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The Washington Post’s Radical Islamist Op-Ed Fetish

For nearly four months the Washington Post has been striving mightily to use the killing of Muslim Brotherhood fluffer and Osama bin Laden admirer Jamal Khashoggi to prevent the United States from establishing a Saudi-Israel alliance to stop the spread of Iranian influence in the Middle East. Khashoggi, it turned out, was neither a permanent US resident nor an actual Washington Post staffer. But he was able to live in a an apartment he owned near Tysons Corner, VA (median household income, $101,587) on the $500/article pay he received from the Post. He also had extensive help in choosing topics and shaping his stories from someone with very close ties to the Qatari government. In fact, the posthumous article published under his byline appears to have been 100% ghostwritten. All of this calls into question just how complicit the Washington Post was in laundering Qatari and Muslim Brotherhood propaganda via its op-ed pages.

Since that revelation, more questions have been raised.


Pope Francis’s advocacy for Islam could destroy Europe

If one depended on the European media and European schools for one’s knowledge of Islam, one would indeed come away with a misleading picture of Islam. But the same could be said of Catholics who rely on Church pronouncements about Islam. Ever since the Second Vatican Council, Church leaders have presented a smiley-faced version of Islam which emphasizes the commonalities with Catholicism and leaves out the alarming elements.


Our media – busy carrying water for Trudeau

Man booed at Trudeau town hall for ‘Christianity and Islam don’t mix’ remark

Islam and everything don’t mix.

As I commented on CTV’s tweet, the reaction was hardly surprising given the venue for the “town hall” was a university campus where moral and cultural relativism reign supreme and never an “Islamophobic” word is uttered.

It’s only to be expected that stating the obvious truth, that Islam does not play well with others, a provable fact, would send such an audience into a frenzy of group-think faux outrage.  Expect a steady stream of such bald faced lies and distortions from Canada’s media as they earn their Liberal party stipends this election year.


A Sculpture Celebrating Saudi Arabia Erected on Ground Zero

Shaped to resemble a piece of candy, the nine-foot-tall statue bears the Kingdom’s emerald flag emblazoned with the Arabic inscription, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet.” It was created by French sculptor Laurence Jenkell in 2011 as part of the larger installation “Candy Nation” which depicts G20 countries as sugary delights, and has since been featured in over 25 countries. All 20 sculptures are currently on display outside the Oculus shopping center.


No, they were not all Charlie

“Everything has become blasphemous”, writes Riss, director of Charlie Hebdo, in the latest issue of the weekly issue that comes out on the anniversary of the massacre of his colleagues by two Islamists, the Kouachi brothers. Four years later, it is the same idea of ​​freedom of expression that has become blasphemous in the West.

Charlie Hebdo’s troubles, culminating in the murder of its journalists and cartoonists, began with the solitary republishing of the Mohammed cartoons by the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. In the four years since the massacre at number 10 of rue Nicolas-Appert in Paris, no European newspaper has republished a single sticker on the Prophet of Islam and all mainstream media have pixelled Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures.


Hitler v Mohammed Comparison Sparks Scholarly Debate At U of Ottawa

Islamophobic posters distributed at the University of Ottawa

“On Nov. 30, the University of Ottawa issued an email notifying students about racist and homophobic (Ed. Is everything Homophobic nowadays?) posters distributed on campus.

After receiving complaints and concerns from U of O students, the Human Rights Office and Protection services said it “acted immediately to remove all of the posters around campus.”

The posters feature an image of Adolf Hitler and the Islamic prophet Muhammad, listing the two figures based on their alleged similarities and differences.

One point of similarity listed on the posters reads, “both hated Jews and ordered their massacre.” On their differences another point says that Hitler “personally killed no one while in power,” whereas Muhammad “beheaded many while in power.”

Don’t know what the fuss is about, there’s little to choose between the two frankly, although that liking dogs thing is a plus for Hitler in the Mr. Congeniality department.

h/t Marvin


Wise parents in Essex withdraw children from religious studies lessons over objections to Islam

Parents in Essex are withdrawing their children from religious education lessons on Islam and stopping them from visiting mosques on school trips, a report for the council has found.

