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Canadian terror suspect dead or alive? Confusion hampers resolution of media fight

Confusion over whether an accused Canadian terrorist is dead or not is hampering efforts to resolve a legal battle over police demand for a journalist’s background materials, a request that has alarmed media-rights groups.

Federal prosecutors and the RCMP are holding fast to a production order that a Vice Media reporter produce information related to his interviews with Farah Shirdon, a Calgary man who is charged in absentia with various terrorism-related offences.

Vice Media is currently seeking leave to appeal the RCMP’s demand to the Supreme Court of Canada, arguing among other things that it infringes on media freedom and could make it harder for journalists to access sources.


Terrorism threatens Canada

Terrorism is a threat to Canada’s national security, one that Canadians and their government should discuss openly and rationally.

Last month, Edmonton was rocked by apparent terrorist attacks allegedly perpetrated by a Somali refugee. Police allege that Abdulahi Hasan Sharif used a car to ram a peace officer at a traffic checkpoint outside of Commonwealth Stadium on Sept. 30. The officer, Const. Michael Chernyk, was thrown into the air before hitting the pavement.

Video footage of the incident shows the driver exiting the vehicle and pouncing on the fallen Chernyk, repeatedly stabbing him. Incredibly, Chernyk fought off his would-be assassin. No match for the injured Chernyk, the attacker fled on foot.


Our elites still weep for terrorists

Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy Muslim terrorist from Mississauga

“I agreed with others to carry out an attack in Times Square, to support the Islamic State,” said a Canadian citizen on trial for terrorism in New York last year.

Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, a 19-year-old man who lived in Mississauga, Ontario, pleaded guilty to several terrorism charges over his ISIS plot to attack New York City landmarks in the spring of 2016.


Muslim facing terror-related charges in alleged Canadian Tire attack continues to decline counsel

The woman accused of assaulting and threatening employees with a knife at a Canadian Tire in Scarborough made her first appearance in Ontario Superior Court Wednesday.

Rehab Dughmosh is facing 14 terror-related charges. She pledged allegiance to ISIS during a court appearance in June.


Bill Smith accuses Nenshi of playing the race card in a bid to stir up support

The story starts with a short video featuring Nenshi. It was on Facebook this past long weekend.

It’s not there now.

Most Calgarians didn’t likely see it while it was up.

They were busy with the turkey on the dinner table, not with any and all turkeys who might be gobbling on the less appetizing political menu.

On the video, Nenshi urges his audience to get out and vote. It is a message for Calgary’s Pakistani community.

Nenshi says the election is “very, very tight.”

The mayor says forces out there supporting his opponents really want Calgary to “go backwards” and don’t want a city “so inclusive of everyone.”

Who are these forces?

They are wastes of skin who go on the Internet and barf up their hatred. They are a small number, worthy of condemnation.

Nenshi points to these stooges, the ones he says support other candidates.

He tells the Pakistani community, these trolls who back other candidates are getting individuals who might be racists and haters out to vote.

So they must get themselves and others out to vote, presumably for Nenshi.

Gee, why wouldn’t Calgary want to be just like Pakistan?


Somali Charged in Canada Attack Likely Claimed ‘Credible Fear’ in the U.S.

On April 19, 2017, the Center published my report on “Fraud in the Credible Fear Process“, which began:

Since the 2016 presidential campaign, significant attention has been focused on refugees to the United States and the potential dangers that they may pose. Scarce attention has been directed to aliens in expedited removal proceedings with “credible fear” claims, even though they may pose a greater risk to the United States than potential refugees.

Unlike refugees, who are screened before coming to the United States and can be denied refugee status before they enter this country, aliens who enter illegally and claim a “credible fear” of persecution have not been screened before physically entering the United States; as explained below, the process for screening those individuals after they enter the United States is vulnerable to fraud and abuse.

The danger that I warned of appears to have cropped up in an unlikely place: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. But, the alien charged in a rampage there almost definitely abused the credible fear process in the United States to make his way north.


CBSA’s most wanted: drugs, sex and terror

There are hundreds of foreign-born criminals wandering the streets of Canada.

They are ruled inadmissible, then vanish into the ether.

Take Somali national Abdulahi Sharif, 30, if you will. Sharif is accused of stabbing an Edmonton cop then tried to ram his car into innocent bystanders.

Beside him, he had an ISIS flag.

He was granted refugee status in Canada in 2012 after being ordered booted from the U.S.

In 2015, the RCMP learned he was allegedly pushing his jihadist worldview. Then they dropped it.

Here are the Canadian Border Services Agency’s most wanted.


Canadian terrorist suffered from drug addiction, mental health issues

Letters from defence lawyers and a New York prosecutor filed with an American court show Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, of Mississauga, Ont., suffered a relapse in prison and tested positive for a prescription drug used in opioid-addiction treatments, a finding that led to the loss of family visitations for seven months.


Trump administration cites Edmonton attack in call for immigration changes

The Trump administration wants to change the immigration rules that allowed a man accused of perpetrating a terrorist attack in Edmonton last month to evade a U.S. deportation order years ago and come to Canada.

The White House also wants to tighten security along the U.S. border with Canada as part of a plan to toughen immigration controls across the country.