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Muslim parents Pelt LGBT Activists with Eggs in Row over ‘Equality Lessons‘

Police are investigating claims that LGBT activists were harassed, intimidated, and pelted with eggs outside a primary school in Birmingham where a row has blown up between the activists, and Muslim parents over the teaching of LGBT issues to children.

Officers are currently looking into three reports of assault and two of criminal damage after the parents and protesters clashed with the LGBT activists who were placing banners reading, “Love is the answer” and rainbow flags on the school gates.


Senior police officer demands end to anti-LGBTQ lesson protests outside Birmingham schools after assault and malicious communications

I knew it! It’s those bloody Christians again!

Protests against LGBT+ equality lessons in Birmingham should come to an end they have no place outside primary schools, a senior police chief has said.

A number of criminal offences have taken place outside Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham said West Midlands Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson, adding that the force was investigating them.

The school has been the scene of daily protests for weeks.

Officers were at the school earlier this week after demonstrators said “hundreds” of pupils were withdrawn from lessons to protest against children being taught about same-sex parents.

The force also received reports of assault and criminal damage on the road of the school over the weekend, as well as reports of malicious communications received by headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson.


LGBT school lessons protests spread nationwide

Schools across England have received letters opposing the teaching of relationships and sex education (RSE) and LGBT equality, the BBC has learned.

Protests started in Birmingham and letters, predominantly from conservative Muslims, have been sent to a number of schools elsewhere.

One campaigner said relationship lessons due to start in schools in 2020 “proselytise a homosexual way of life”.

Supporters of the lessons said there was a “lot of misinformation”.


Brunei says it won’t enforce death penalty for gay sex

Brunei has backtracked on enforcing laws introduced last month that would have made sex between men and adultery punishable by stoning to death.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah on Sunday extended a moratorium on the death penalty to cover the new legislation.

The rethink follows global outcry over the laws, including boycotts and celebrity protests.

While still on the statute books for some crimes, no executions have been carried out in Brunei since 1957.

But… While saying that a moratorium on the death penalty would be applied to the SPCO he also defended the new rules, saying their “merit” would become clear.


Muslim doctor using “Prophetic medicine” invents suppository to kill anal worm that causes homosexuality

Kuwaiti new-age therapist Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel said in a March 25, 2019 interview on Scope TV (Kuwait) that she has developed an anal suppository based on the “Prophetic medicine” of the Prophet Muhammad. Dr. Sohel claims that the new suppository cures homosexuality by exterminating the “anal worm that feeds on semen.”


Brunei defends death by stoning for gay sex in letter to EU

Brunei has written to the European parliament defending its decision to start imposing death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex, claiming convictions will be rare as it requires two men of “high moral standing and piety” to be witnesses.

In a four-page letter to MEPs, the kingdom’s mission to the EU called for “tolerance, respect and understanding” with regard to the country’s desire to preserve its traditional values and “family lineage”.

The new penal code, which also provides for the amputation of thieves and whipping of people wearing clothes associated with the opposite sex, was brought in on 3 April, despite international condemnation.

Who will blink first?


Outraged Muslim parents claim school is ‘brainwashing’ children after boy, four, is sent home with ‘inappropriate’ book titled ‘Daddy’s Roommate’

A group of Muslim parents have complained after a four-year-old child came home from school with a book about the lives of a gay couple and their son.

The book, called Daddy’s Roommate, includes everyday scenes of the men shaving together in their underwear and resting in bed – with the group saying the content is ‘inappropriate for young children, regardless of faith.’

The parents involved meet together in a children’s support group in Hounslow, West London and say that their only objection is the child’s age.


‘Sodomy is so awful even animals abhor it, except pigs’

Homophobic and misogynistic books are found in the library of a private Islamic school

A private Islamic primary school failed an Ofsted inspection after officials found homophobic and misogynistic books in its library.

Officials said the east London school, which charges fees of £2,600 a year, had failed to protect pupils from extreme views.

An excerpt from one book at Zakariya Primary School read: ‘Many so-called wise people are committing it, but sodomy is such an awful thing that even animals abhor it except the pigs.’


Hotels owned by Brunei ruler who backs stoning gay men to death are ridiculed for saying they support diversity

Justin sucks up to the Sultan of Brunei

The hotel group owned by the Brunei sultan who supports stoning gay men to death has been ridiculed for saying it ‘supports’ diversity as it deleted its social media accounts.

Celebrities including George Clooney, Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres have called for a boycott of the hotels owned by the tiny country across the globe in protest over the strict Sharia law.

The new laws, which will also impose death by stoning for rape and amputations for theft, have been condemned by the United Nations.


Look Out Islam! Elton John Latest Islamophobic Celebrity To Boycott Homosexual Killing Brunei Owned Hotels

A latter day Moses – Let My Homos Go!

Elton John has joined George Clooney in calling for a boycott of nine Brunei-owned hotels over the sultanate’s new death penalty laws for gay sex and adultery.

“I commend my friend, George Clooney, for taking a stand against the anti-gay discrimination and bigotry taking place in the nation of Brunei – a place where gay people are brutalised, or worse – by boycotting the sultan’s hotels,” the singer wrote on his Twitter page late on Saturday.

The 72-year-old, a veteran gay rights campaigner, said his “heart went out” to staff at the hotels, but that “we must send a message, however we can, that such treatment is unacceptable”.

I don’t recall Elton speaking out about the ME’s Christian Genocide.


Sixth Birmingham school suspends sex ed lessons on LGBT families amid pressure from parents

A sixth Birmingham primary school has suspended some of its ‘personal, social, health and economic’ (PSHE) lessons after complaints from parents about relationships and sex education (RSE) lessons.
The City Road Primary School has suspended the lessons teaching pupils about “different types of families” following similar decisions by at least five other Birmingham primary schools who halted lessons regarding LGBT relationships following a spate of protests by parents who claim their children are too young for such material.


Teaching children LGBT classes ‘can help stop terror attacks’, says gay rights row teacher

Teaching children to reject homophobia can help stop terror attacks, according to a teacher at the centre of a gay rights row.

Andrew Moffat, who is the assistant head of Parkfield primary school in Birmingham, said getting pupils to understand ‘diversity and difference’ may help prevent further atrocities by those with extreme ideologies.


Birmingham school to indefinitely suspend LGBT lessons for kids after Muslim parents’ anger

Following a massive outcry by parents, Parkfield Community School has announced it will be indefinitely suspending its LGBT rights curriculum until an agreement is reached with protesting families.

Under the schools ‘No Outsider’ program, students as young as four were being taught about same sex marriage and transgender lifestyle in an effort to fight discrimination at an early age. In spite of its name, the program alienated and incensed a large number of parents in the predominantly Muslim area who opposed it both on religious grounds, and due to the young age of the students involved.


Chilling moment Muslim parents and children chant along with hate-filled rant during a protest against primary school lessons they say promote homosexuality

During the protest against Birmingham headteacher Andrew Moffatt’s decision to introduce lessons on equality, same-sex marriage and relationships one speaker said being gay should not be given a ‘positive spin’.

He then called the lessons, designed to teach the children at Parkfield Community Scool about equality and introduce them to books called ‘Mummy, Mama and Me’ and ‘King & King’, ‘toxic’ and an ‘aggressive indoctrination’.