The trend has been uncovered in the area of Thurrock, a former stronghold for Ukip supporters, where a new report warns of “integration issues” within the local community.

The report, from the standing advisory council for religious education (SACRE), a body that advises on RE in schools, calls for the “nature and extent” of withdrawals to be investigated.

It says: “Parents have objected to the teaching of Islam and withdrawn children from lessons and visits to places of worship.

“The outcome [is that] those children, who arguably are those that most need to be taught about Islam, are no longer being taught about it.

What bullshit. These parents are protecting their children from an evil indoctrination.


CTV goes full dhimmi..

Canadian cleric says ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than murder remarks were taken out of context

CTV regurgitated without question Sheikh Younus Kathrada’s lame explanation that the reporting of every word he said was taken out of context by being an exact reporting of every word he said. He said.


Corbella: Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is ‘worse than murder’ says B.C. cleric

…As troubling as his remarks are, what’s just as unnerving is, according to my online searches, no mainstream media agency — not even in Victoria where this sermon was delivered — reported on Kathrada’s hateful message. It’s possible they never were alerted to it, but I find that difficult to believe, since his comments created a firestorm on Twitter, with many cheeky Canadians wishing him a Merry Christmas on his Facebook page — comments that have since been removed.


Why the Fuss? Kathleen Wynne beat them to it… Islamic Party of Ontario supports imposition of Sharia Law

Jawed Anwar’s party is the least of our concerns when it comes to sharia creep. Islam’s useful idiots within our political class are a greater threat.

The Islamic Party of Ontario is a symptom of the cultural suicide masquerading as diversity and multiculturalism imposed upon Canadians and enforced by the political class. Islam does not do integration. Useful idiots like Kathleen Wynne happily supported the implementation of Islam’s vile sharia law in Ontario Schools for Muslim votes. Islamists are allowed to perform their unvetted cult rituals on school property during school hours. Menstruating school girls are declared “unclean” during these rites and segregated from the other child captives of the cult.   This is the Canada of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party.

Girls are segregated as a matter of course during the performance of Muslim cult rituals at the TDSB’s Valley Park school. Menstruating girls are further demonized as unclean under this barbaric sharia law sanctioned practice.


Why The Left’s Alliance With Islam Betrays Islam’s Minorities

It is no secret that the Enlightenment shaped Western civilization as we know it today. Although philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment did not share a universal definition for the term, they shared a common goal of advocating individual sovereignty. “Sapere aude! [Dare to be wise!] Have courage to use your own understanding!” is what Immanuel Kant referred to as “the motto of the enlightenment.”


That whole “Allahu Akbar” thing just wasn’t deemed newsworthy by Canadian Media

What sort of “Canadian” screams Allahu Akbar and makes Bomb Threats?

We may never know, Canadian media refused to include that little detail when reporting on the story.

Not a word in their coverage of the Bomb Threat made New Year’s Eve at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport from CTV, Global and the CBC .

From De Telegraaph


Military says it’s aware of 30 members who hold ‘discriminatory’ views

…In recent years, several high-profile incidents of military personnel associated with far-right groups have forced the Canadian Armed Forces to confront the problem. In the most prominent of the cases, five Canadian Forces members — each of them members of the “Proud Boys” movement who proclaim their “Western chauvinism” — disrupted an Indigenous protest in Halifax.

An investigation last year by Radio-Canada found about 75 Armed Forces members were part of a private Facebook group associated with anti-immigration and anti-Islam views.

Imagine that, being a nationalist or objecting to bad immigration policy,  sharia law, female genital mutilation, honour killings and the murder of everyone from  homosexuals to apostates as sanctioned by Islam gets you labelled as “far-right” & “extremist” in Canada’s new and improved “Armed Forces” 


‘The woman with a hijab helping victims is far more reflective of Muslims than the idiot with the knife’: Praise for bystanders who rushed to aid of Manchester stabbing victims

A woman who went to the aid of two victims of a terrorist knifeman in Manchester last night has been praised online.