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German state sponsored broadcaster NDR makes propaganda for Antifa

The state sponsored media outlet NDR is featuring a police show called Polizeiruf 110 “Police call 911”. In the show the lead actress, a female officer is shown in her office with many left-wing symbols.

The Antifa flag is clearly visible but that is not all. In the office a rainbow flag, an exit from nuclear energy, FCK NZS and FCK AfD (short for F*ck Nazis and F*ck AfD) stickers can be seen.


Federal fall update expected to offer more support for struggling news industry

The federal government is expected to lay out fresh plans next week to support Canada’s struggling news industry.

The measures, expected in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s fall economic statement Wednesday, will be designed to help journalism remain viable after years of shrinking advertising revenues.

The payoffs are political rewards as well as a reason for fealty to the Trudeau administration. Media outlets are expected to continue promoting the liberal brand and blacklist any stories unflattering to Imam Trudeau, his liberal horde, and his band of civilization-destroying Muslims as well.

I may have um made up that last bit.


CIA Concludes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi Killing, Report Says

The Post says the CIA had multiple sources of intelligence, which included a call between Khashoggi, a U.S. resident and Saudi expatriate, with the crown prince’s brother, Khalid bin Salman, the country’s ambassador to the U.S. Khalid reportedly reassured Khashoggi that it would be safe to visit the embassy to pick up documents the writer needed to marry his fiancée, a Turkish citizen.


Enemies of the State

From Sir John A. Macdonald to Justin Trudeau: twenty-three prime ministers, forty-two elections, forty-eight leaders of the opposition, a new country, the Riel rebellions, the building of the cpr, the burning of the Parliament buildings, national radio, two world wars, the Great Depression, television, Sputnik, the Cold War, Kennedy, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the new flag, medicare, Quebec bombings, separatism, the pollsters, Expo 67, Pierre Trudeau, the murder of Pierre Laporte, the kidnapping of a British diplomat, women’s liberation, the internet, the BlackBerry, the iPhone, terrorism, 9/11, gunshots on Parliament Hill—and more gunshots in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. And, throughout, tragedy and triumph, calumny and honour.


The Package Sent To CNN Was Not Postmarked

CNN’s Jim Acosta revealed a photograph of the alleged bomb sent to CNN’s office, prompting an evacuation Wednesday while the network was live on air.

But the package, which authorities claim was delivered to the CNN office, did not have proper markings on it identifying it as sent mail.

Gun Free Zone: The bombs are stinking already

This is the one delivered to CNN. People have been noticing something very unusual: No postmark. So we are being loaded with a cart-full of cow patties or this was hand delivered to the mail room of CNN. But then there is the issue that several “bombs” were delivered the same day to different people in different places.


Canadian Club sends notice barring reporters from Stephen Harper speech

During his near decade in power, Harper’s office had an acrimonious relationship with the national media. He distrusted reporters’ motives and his office tightly controlled access to his ministers, foreign diplomats and senior public servants.

Harper’s book argues that the forces that propelled Trump to power can’t be ignored by political leaders, and that conservatives need to find practical ways to bridge the disconnect and distrust separating working people and those who govern them.