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Australia to reopen controversial Christmas Island illegal alien detention centre after historic government defeat

A controversial offshore migrant detention centre on Christmas Island is to reopen, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Wednesday, as he doubled down on hardline policies after a historic legislative defeat.

Morrison approved the reopening of the remote facility – closed just months ago – claiming new laws just passed by parliament would increase the number of people trying to arrive in Australia illegally.

On Tuesday and Wednesday parliament rebuffed government warnings and adopted legislation opening the door for some of the 1,000 refugees detained in existing offshore centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island to travel to Australiafor medical treatment if the transfers are requested by two or more doctors.


Chinese billionaire suspected of interfering in Australian politics on behalf of Communist Party stripped of residency

A prominent Chinese billionaire suspected of making political donations to further Communist Party influence in Australia has been stripped of his residency in the country and barred from returning.

Huang Xiangmo – a property developer who has donated millions to Australia’s two main political parties – has been at the centre of a spate of political interference concerns.

On Wednesday, he was left stranded outside the country after the Home Affairs office cancelled his permanent residency and turned down his application for Australian citizenship, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Canada’s corrupt Liberal Party would never think of emulating Australia, they love their Chinese money men.


‘It’s an absolute kick in the guts’: Muslim who left his wife to die for 5 days after ‘Islamic honour killing’ attack appeals jail sentence

A Muslim man who left his wife to die for five days when she was dumped in their garage after suffering horrific injuries is trying to appeal against his eight-year prison sentence.

Ashlee Brown, 25, was found in the passenger seat of the family car after enduring a ‘deliberate and frenzied assault’ and being tied up with clothesline wire.

The mother of three children aged under five had been bashed, stabbed, gagged and had her long strawberry blonde hair cut off.


US and British consulates among TEN diplomatic offices evacuated in Melbourne ‘after suspicious packages are found’

The United States and British consulates are among 10 diplomatic offices which have been evacuated after suspicious packages were found.

The Indian, Swiss, German, Italian, Spanish and New Zealand offices are also believed to have been targeted, according to reports.

Fire engines are outside the consulates, some of which are on St Kilda Road in the central city.

Two fire trucks, a hazardous materials vehicle and police cars were seen outside the Consulate-General of India on Wednesday afternoon.


St Kilda beach rally: far-right and “anti-racism” groups face off in Melbourne

Tensions reached boiling point at St Kilda beach in Melbourne as hundreds of far-right wing extremists and anti-racism campaigners faced off in a screaming match and minor scuffles broke out.

Scores of police including some with riot shields and on horseback were on hand to keep the groups apart. A police boat kept watch from the water and two helicopters circled overhead.

Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson, the organisers of the far-right rally, said they had called it in order to “discuss” Melbourne’s youth crime and alleged African gang problems.



Police step up patrols after beachgoers at Chelsea foreshore attacked, robbed by youths

Extra officers were deployed to Chelsea beach in Melbourne’s south-east on Friday night after a group of youths allegedly assaulted five men, one with a glass bottle, and others with a yellow plastic cricket bat about 9:30pm on Thursday.

Police said the group — whose members were described as being of African appearance and aged in their late teens and early 20s — “approached” the unattended belongings of swimmers on the beach.


Mysterious Australian extremist is now the head of ISIS’s propaganda unit – becoming one of the terror group’s most powerful figures

A mysterious Australian has risen the ranks of ISIS to whisper in the ear of the terrorist organisation’s leader, leaked documents claim.

The Australian, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Abu Abdullah al-Australi’, is believed to have become the ’emir’ – or leader – of ISIS’s media department this year.

If the claims are true, the Australian would be the most senior ranking Australian-born in the terrorist group’s history.


Neil Prakash, Muslim terrorist who became an ISIS recruiter is stripped of Australian citizenship

Neil Prakash, the Melbourne man who became a recruiter for Islamic State, has been stripped of his Australian citizenship.

The 27-year-old was told of the Australian government’s decision on 21 December, becoming the 12th dual national to have their citizenship annulled over associations with offshore terror groups.

It is understood Prakash holds Fijian citizenship through his father.

The former rapper from Melbourne has been linked to several Australia-based attack plans and has featured prominently in propaganda videos exhorting Australians to join Isis. The Australian government has alleged that Prakash actively recruited Australian men, women and children and encouraged acts of militancy.