeks, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) Al-Alami, an anti-Shia extremist outfit, has claimed responsibility for the targeted assassinations of four women of the ethnic Hazara Shia community in Quetta and the attack on a Shia Imambargah in Karachi. Alarmingly, during the same period, two deadly attacks of almost similar modus operandi were witnessed against the Shia worshippers in Afghanistan, one in Kabul and the other in the northern Balkh province. Since 2014, sectarian terrorism—spearheaded by Khurasan chapter of the Islamic State (IS)—has emerged as a new potent threat in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban insurgency.

Fears battle for Mosul could open new front in wider Sunni-Shia conflict

The risk that military operations to expel Islamic State terrorists from Mosul in northern Iraq could morph into a new frontline in the wider conflict between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam has intensified with Turkey’s disputed entry into the fray.

Binali Yıldırım, Turkey’s prime minister, confirmed reports that Turkish troops based in the contested Bashiqa area outside Mosul were firing on Isis positions with artillery, tanks and howitzers. Yıldırım said the bombardment followed a request from Kurdish peshmerga forces.

Iranian-Backed Militias Engage In Revenge Killings Against Civilians Fleeing ISIS

Iraqi militias sponsored by Iran are engaging in revenge killings against innocent civilians fleeing the Islamic State, according to research from a human rights group.

Iraq’s Shia Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs) tortured, kidnapped and murdered Sunni Muslims, according to the Amnesty International report released Tuesday. The Iranian-backed PMUs often consider Sunnis who lived under ISIS control to be sympathizers, and therefore purposefully target them.