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Australia – Free Speech Struck Down As Transgender Skeptic Bullied Out Of University Lecture

The social justice left-wing ideology that is pushing to give hormones to children as young as 3 to change their gender is not willing to hear someone with an opinion that contradicts their own. Students at the University of Western Australia couldn’t even stand to hear American pediatrician Quentin Van Meter speak so they decided to bully him out of his speaking appearance.


The Horror! In his speech, Mr Anning said “the final solution to the immigration problem is a popular vote”.

Fraser Anning: Australia MPs condemn ‘final solution’ speech

An Australian senator has been widely condemned for a speech that invoked the term “final solution” in a call for immigration restrictions based on race.

Fraser Anning, from the conservative Katter’s Australian Party, called for migration bans on Muslims and others in his maiden Senate speech on Tuesday.

Political opponents denounced his speech as “disgraceful”. Mr Anning said he did not need to apologise.

“Final solution” was a term infamously used by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

In his speech, Mr Anning said “the final solution to the immigration problem is a popular vote”.

Oh please.


Illegal alien invaders rejected by Australia accept Trudeau’s Twitter ‘invitation’

Asylum seekers detained on a tiny island nation in Micronesia are pleading with the Trudeau government to resettle them in Canada.

The group representing 560 people, including more than 140 children, sent letters July 16 to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, askng for help. They include a petition with 185 signatures.

“We heard that the Canadian government has taken a humanitarian policy on refugees and has made special arrangements when Syrian refugees needed safety,” says the letter, sent to CBC News by Mehdi Nasiri, one of the asylum seekers.


Queensland man who plotted a ‘violent jihad’ with Molotov cocktails to be sentenced

A Queensland man who obtained 10 litres of petrol to create Molotov cocktails who prosecutors say was prepared to wage a “violent jihad”, is due to be sentenced tomorrow in the Supreme Court of Brisbane.

Agim Kruezi, 25, from Logan pleaded guilty to preparing for incursion into a foreign state, and preparing or planning for a terrorist act.

Supporters of Muslim terrorist Agim Kruezi.


Australia: A Model for Curbing Immigration

Four years ago, the Australian government sparked criticism after it ran an advertisement aimed at discouraging asylum seekers from traveling illegally to the country. “No Way“, the poster read. “You will not make Australia home. If you get on a boat without a visa, you will not end up in Australia. Any vessel seeking illegally to enter Australia will be intercepted and safely removed beyond Australian waters”.

It was an extremely tough message, but it worked. “Australia’s migration rate is the lowest it’s been in 10 years”, said Peter Dutton, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister. Speaking last week on the Today Show, Dutton added that the drop was about “restoring integrity to our border”. The Australians are apparently happy about that. A new poll just revealed that 72% of voters support Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s immigration policy. Australia, a Western democracy, has for years, tried to deal with a migration crisis from the sea.


We won’t miss him: Sydney-based leader of Islamist group who called for Sharia law in Australia is detained in the Middle East with his wife

The Sydney-based leader of an Islamist group campaigning for Sharia law has been detained in Jordan.

Ismail al-Wahwah, a former taxi driver who is now the spiritual leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia, was detained at Amman Airport on Wednesday while travelling to the Arab nation in the Middle East with his wife.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia announced the Condell Park man, from south-west Sydney, was arrested upon arrival in the country and taken into custody by Jordan’s General Intelligence Directorate without access to a lawyer.


Police try to STOP Lauren Southern from walking past Lakemba Mosque because she might offend Muslims

A controversial right wing activist has clashed with police while trying to visit Australia’s largest mosque.

Canadian activist Lauren Southern, who is in the midst of an Australian speaking tour, filmed herself taking to the streets of Sydney on Friday.

In a video posted to YouTube titled ‘Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone’, Southern travelled to Lakemba in the city’s south-west.


Who In His Right Mind Wants This Jihad Ape Back In Australia?

Can you believe it? Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop want Australia’s most notorious terrorist, the ISIS recruiter Neil Prakash, extradited back here. Why, for God’s sake, when an Australian court would bend over backwards to set him free; and even if he’s locked up, it would be at Australian taxpayers’ expense? Please, let him stay in Turkey where he’s likely to face the (rather less merciful) Islamic justice that he wanted to bring to Australia.


Australians are overwhelmingly fed up with the high immigration

Australians are overwhelmingly fed up with the high immigration pace with the 25 million milestone set to be reached in less than a month, an opinion poll shows.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates one person is being added every one minute and 23 seconds.

The 25 million mark is set to be reached on August 8, just two-and-a-half years after Australia overtook the 24 million mark.


Islamist on disability benefits because he’s overweight ‘sent $4,000 to an American ISIS fighter on PayPal’

A disability pensioner who was accused of funding an American Islamic State fighter has been ordered by court to stand trial.

Mr Isa Kocoglu, who is on a pension because of his obesity and mental health issues, has been committed to trial on seven charges by Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday.

The 44-year-old allegedly sent almost $4000 using PayPal to a known ISIS fighter born in Texas, United States of America.


The Islam honor killing that will leave you speechless

Ashlee Brown cut off all contact from her family after receiving her mother’s blessing to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim. Five years later, her mother finds out she was murdered by her husband, in what is allegedly an honor killing. The Australian authorities are letting her husband get away with negligent manslaughter instead of murder. Western society must wake up to the inherent sickness of honor killings in Islam to save other women.


‘A maggot, a grub, a cow’: Burqa-wearing wife of ISIS recruiter reveals the abuse she’s faced for not getting up for a judge ‘because she only stands for Allah’

The burqa-wearing wife of an ISIS recruiter has revealed the abuse has faced since she refused to get up for a judge because she ‘only stands for Allah’.

Moutia Elzahed, 51, is the first person in New South Wales to be found guilty of the new offence of disrespecting a court.

She was sentenced to 75 hours community service by a Sydney magistrate on Wednesday.