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Senator stuns Australia’s Parliament by wearing a BURQA as part of her campaign to have the Islamic head-dress banned in her country

One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson has shocked the Senate by walking into the chamber wearing a burqa.

The Queensland Senator, who has been outspoken about her opposition to the burqa, was pictured in the Islamic garb when she appeared at Parliamentary Question Time on Thursday afternoon.

Standing to address the Senate, Ms Hanson called for the Government to ban ‘oppressive’ full-face coverings.


Khaled Sharrouf, Australian Isis terrorist, killed in Syria – reports

Islamic State terrorist Khaled Sharrouf and his two sons have been killed in Syria, media reports say.

The ABC and the Australian reported government officials as confirming Sharrouf – who fled Australia in 2013 to join extremist forces – and his sons Abdullah and Zarqawi were killed in a coalition air strike while driving near Raqqa on 11 August.

Photos of Sharrouf’s dead body and the bodies of his sons had been seen by members of Australia’s extremist community, the ABC reported.


Imam’s book that criticises Islam refused by publisher out of fear their offices will be attacked by literary critics

A publisher has refused to take on a Muslim Imam’s book that criticises Islam out of fear their offices will be attacked by religious extremists.

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, from Adelaide, took to Facebook on Sunday to reveal his first book was rejected by a publisher because it could provoke violence among Islamic radicals.

‘They responded with an apology and informed me that they fear the company will be attacked by Islamic extremists if they publish my book,’ he said.


Two-thirds of Australians are ‘uncomfortable with women wearing burqas’ – as it’s revealed even Muslims have a problem with face coverings

Two-thirds of Australians living in poorer suburbs are uncomfortable with women wearing burqas, a study shows.

Research by RMIT University found poorer and older Australians are more likely to be biased against Muslims.

The study of people in Broadmeadows and Fawkner, in Melbourne’s north, found high levels of discomfort with burqas, with two-thirds of non-Muslims surveyed expressing concerns about Muslim women wearing face coverings.


Australia’s most wanted terrorist married Dutch woman while fighting for ISIS and fathered two kids

Australia’s most wanted terrorist has revealed he has two young children to a Dutch woman, who could gain Australian citizenship.

Melbourne born terrorist Neil Prakash, 27, told Turkey police he married a Dutch jihadi bride while he was fighting for Islamic State in Syria.


Systemically Islamophobic western judicial system refuses to accept Vision from Allah as OK to hack wife to death

Vision from Allah convinced Mohammedan that stabbing his wife 50 times was the right thing to do

Maged Al Harazi: Religious right to hack wife to death violated by systemically Islamophobic western judicial system.

At one point in sentencing, Al-Harazi told the court that after Ms Al-mdwali was dead, he had a “vision from Allah”, telling him his wife had been cheating on him.

He said if she had cheated on him she deserved to die.

Damn Islamophobes!


‘Terrorism is irrelevant in Australia’: Pro-Sharia Islamist group claims ‘Sydney plot to kill more than 400 on a plane’ was exaggerated

An Islamist extremist group has released a video saying falling out of bed or being struck by lightning is a bigger killer in Australia than terrorism.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, which wants Sharia law, has accused Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of exaggerating the threat of terror following raids across Sydney to stop an alleged plot to bomb a passenger plane.

‘Terrorism is statistically irrelevant in Australia but the media and the government continually exaggerate it pretending to care about innocent lives,’ it says.

This is everyday garden variety Islam folks.


Security fears as prominent ex-Muslims including ‘fatwa’ author Salman Rushdie headline global atheist convention in Melbourne

British author and Islam critic Salman Rushdie will have Australian Federal Police protection when he addresses a global atheist convention in Melbourne.

The Indian-born writer, who Islamist extremists have wanted to kill since 1989, has agreed to be the headline act for the Global Atheist Convention after fellow Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali pulled out for personal reasons.

Atheist Foundation of Australia president Kylie Sturgess said the Australian Federal Police were helping with security arrangements for the February 2018 event.


‘When I asked for sex I was called a b***h’

An Iraqi woman who migrated to Australia said she had been married for two years before she went to see a gynaecologist.

Hela Jaffar said neither she or her husband had much understanding of their sex drives or the physical act itself, but she was not permitted to see anyone about it.

‘He didn’t allow me to see a gynaecologist, so I went without his consent,’


Muslim who plotted to blow up police headquarters boasted in jail that ‘only 15-year-olds have the balls to kill officers’

A man found guilty of plotting a terrorist attack was allegedly caught talking to a Goulburn inmate claiming only young boys had the balls to kill police.

Sulayman Khalid, 22, pleaded guilty to conspiring a terrorist attack on police, planned nearly three years ago, and now the wannabe cop killer has allegedly been caught claiming he only knows
’15-year-olds with balls’, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Khalid travelled to Goulburn on November 2, 2014, with three other men, a month before he was arrested for planning a terrorist act on government buildings, including police headquarters.


Sophisticated Australian Airplane Bombing Plot a Warning To the West

Australia’s arrest Saturday of four men suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on a commercial airliner signals more than a resurgent terror threat to airplanes. Because the alleged weapon involved smuggling explosives and poison gasses in a standard kitchen utensil – a meat grinder or mincer – it demonstrates, too, the rapidly increasing sophistication of these plots and the development of new means of attack.

It also exposes what international intelligence agencies, but few others, have known for some time: in a recent ranking of countries where radical Islam is a significant security threat, Australia stands in third place.

This may surprise most people, who think of Australia as a land of laid-back surfers and cuddly koalas, but a different side of Australia has emerged in recent years – one where radical Islam is rising.