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Armed group stopping migrant boats leaving Libya

TUNIS/ROME (Reuters) – An armed group is stopping migrant boats from setting off across the Mediterranean from a city west of Tripoli that has been a springboard for people smugglers, causing a sudden drop in departures over the past month, sources in the area said.

The revelation throws new light on the sharp reduction in migrant arrivals from Italy, which took over from the Aegean route as the main focus of European concerns in the crisis.

Arrivals in Italy from North Africa, the main route for migration to Europe this year, dropped by more than 50 percent in July from a year earlier, and August arrivals so far are down even further. July and August are peak months for migrant boats because of favorable sea conditions.


I’m not Charlie Hebdo

Chairman of national-conservative EKRE, Mart Helme, thinks an end should be put to the “leftist-liberal globalization experiment”. While the politically correct mainstream refused to acknowledge it, the connection of terrorism with immigration and Islam was real, and the choice between a pro or anti-immigration course of existential importance.

While Spain and Finland were mourning the dead claimed in the latest terrorist attacks, the “euro-federalists and bureaucrats” weren’t mourning, Helme wrote in a recent opinion piece for daily Eesti Päevaleht, but using the victims of the attacks as a pretext to once again “move towards a United States of Europe”.

They didn’t waste this opportunity to work towards their goal. Again they called for more cooperation between member states, the connection of databases, and the coordination of anti-terror operations. “Like the stories how we’re not going to be intimated, and won’t give up our values. I’m Charlie Hebdo!”, he added.

Estonians get it.


Christian Hungary on Collision Course with European Union’s Islamic ‘Blackmail’

BUDAPEST – In a time when most of Europe is in the grips of atheism, there is a nation where Christianity seems to not only be holding its own but some say is thriving.

Imagine a government that is unabashedly Christian, that thinks Christian values are worth defending; that wants to protect and even nourish the family.

Welcome to Hungary.


Corbella: Trudeau has erased our border with one simple tweet

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, in essence, erased our southern border and torn up Canada’s immigration laws.

The results of Trudeau’s reckless actions are now well known. A flood of people — who are not refugees by Canada’s own definition — are walking across the world’s longest undefended border — and claiming refugee status.


Libya Says It Will Shoot Refugee Rescue Boats on Sight

ROME—The ongoing migrant boat crisis, which has lured more than 600,000 mostly sub-Saharan Africans to Italy and killed more than 10,000 since 2014, has reached a crucial turning point.

Over the weekend, three of the eight major nongovernmental organizations with migrant rescue operations announced they would suspend their search and rescue operations out of fear the Libyan coast guard would shoot at them. The suspensions come at a time when migrant arrivals in Italy have dropped around 70 percent compared to last year.

Make no mistake, the Libyans’ threat is real.

Their country their rules. The NGO’s are part of a human trafficking network and guilty as sin.


The Invasion of Canada

PM Useful Idiot was too busy mincing about to comment.

Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. 1,477 people live in this little corner of Quebec with its apple orchards, elderberry fields and small wineries. But now 400 migrants can cross the border in a single day.

On the other side of the border is New York. There the language is English. In Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, the language of choice is French. But these days you’re a more likely to hear Arabic, Urdu or Haitian French being spoken here as Roxham Road fills with clots of migrants scampering out of America.

They’re not the leftist American celebs who threaten to leave for Canada if their side doesn’t win the election. Instead they’re the illegal and dubiously legal who got the message from President Trump.


Illegal Refugees Complain About Housing In Montreal

After being bussed into sanctuary city Montreal after illegally crossing the Canada-U.S. border, illegal refugees are now complaining about lack of housing there.

The illegals are provided with a tent upon entering Quebec from New York state and are then sent to Montreal’s Olympic Stadium or another temporary refuge, like a hotel or even a former convent.

Tell them to stay at Justin’s mansion.


The reality of Europe’s migrant crisis

So here’s an interesting thing. Footage so striking that even the BBC has run with it. This is the film of a migrant boat landing on a beach in the south of Spain. In recent years for a whole variety of reasons, Spain has avoided the worst of the migrant crisis. Perhaps that’s why these images have broken through where the daily images from Italy this summer have not.

Anyway, it’s hard to think of a more vivid encapsulation of the ongoing suicide of our continent than this one. If you believe Angela Merkel, the European Commission and most of our political class, the people storming that Spanish beach are doctors, engineers and physicists fleeing the terrible civil war in Morocco, and just desperate to lend their skills to our continent.


Yes, Syrian refugees can return to Aleppo… and do so in their 100,000s

Aleppo, a city retaken by Damascus from rebels in December last year, has become a major destination for displaced Syrian returning home in 2017 as numbers of returnees to Syria spills over 600,000, according to the UN.

Over the first seven months of 2017, over 600,000 displaced Syrians returned home, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Friday, citing its own figures as well as those of the UN Migration Agency and partners on the ground. The returnees are overwhelmingly internally-displaced people, but 16 percent returned to Syria from other nations, primarily Turkey. The number almost matched that recorded in the whole of 2016.

An estimated 67 percent of returnees went to government-controlled Aleppo Governorate, with the provincial capital itself being the primary destination. Among other places where refugees went in significant numbers, according to ICO, is Al-Hasakah Governorate, the north-eastern province dominated by Kurds.


Canada, in fact, removed special status for Haitians long before the U.S.

A deliberate misinformation campaign over social media is being blamed for the recent flood of Haitians illegally crossing into Canada.

Messages sent throughout the Haitian community in the U.S. reportedly told recipients that Canada was automatically accepting all Haitians. This supposed “WhatsApp hoax” even told them that Canada was paying the bill for all costs.

No wonder so many aspiring refugees have arrived on our doorstep in recent days.

But that’s not the only false information being spread when it comes to the migrant crisis on our southern border.


Evidence Released of NGO Collaborating with People Smugglers

The Italian government has released photographic evidence which they claim shows the German migrant rescue NGO Jugend Rettet cooperating with people smugglers off the Libyan coast.

Jugend Rettet, an NGO which operates rescue missions in the search and rescue (SAR) zone off the Libyan coast, has been accused of cooperating with people smugglers by Italian prosecutors. The authorities have now released photographs which they claim show the Jugend Rettet vessel the “Iuventa” very close to a smuggler boat, Die Welt reports.

Just over a week ago, Italian authorities confiscated the Iuventa from the NGO and has since announced that at least 15 activists associated with the group are actively under investigation for cooperating with human traffickers.


Moment boat carrying dozens of African migrants arrives on Spanish beach in front of shocked tourists

A boat carrying dozens of African migrants landed on a Spanish beach in front of shocked holidaymakers.

Footage shows the migrants leaping out of a black inflatable dinghy and dashing across the sand on beaches at Cadiz in southern Spain, after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

The group managed to leave from the beach before the authorities arrived some time after.