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Accused Islamic terrorist, 21, who ‘plotted New Year’s Eve attack in Melbourne’ set to stand trial

A Somali-born man accused of plotting a terror attack on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne’s Federation Square is set to stand trial.

Ali Khalif Shire Ali, 21, who was arrested and charged last November, had been the target of an undercover Operation San Jose by the Australian Federal Police’ (AFP) Joint-Counter-Terrorism Team, the court heard.


‘The Most Savage and Despotic Nations in the World’: Aussie Senator’s Push to Ditch UN

In a move to shed light on “Muslim bias” in the UN Human Rights Council, an Australian lawmaker is calling for his country to leave the global organization just like the US government just did.

Fraser Anning, a senator for Queensland, took to social media to voice his concerns with the group.

In a Facebook post, Anning scolds the UN Council for hosting “some of the most savage and despotic nations in the world.”


Australian special forces ‘killed Afghan’, used his prosthetic leg as a cup

The victim was considered part of the Taliban but posed no threat at the time of the shooting, according to the report, written by journalist Chris Masters who was embedded with SASR, and corroborated by special forces insiders.

The prosthetic leg was then brought back to Perth by the Australian forces, where it was allegedly used as a vessel to drink beer. A picture obtained by Fairfax showed the leg mounted onto a board reading “Das Boot”.


Wake up England, the nightmare is real

Life, with all its difficulties and unexpected hardships, is still pretty good if you’re lucky enough to be living in Australia.

From the very beginning, being in Australia has always made me feel safe – like a healing balm, it has helped me forget those terrible events from my dreadful past. But sometimes, in the midst of my comfort and ease which I share with my wondrous Aussie friends, my chosen family, something happens to bring back bad memories: a particular scent; the notes of a long-forgotten melody; a turn of phrase; someone’s particular gait . . .and it all comes flooding back, like an evil tsunami.

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Islamist terror plot to blow up Sydney Harbour during New Year’s Eve fireworks was thwarted at the last minute

As thousands of revellers flooded towards Australia’s most iconic New Year’s Eve fireworks display, detectives worked feverishly to block a terrorist attack.

It was an impending threat Sydney police were determined to not let escalate in 2003, having established Operation Pendennis – Australia’s biggest ­ever counter­terrorism investigation.

Details of the night and the effort from investigators to keep the public safe have been revealed for the first time ever by Counter Terrorism Investigations Unit officer Detective Sergeant Peter Moroney, Daily Telegraph reports.


USB containing ISIS material is found in the Supermax jail cell of one of Australia’s most notorious prisoners amid fears he is radicalising other inmates

The discovery of a USB, that contained Islamic State material on it, in the Goulburn Correctional cell of notorious terrorist Bassam Hamzy has forced the NSW government to close a loop hole allowing prisoners to keep terrorist propaganda.

The legal loop hole allowed prisoners to posses and view extremist materials if it formed part of the evidence in their legal case.

Authorities are now concerned that aside from the implications of jihadist prisoners viewing such items, they would also be able to use it to radicalise other inmates,The Daily Telegraph has reported


A Diplomatic Error

By its failure to attend the American celebration for their new embassy, Australia’s government was tacitly saying that despite 70 years of existence as the modern State of Israel’s official capital, our government still didn’t recognise Jerusalem as the Jewish nation’s seat of government. And it was denying the three and a half thousand years – a thousand years before the birth of Jesus – that Jerusalem has been the home and heartbeat of Israel and its people.

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ISIS recruiter’s wife found guilty of refusing to stand for a judge in court

MOUTIA Elzahed — wife of a terrorist recruiter — has given the Islamic State salute after becoming the first person in NSW to be found guilty of refusing to stand for a judge in court.

She defiantly remained seated once again on Friday with her arms crossed after magistrate Carolyn Huntsman delivered the landmark decision. The 50-year-old Muslim then gave the terrorist organisation’s one-finger salute outside Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court while her friend called journalists “cockroaches”.


Accused terrorist ‘practised’ Vic stabbing

A Bangladeshi student accused of stabbing her Melbourne homestay host in an act of Islamic State terrorism allegedly practised on a mattress.

Momena Shoma, 24, appeared before Melbourne Magistrates Court via video link on Wednesday, charged with engaging in a terrorist act, after she allegedly stabbed her homestay host at Mill Park on February 9.

“She (allegedly) did the practice run on the mattress with the first family that hosted her and they felt intimidated enough to go to whoever organised it … to say ‘We’re scared, we don’t want her to continue living with us’,” magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg said.


Australian jihadist who travelled to Syria because ‘he wanted to help’ warns there will be ‘more attacks on home soil’

An Australian awaiting sentencing for supporting a jihadist group in Syria warned of more home-grown terror attacks after the Sydney shooting of police accountant Curtis Cheng.

Mehmet Biber, 25, said after the shooting that acts of terror would become more frequent if Australia continued ‘attacks on Muslims overseas’, the New South Wales Supreme Court heard.

He will be sentenced on Friday after pleading guilty to entering a foreign state intending hostile activity over his time in Syria, between July 2013 and February 2014.