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Canada to accept up to 250 Syrian alleged “White Helmet” volunteers, family from Jordan

Canada is among three Western nations that will accept hundreds of volunteer emergency workers plucked from Syria under the cover of darkness in a dramatic international rescue, CBC News has learned.

Several hundred people — volunteers and their families — belonging to the rescue organization known as the White Helmets were extracted late Saturday from the southwestern portion of the war-torn country that’s being overrun by forces loyal to leader Bashar al-Assad.

More – Israel evacuates 800 White Helmets from Syria to Jordan

Jordan says it has taken in the volunteers and their families and plans to transfer them to the UK, Canada and Germany.

This is not our problem…


Better than some Canadians eat… CBSA spent $770K on meals that meet religious needs to accommodate illegal alien invaders in 2017/18

The Canada Border Services Agency has been making sure religious dietary concerns are respected and has been keeping frozen dinners stocked up, according to documents CBC News obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Those meals have come at a high cost. In the 2017-18 fiscal year, approximately $770,500 was spent on food and drinks given to asylum seekers who walked into Canada.

Most recent numbers from the federal government show 10,744 asylum seekers have been apprehended by the RCMP for crossing between points of entry in the first six months of this year.


Justin Trudeau Appoints Border Minister to Handle Wave of ̷”̷A̷s̷y̷l̷u̷m̷ ̷S̷e̷e̷k̷e̷r̷s̷”̷ ̷ benefit shopping illegal alien invaders

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday appointed a Member of Parliament as Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction as the country struggles to handle increased numbers of border-crossing asylum seekers.

Lawmaker Bill Blair of Scarborough Southwest, a former Toronto police chief, will assume the role of “minister responsible for irregular migration.” He is tasked with helping to secure Canada’s porous border, illegally crossed by 30,000 people seeking refugee status since January 2017.

“Irregular migration” – it’s shameful how Liberals abuse the language in their quest to conceal the truth.


Donald Trump is Canada’s best hope for solving its border crisis

In retrospect, it was probably a mistake to try to enter Canada the proper way.

A Palestinian mother and her two children fled Gaza last summer, landing first in the United States before starting a drive north to Canada. They planned to make a refugee claim, but when the family arrived at the official port of entry near Lacolle, Que., the Canadian Border Services Agency promptly sent them away. It didn’t matter if they feared political persecution in Palestine. Per the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement, the family was obligated to make its refugee claim in the first “safe country” they reached. Namely, America.

He should build a wall around Ottawa.


Healing the World: Can We Safely Rescue Those Who Wish Us Harm?

“…But we are not dealing with an exclusively Jewish problem. The Judeo-Christian West is also in thrall to Tikkun Olam and is assiduously working against its own interests, having welcomed a calamitous inundation of adverse cultures, including murderers, rapists, marauders and economic parasites, into its midst. Helping the stranger is an exalted mission but, applied uncritically, it can have devastating effects, as is evident from the inroads that Islamic migration has made into the West and especially from the vast influx of unreconstructed Muslim refugees and jihadists swarming in great numbers into Western nations.


To Dissolve The People And Elect Another

Those who say that having a problem with a massive influx of immigrants with a high fertility index to a country whose native population is in a population death spiral are “racist” and “paranoid” about being eliminated as a people, might not want to validate the “racists” by… calling for the abolition of their people. The Huffington Post (Germany) put out a piece that was entitled: “Turn around us! Why the German people should be abolished”


Douglas Todd: Trudeau government goes silent on Canada’s 50,000 Syrian refugees

How have things gone for Syrian refugees in Canada in the almost two years since the lone departmental report in December 2016?

No one really knows

But what about all those engineers and doctors!!

“Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada did, to be fair, release a one-year-after report on Syrian refugees in December, 2016. It was moderately helpful, since it showed half the privately sponsored refugees had jobs in Canada. But employment fell to 10 per cent among the larger cohort of “government-assisted” refugees, who are typically less educated and often illiterate.”


Mass Migration: “The Fatal Solvent of the EU”

“Far from leading to fusion, Europe’s migration crisis is leading to fission”, Stanford’s historian Niall Ferguson recently wrote. “Increasingly, I believe that the issue of migration will be seen by future historians as the fatal solvent of the EU”. Week after week, Mr. Ferguson’s prediction seems to be turning into a reality.

Not only does Europe continue to fragment as anti-immigration sentiment gathers political strength, but, as a result of the migrant crisis, the EU’s border-free internal zone, Europe’s most cherished prize after the Second World War, is now defined as “at risk” by the Italian government, among other governments, such and Austria.

Immigration is also redefining the intra-EU contract.


EU’s migrant plan ‘a ROAD TO HELL’ Czech Republic REFUSES involvement

The CZECH Republic has refused to take any of the 450 migrants that Italy rescued from an overcrowded migrant boat from the Mediterranean on Saturday, and branded Rome’s shared responsibility plan as “a road to hell”.

Italy refused to accept all 450 migrants to its shores after the rescue, in the EU’s first test of its new migrant policy, which sees members share the burden of migrant numbers.

Don’t show this Justin and Butts they’ll call the Czech’s Nazis!


Britain is ‘losing its culture’ because of immigration and ‘it’s never going to be what it was’ if politicians don’t ‘act soon’ says Trump

President Donald Trump has warned Britain that it is ‘losing its culture’ by allowing ‘millions and millions’ of people to move to the continent.

He said that mass migration has changed Europe in a negative way – and that without quick action, it will never be the same again.

It comes after the continent’s migration crisis has made headlines yet again this year as hundreds of thousands of people – mostly from Africa and the Middle East – make dangerous journeys to reach Europe illegally.


David Goldman: Anti-Soros Is Not Anti-Semitism

David P. Goldman has written a bracing defense of Viktor Orbán’s government, insisting that Hungary is one of the friendliest places in the world for Jews and that any leader in his right mind would oppose the political machinations of George Soros.

Writing in the conservative journal First Things on Friday, Goldman observed that the irresponsible accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against Prime Minister Orbán hinge upon his vigorous resistance to Mr. Soros’ attempts to work around the democratic process to push Hungary in the direction of open borders.


Italy intensifies campaign against migrants by refusing access to merchant vessel involved in rescue

Italy’s populist government intensified its hardline stance against migrants by refusing, for the first time, to allow an Italian merchant ship to deliver a group of rescued asylum seekers to an Italian port.

The oil rig supply vessel picked up 66 migrants from the middle of the Mediterranean after they set out from the coast of Libya, as hundreds of thousands of others have done before them.

But instead of being allowed to bring the asylum seekers directly to Italian soil, as would have happened in the past, Rome insisted that they be transferred from the Vos Thalassa supply ship to an Italian coast guard vessel.


Irregular or illegal? The fight over what to call the thousands of migrants streaming into Canada

On Monday, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen publicly rebuked Ontario’s new government for using the term “illegal border crossers” in a press release.

“I’m very concerned by Premier (Doug) Ford and (provincial) minister (Lisa) MacLeod really making statements that are difficult to understand when it comes to how they’re describing asylum seekers,” Hussen told reporters in Halifax.

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