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Migrants seek safe passage out from ‘Trump’s country’

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, migrants who came to the U. S. from across the globe — Syria, Congo, Haiti, elsewhere — arrive here where Roxham Road dead-ends so they can walk into Canada, hoping its policies will give them the security they believe the political climate in the United States does not.


U.S. audit raised ‘significant questions’ about Canadian meat inspections

The U.S. Agriculture Department has found “systemic” inspection and sanitation problems during its most recent audit of Canada’s meat, poultry and egg inspection systems, issues American officials say “raise significant questions about the Canadian system.”

The most “significant” concern, U.S. auditors said, was that Canadian government plant inspectors were not checking for residual feces and digestive waste materials on each carcass in slaughterhouses prior to export.


Border-crossers being misled about ‘easy’ asylum in Canada, advocates say

Community advocates say they’re concerned about misinformation spreading among the Haitian refugees flocking from the U.S. to Montreal, where many have been falsely led to believe that finding asylum will be “easy.”

Hundreds of these refugees have already taken up temporary residence in and around the city’s Olympic Stadium, while they await processing as refugee claimants from Haiti and, more recently, Donald Trump’s United States. But members of Montreal’s existing Haitian community say the new arrivals are chasing false hope fuelled by incorrect information on social media.


Canadian “Soldier of Allah” sole purpose was to kill police officers at Flint airport

(WXYZ) – A document filed in federal court is giving more details on the mindset of the man who attacked an airport police officer at Flint’s Bishop International Airport.

The document was filed in response to a motion by attorneys for Amor Ftouhi. They are asking the court for the contact information of people interviewed as possible witnesses in the case.

In their response to the motion, prosecutors write that after Ftouhi was taken into custody he said in an interview that “he had entered the United State with the sole purpose of killing armed U.S. government employees.”

The government also writes that he considered that his “mission” and that he called himself a “soldier of Allah” and that he subscribes to the ideology of Osama Bin Laden and that he celebrated the September 11th attacks, praising Bin Laden for organizing the attacks on an “enemy of Allah” – the United States.


Boring Canadians

Navigating the minefield of potential faux pas with sensitive Canadians is a grueling business at the best of times. In British universities, where their most sensitive exports herd in considerable numbers, many nurse their wounded armour propre with an imperial humourlessness rarely matched even by the Germans. Doubtless, like most global problems, they can be laid at the door of Americans. When you think your provincial cosmopolis is the Athens of the North, it must be a wounding sleight to be asked if it has any good trout holes. But, even this insult paled beside the etiquette blunder I made at my first test; I missed the tell-tale funny pronunciations and asked whereabout in the Great Satan my short-lived friend was from. From then on, not a lot to be done apart from break off and move on to the next person I would never say hello to by the second week. These are perhaps small trials in the great combat of life but suffering is not a competition and I felt badly enough to exercise more care.

Weeks passed—I did just fine—and then the annis horriblis with a 28 year old PhD student from Toronto whose dissertation thesis was “First Nation Culture in an age of Cultural Imperialism.” I said Eskimo—she said lots more. After that, I just lay down with the inner bigot and stopped trying. I doubtless had a bad run, and I have never allowed my class prejudices to colour my judgement of the country. Of stupid Canadians, Ice hockey fights and Mark Steyn, I cannot speak highly enough but, of their lumpenintelligentsia and all its bovine subMarxist trendiness, it is impossible to be too offensive about and, lest it be overlooked, there are plenty of them. C.B Macpherson, Marshal McLuhan, James Endicott, Gerald Cohen—these are no walk-on extras. If some were too orthodoxly Marxist to be trendy (the revolting Christian communist Endicott reproached the Tianneman square protestors for ‘plotting a capitalist restoration’), later products such as Michael Ignatieff and Naomi Klein have risen to the challenge with élan. Nations which nudge up against a colossus are particularly prone to exaggerate them and it is the misfortune of Canadians that America set a good standard to deviate from. In the US E Pluribus Unum, standards have been losing traction for a while; in Canada it has been fascism for decades and this pronounced aversion to Western exceptionalism feeds off a very Canadian neurosis.


Meanwhile, Canada’s ‘Free’ Health Care System Is Also Exploding

“Free” Canadian healthcare is not free, according to a report released Tuesday by noted conservative Canadian think-tank, The Fraser Institute.

The report illuminates that a “typical Canadian family of four will pay $12,057 for health care in 2017—an increase of nearly 70 percent over the last 20 years.”

Canada operates under a medicare system that is understood as single-payer. Not only does the federal government use money from its general revenue to finance this taxpayer-funded health care system, individual provinces also contribute by raising money through special levies that are deducted when Canadians pay their income tax.


Traditional family households shrink to new low in Canada

OTTAWA, August 2, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — According to data released by Statistics Canada today, the traditional family in Canada has reached an all-time low. The most common type of household is now composed of a single person living alone.

These findings are from the third series of data in the 2016 Census. This series focuses on families, households, marital status, and language.

“The data provide a portrait of a country where diverse living arrangements have replaced the family models of the past,” said the governmental agency.


Cable giants step up piracy battle by interrogating Montreal software developer and searching his home

Canadian cable companies have ratcheted up their war on piracy by launching a new legal battle. The effort has already seen Bell, Rogers and Quebecor’s Videotron search a Montreal software developer’s home and interrogate him for more than nine hours.

“The whole experience was horrifying,” says Adam Lackman, founder of TVAddons and defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit launched by the television giants. “It felt like the kind of thing you would have expected to have happened in the Soviet Union.”

Telecoms and content creators Bell, Rogers and Videotron began their piracy battle last year by filing a lawsuit against Canadian dealers who sell “free TV” Android boxes — devices that can be used to stream pirated content.

Cell phones, TV, Canadians are hosed.