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Muslim girls aged NINE take part in Sydney hijab ceremony to symbolise maturity – with Islamic sheikh slamming it as step toward Sharia law

Muslim girls in Sydney are dressed in white from head to toe as part of a hijab ceremony to signify the age when they must cover up their bodies, with an Islamic imam slamming it as a step toward Sharia law.

Australia’s most senior Shia cleric Sheikh Kamal Mousselmani presided over the ceremony where 24 girls walked on stage to show their maturity.

‘The hijab is compulsory for the girls when they become nine according to our religion,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.


Weasel words cannot hide the reality of terror links

THERE are a million stories in the naked city but sometimes the naked truth makes people twitchy. That might explain an intriguing little suburban news item this month.

The Mordialloc-Chelsea Leader reported, beside tales of stolen purses and the like, that three men with iron bars “attempted to hijack” a late-model Commodore in a Bonbeach reserve on Sunday evening, June 4.

“One man opened the driver’s door while the others bashed the car but … they fled after one of the passengers challenged them,” the item said.

Funny, that. Who was in the car that could scare men armed with iron bars? A Hells Angels convention? A live crocodile?


‘I did not commit any crimes’: Australia’s most wanted terrorist denies killing anyone after rising through the ranks of ISIS – and begs to be set free in a Muslim nation

Australia’s most wanted terrorist has denied breaking the law, despite rising through the ranks to a senior role in the barbaric Islamic State.

Melbourne-born Neil Prakash, 26, has been held behind bars in a maximum-security prison since he was captured crossing the Turkish border in October.

In a court appearance in the city of Killis, the jihadist denied committing any crimes and pleaded not to be sent back to Australia


Burqa-clad Adelaide woman, 22, charged with supporting terrorism was ‘mentored’ by female jihadis in Somalia and is ‘a grave risk of carrying out an attack’

A Somali-born Adelaide woman charged with supporting terrorism was ‘mentored’ by female jihadis and will escalate her plot to carry out a real-world attack if not kept in custody, prosecutors say.

The 22-year-old, who came to Australia aged 14 and who now has citizenship, was arrested in May after police alleged she formed relationships with Islamic State members online and joined the extremist group.


A clash is inevitable’: Australian leader of Islamist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir says there will be a WAR with Islam

An Islamist extremist group the Australian government is refusing to ban has declared there will be a war between Islam and the West.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi, who wants a global Islamic caliphate based on Sharia law, has urged Muslims to take up arms against Western civilisation.

‘The change that Muslims must demand and humanity so desperately seeks is nothing less than wholesale, systemic change,’ he said.

Good, I look forward to seeing Mecca glassed.


Four Muslims charged with planning to bomb Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne on Christmas Day ‘started the plot because they couldn’t travel to Syria’

Four Muslim men charged with planning to bomb Melbourne landmarks on Christmas Day allegedly tried to go to Syria before working on an Islamic State-inspired attack on home soil.

Ibrahim Abbas, 23, his brother Hamza Abbas, 22, Ahmed Mohamed, 24, and Abdullah Chaarani, 26, each appeared before Melbourne Magistrates’ Court via video link on Wednesday.

Police allege the four were behind an Islamic State-inspired plot targeting Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and St Paul’s Cathedral.


Jailed ISIS-inspired teen terror suspects are RADICALISING other prisoners by preaching extremist Islam to vulnerable detainees

Teenage ISIS inspired terror suspects are radicalising other detainees by preaching extremist Islam inside prison.

This has prompted the NSW public sector union to call for a separate facility to house radical teenage offenders, The Australian reported.

Juvenile Justice officers are finding it difficult to handle a small number of radical inmates, some of whom have been arrested for planning ISIS-inspired attacks.


Prisoner to receive $400,000 compensation after his Muslim cellmate ‘carved an ISIS slogan into his forehead with a razorblade

Bourhan Hraichie, devout Muslim enjoys torturing people.

A prisoner who was allegedly tortured and had a disturbing ISIS slogan branded onto his forehead by his radical Islamic cellmate will walk away with $400,000 in compensation.

Michael Sean O’Keefe sued the state after the alleged razorblade torture left him fighting for his life when he was paired with then 18-year-old Bourhan Hraichie at Kempsey Prison in NSW.


Anzac Cove controversy: Memorial honouring Australian soldiers removed by Turkish Government ‘to make way for Islamist inscription’

A renovation of an Anzac Cove memorial honouring Australian soldiers may be replaced by an inscription that reflects the Turkish Government’s Islamic interpretation of the role diggers played in the Gallipoli invasion.

A photograph shared on social media on May 19 shows a destroyed monument with words attributed by Turkey’s founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk scratched out.

Destroyed Anzac Cove Monument

His words compared Australia’s deceased ‘Johnnies’ to the Ottoman’s ‘Mehmets,’ and gave them his blessing to be buried in his country.


Australian Muslim couple turned their backs on Islam because it is a ‘religion of war’ riddled with ‘venomous misogyny’

A couple who both grew up as Muslims in Pakistan have told why they turned their backs on Islam.

Sami Shah and Ishma Alvi, who became Australian citizens in January and live in Melbourne with their young daughter, said extremism, sexism and misogyny were key reasons why they opted out of the religion.

The couple also explained the reasons for their transition by citing passages from the Quran, which Mr Shah has described as ‘maddening as a text’.

An edited extract from Mr Shah’s latest book, The Islamic Republic of Australia, which details the move from Muslim to non-Muslim was published in The Weekend Australian magazine on Saturday. 



Three Muslim Brothers 4 Life gangsters jailed for a combined 140 YEARS

Gang leader Farhad Qaumi has been jailed for at least 43 years for his role in the fatal ‘violent underworld rampage’ that erupted in western Sydney in late 2013, and his two brothers have received shorter but significant terms.

The 34-year-old Brothers 4 Life Blacktown chapter leader was jailed on Friday for a string of crimes including manslaughter and a contract murder and Mumtaz Qaumi, 32, was jailed for at least 36 years for offences including the two fatal shootings.

Describing the violence as ‘outlandish and lawless’, Justice Peter Hamill also jailed Jamil Qaumi, 25, for at least 21 years for his crimes, which included manslaughter.


Too sick for justice? Muslim terrorist’s wife charged for refusing to stand up for a judge because she ‘only stands for Allah’ fails to turn up to court because she’s feeling UNWELL

A Muslim woman charged with disrespectful behaviour after she allegedly refused to stand for a judge has now failed to show up at court because she’s ‘unwell’.

Moutia Elzahed, the second wife of convicted terrorist recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi, is the first person charged under new ‘disrespecting the court laws’ in New South Wales.

The burqa-wearing mother-of-two is alleged to have repeatedly failed to stand for District Court Judge Audrey Balla last December


Islamic sheikh forced to withdraw application to become an Army imam ‘in case it offended the Greens and radical Muslims’

A Muslim sheikh has withdrawn his application to become an Army chaplain so he can continue to criticise the Greens and offend Islamist extremists.

Adelaide-based Shia imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi last week revealed to Daily Mail Australia his bid to become an Army Reserve chaplain or a soldier.

However, he has now withdrawn his application so he can continue to criticise the Greens, who he believes are soft when it comes to slamming Islamist extremism and pro-Sharia law groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir.