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Why Americans Distrust Big Media: INCREDIBLE Spin On New Kevin Spacey Pedophilia Accusations

Last night, the world learned that actor Anthony Rapp is accusing Kevin Spacey of making a sexual advance on Rapp when Rapp was only 14 years old. The revelation is one of the more strange and disappointing allegations to emerge in the avalanche of post-Weinstein stories of harassment and sexual assault by men in Hollywood and media.


CNN and Qatar Airways: Taking Fake News to New Heights

For many years, commercial time on CNN International has been filled largely with advertisements for the tourist boards and state-owned airlines of various Muslim countries. Given CNN’s unusually friendly coverage of these countries, and its disinclination to mention Islam when covering such topics as jihadist terrorism and immigrant crime in Europe, it is hard not to view CNN’s willingness to run these commercials with a jaundiced eye.


The other reason the Emmys are slipping

It’s not just the screaming SJWs that we change routes to avoid. There’s more. From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

There’s another obvious reason awards shows have been slipping: who’s nominated and who wins. Much like the Oscars, Emmy voters lurch toward excess, the egregiously sexy and violent and progressive/”transgressive” products. Popular shows are often rejected because, well, they’re popular, which must mean they’re not smart enough or they’re just too formulaic and predictable.

Shows on the Big Four networks get slighted for cable networks and streaming services. Here are the top Emmy winners by network in 2017: 29 for HBO, 20 for Netflix, 15 for NBC and 10 for Hulu. By contrast, ABC won seven. Subtract NBC’s nine awards for “Saturday Night Live, ” and it won only six. CBS got four. More.

Reality check: In short, the annual production is no longer in touch with the broad public, and therefore it must market outrageous outrage to get attention. But year by year, the outrage matters less. If the operation moved to Canada, maybe they could get government grants to broadcast to a handful of faithful fans.

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Rolling Stone gathers no moss, up for sale


Vanity Fair is taking a hit too


Time Magazine to sell assets, 3rd quarter warning

From Reuters:

The publisher, which said in April that it would not sell itself, said assets identified for sale include Time Customer Service and a majority stake in the Essence magazine.

The assets marked for divestitures represent about $488 million, or 17 percent of total revenue for the 12-months ended June 30, the company said.

A sale may be announced as early as the fourth quarter, the company said in a regulatory filing on Friday.

The New York-based publisher of Sports Illustrated, People and namesake Time said it experienced softness in both print and advertising revenue during the current quarter relative to the forecast issued during the second-quarter earnings call.More.

Reality check: Once again, it isn’t the drumbeat of progressivism that causes the decline. The decline was underway and in that case, lacking a connection with the readership, the staff milled around, doing whatever they felt like – which was, as it turns out, progressive politics.

Recent honesty about the Democratic party’s woes will not save the mag because we all knew about them already. Put another way: If the only news is that Time “gets it,” then Time isn’t a news medium any more.

See also: Rolling Stone gathers no moss, up for sale

Vanity Fair is taking a hit too


Why Is Google Hiring 1,000 Journalists To Flood Newsrooms Around America?

So what do you do when you fail to elect your chosen candidate and your former political allies and mainstream media turn against you by painting you not as the ‘progressive’, open-minded, friendly tech company that you used to be but as an evil, racist, Russian-colluding corporate villain intent upon destroying all that is sacred in the world?  Well, you just buy the media, of course.


Snopes in danger of closing doors?

From Chelsea Schilling at World News Daily:

The financial situation has apparently become so dire that Snopes owner David Mikkelson launched a crowd-funding website to solicit donations, according to London’s Daily Mail. Readers contributed more than $500,000 in just the first 24 hours.

As WND has reported,, a website that’s been around since 1995, is sometimes cited by other “fact-checking” sites to support their claims. Facebook has even indicated it plans to use Snopes as one of its arbiters of “fake news.” But WND revealed the site has been criticized by conservatives for a left-leaning bias and admits it has no standard procedure for fact-checking.

 Divorce and lawsuits involved.

Reality check: Genuine fact-checking is always risky. On the other hand, the real-time collapse of standards at legacy media make it a promising field, if safe.

