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Why do Canada’s women premiers seem to only get one term in office?

What do Catherine Callbeck, Alison Redford, Pauline Marois, Kathy Dunderdale and Christy Clark have in common: they are all women who broke the political glass ceiling to become their province’s first elected female premier only to have voters sour on them over just one term in office. By her own admission, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne expects to join the club as a result of Thursday’s provincial vote.

Because voters realize their mistake before the next election.


Strippers, Prostitutes Hit The Streets For ‘International Whores’ Day’

On Saturday, strippers, prostitutes, and “allies,” hit the streets for the 43rd annual International Whores’ Day.

In cities such as Oakland, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, “sex workers” held demonstrations mainly to voice their opposition to the recently passed anti-sex-trafficking bill, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act, and to advocate for the decimalization of prostitution.

How is it that people who openly admit to breaking the law can protest without repercussions, yet law abiding Conservatives are censored at every opportunity?


Sweden’s feminists call nationalism (and not Islam) a major threat to women’s rights in Europe

Party leader of the Feminist Initiative (FI), Gudrun Schyman and her colleague, MEP Soraya Post, are worried about Europe’s increasing nationalism. Both think nationalism is the arch enemy of feminism, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports.

At one point I cared about Sweden. Now, I think I’ll just get some more popcorn.


54 students are in the National Geographic Bee finals. Just 4 are girls.

The National Geographic Bee’s gender imbalance puzzles teachers, parents and students. Some say that the tournament is fair but that educators need to actively foster geographic curiosity in girls, while others think the National Geographic Society is in violation of Title IX and needs to overhaul the bee’s design to promote better results for girls.


Women’s March Leaders Slam ADL, Call Group ‘Islamophobic,’ Anti-Minority

Leaders of the progressive Women’s March movement slammed the Anti-Defamation League on Tuesday as an organization that “constantly” attacks minorities of color around the world after Starbucks announced that it enlisted the civil-rights group to lead sensitivity training for its employees.


WALSH: The Four Terrible Things That Are Destroying Boys In Our Culture

Our culture is very bad for boys. It’s bad for girls, too. It’s bad for everyone. But I think we fail to recognize and appreciate the unique struggles that boys face. Partly we fail to recognize it because we are too busy worrying about the Patriarchy’s persecution of women. Partly we fail to recognize it because, collectively, we just don’t care that much about boys. Partly we fail to recognize it because men are not as likely to talk about their own plight. And partly a man will not talk about it because everyone, even his fellow men, will only laugh at him and downplay the problem.


Female Prof: Let’s Pay Female Professors More For Their ‘Emotional Labor’

A female professor at The University of San Francisco is promulgating an idea that should enrage feminists, but probably won’t: she wants colleges to compensate female faculty members for their “emotional labor.”

According to hard-core feminists, there’s no difference between men and women, so this is really confusing.