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Freedom of speech is vital to our democracy in Leeds

Any idea what this is supposed to be?

Last month, Leeds City Council was due to host a meeting held by Woman’s Place UK to discuss the government’s consultation on amending the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Hours before the meeting was due to take place, the council released a statement explaining that they would no longer allow the meeting to go ahead at Civic Hall. I was a ticket holder for that event and wrote a letter to express my disappointment and anger at the decision.


Hysterical ‘Kavanope’ Harpies Set Women Back 100 Years

Never have I felt more ashamed of my sex than in the last two weeks watching hysterical harridans trashing tradition, decorum, and common decency. The Kavanaugh confirmation circus has brought out the worst of womankind –woman who forced themselves, writhing with hatred and ignorance, into our living rooms and smart devices uninvited and without consent. I’ve never felt so assaulted in my life than after watching the fiendish, frenzied temper tantrums of a thousand deranged females during what is supposed to be tedious, uneventful Senate procedure to seat a Supreme Court justice.


Canadian scientists slam Italian professor’s lecture on gender and physics

Canadian scientists and professors are among hundreds that have signed a statement condemning what they call a “fundamentally unsound” presentation by an Italian physicist on gender issues, and they say they are concerned about prevailing sexism in science.

Science will be more productive with a government mandated quota system.


Women to Crazed Feminists: We Will Fight You to Defend Our Men

Fallout from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the now-debunked allegations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford has expanded the divide not only between Republicans and Democrats, but among women — the very group Democrats hoped to motivate for this year’s midterms.

The Trump Curse strikes again! You’d think they’d have learned by now.


‘We oppose biological essentialism’: Campus feminists embrace transgender ideology

Controversy has been brewing among feminist over the use and significance of the term “TERF.” The acronym stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist” and the term, as well as the ideology it represents, have become points of contention in the new age of “intersectional feminism.” Campus feminist groups reached out to by The College Fix, meanwhile, are largely lining up on one side of the issue.

Soon we’ll need acronyms for the acronyms.


“Feminist Government Team” Within Trudeau Government Wants To PAY Businesses To Preferentially Hire Immigrants & Refugees

According to the report, “Staff in a report Feminist Government suggested cabinet fund a so-called Social Impact Bond to award cash grants to small and medium-sized sized businesses that give preferential hiring to immigrants and refugees. “The team decided on a focus that would reduce the number of immigrant and refugee women who are not making use of their qualifications and skills in their working lives in Canada,” wrote a ten-member panel that authored Feminist Government.”