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City of Ghosts: Citizen journalism is the future

But hardly an easy one. From Meredith Bragg at Reason TV:

The website Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) publishes firsthand accounts of the war crimes of ISIS in often horrific detail. City of Ghosts, a new documentary by Oscar-nominated director Matthew Heineman, tells the story of the citizen journalists who risk their lives to tell the world about the atrocities committed by the Islamic State.

“After ISIS took over the city there really was not any information going in or any information going out,” explains Heineman. “There were no western journalists there. They would be killed instantly. So this group really provided a service to the world to help understand the atrocities that were being committed in their hometown, which just happened to be the capital of the Islamic State.”

Heineman and RBSS Co-founder Abdalaziz “Aziz” Alhamza sat down with Reason to discuss how these citizen journalists are risking their lives to counter ISIS propaganda. More.

Reality check: The Big Cool can’t be down there on the ground and also freaking out over Trump’s tweets at the same time. For who they are, they have chosen wisely.

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New York Times Sent Three Reporters To The Rebel Media’s Live 2017 Celebration. The age of the upheld handheld.


Trump forcing people to choose

From Derek Hunter at Townhall:

We live in a world where leftists police speech with Nazi-efficiency. Say anything their twisted liberal minds can distill as racist, classist, homophobic, etc., and no holds are barred. Say the word “crusade” on a college campus – those who don’t flee to the safety of their coloring books and Play-Doh will call the police to report a hate-crime.

The context doesn’t matter, nor does the fact the Crusades were a response to Muslim barbarism. The word is verboten by leftists as anti-Muslim hate-speech. Yet, jihad can mean anything, and thinking it may mean one particular thing, especially when uttered by someone with a radical anti-American ideology, is the highest form of bigotry.

Meanwhile, President Trump delivered a passionate speech defending western civilization and its accomplishments, which have benefited all mankind, and progressives proclaimed it problematic. More.

Reality check: If it is safe to say we do not want to live in a world run by progressives but we do not speak up and vote against it, we are cowards who deserve our fate.

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Melania Trump shines on global stage with her diplomatic skills, grace

The news media continues to snipe at the White House. But there’s some Trump triumph as well. First lady Melania Trump is earning accolades for her grace on the global stage this week. Yes, an admiring press chronicles every fabulous ensemble she wears down to the last fashion detail. But they also are applauding Mrs. Trump’s demeanor and diplomatic skills during her second overseas tour.


And Yet He’s Still #Winning


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Trump takes a swipe at CNN following resignations

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Trump hotel in Toronto to shed its name

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Trump could inspire a ‘return to torture’ around the world, says UN

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US global image plummets under Trump: Study

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US travel ban regrettable, misguided policy: Iran FM

Sally Yates says the US needs more than a special counsel to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia affair

Trump, EPA Move to Rescind Obama Administration’s Clean Water Rule

Polls: With Trump and weak Loonie, Canadians look down on U.S. travel

Toronto Star Claims Trump Has Said ‘337 False Things’ As President

Iranian Lawmaker Claims That Travel Ban Is ‘Obvious Breach’ of Nuclear Deal

Bloomberg: Trump’s climate stance a ‘PR problem’

Poll: Trump Has Hurt America’s Image in the Eyes of the World

Trump’s travel ban biggest gift for extremist groups, will trigger more terrorist attacks – Iran

Trump errs in bashing CNN; cable news thrives

There’s a fake TIME Magazine cover hanging in Trump’s golf clubs

Trump praises female reporter’s ‘nice smile’ on call to Irish PM

The White House Is Fighting Disney Over Who Writes Trump’s Speech For The ‘Hall Of Presidents’ Exhibit

Citadel’s Ken Griffin says Trump’s 15 percent tax rate isn’t realistic

Trump’s travel ban will breed more terrorism, says Iran  (and they should know!)

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Donald Trump, Authority On Fake News, Has Fake ‘Time’ Magazine Covers Hanging In His Golf Resorts

Trump Travel Ban Called ‘Sanctioned Discrimination’

The White House and Trump’s propagandists teamed up to attack CNN at today’s press briefing

New president’s politicking raises ethics flags

And the coup de grâce…

Majority of Americans would give up alcohol to see Trump impeached