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Quebec slags Alberta’s oil bounty, while gorging itself on it at the same time

Quebec, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wants everyone to know, doesn’t want Alberta oil within its borders. The MNA from Québec solidaire upbraided Alberta Premier Jason Kenney for the latter’s contention, delivered en français, that an oil pipeline through Quebec would be beneficial to all Canadians.

“Quebec’s not into tar sands oil and Albertan pipelines,” Nadeau-Dubois informed Kenney via Twitter.

The self-righteousness of his comment, perhaps forgivable for the 28-year-old former student leader, is nonetheless outdone by its gobsmacking hypocrisy. Quebec, as even a cursory bit of Googling reveals, is actually really, really into Alberta oil and Alberta pipelines. Some 44 per cent of the province’s oil comes from Western Canada, the vast majority of it harvested from the very oilsands Nadeau-Dubois frequently derides.


Public school teachers, principals to be banned from wearing religious symbols

Quebec public schools teachers and school principals will be prohibited from wearing religious symbols such as the hijab or kippa, under a bill likely to be tabled later this week in the provincial legislature.

The long-awaited legislation from the Coaltion Avenir Québec government will extend the limitation on religious clothing further than initially expected, according to Radio-Canada.

Sources familiar with the legislation said any public employee who carries a weapon won’t be able to display religious symbols.


New study calls on Quebec to restore annual immigration target to 50,000

The study by the independent Institut de recherche et d’informations socio-économiques (IRIS) contends that the government’s justification for reducing its immigration target for 2019 to 40,000 — that too many new arrivals are not integrating into Quebec society — “has never been established scientifically.”


Lise Ravary: Justin Trudeau, SNC-Lavalin and Liberal support in Quebec

…Trudeau is leading with 38.6 per cent support in Quebec, according to Final results would have nothing to do with SNC-Lavalin’s fate, but rather, with his responses to the debate about signs of religion and the CAQ government’s request to change immigration rules.

Ordinary francophone Québécois don’t care that much for SNC-Lavalin anymore. We’ve been hearing about their misdeeds in Montreal and around the world for years. We still haven’t fully digested the Charbonneau commission findings, and we’re not stupid.

If anyone thinks “all is forgiven,” they are wrong. Many want the company to pay big fines, but the outcome won’t have much impact on the Liberals’ performance in Quebec in October.


Gatineau councillor apologizes for saying ‘it’s normal to be scared’ of Muslims

Gatineau city councillor Nathalie Lemieux apologized Monday for comments she made last week about Muslims and said she was stepping down as the city’s deputy mayor.

We need more like her.


Quebec doesn’t have a problem with Islamophobia, Premier Legault says

Premier François Legault says there’s no need for a day devoted to action against Islamaphobia — because Islamophobia isn’t a problem in the province.

Legault made the comments two days after the second anniversary of the Quebec City mosque attack, when the deputy premier, Geneviève Guilbault, said the government would look into the idea.

“We looked at it. There won’t be one. It’s clear,” Legault told reporters Thursday at a caucus meeting in Gatineau.

About time someone said no to the Islamomasochists.


First Nations want to be consulted on Quebec’s long-gun registry

The Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador says Quebec’s approach to its soon-to-be implemented long-gun registry does not address First Nations issues or jurisdictions, and rights to traditional and subsistence practices.

“Quebec disrespects our own jurisdiction,” said Lance Haymond, chief of the Kebaowek First Nation.


Why Quebec Isn’t Interested in Anglo Lectures About Cultural Appropriation

What does Quebec want? It’s a question that has haunted the rest of Canada for decades—beginning with the birth of modern Québécois nationalism in the 1960s. The country’s English-speaking population has long endeavoured to understand Quebec’s “distinct society,” to solve the mystery of those peculiar Francophones who didn’t want to be relegated to the status of mere Canadiens Français.


LILLEY: For Trudeau, it’s all about electoral politics

It’s an interesting contrast, how Justin Trudeau deals with Quebec’s premier compared to Ontario’s and it tells you a lot about the coming election.

When it comes to the Trudeau government’s relationship with Ontario Premier Doug Ford it is attack, attack, attack. Trudeau even had one of his ministers label one of Ford’s ministers “unCanadian”.


Quebec premier lays out province’s demands for federal leaders facing fall election

SHERBROOKE, Que. — Quebec Premier Francois Legault laid out a shopping list of demands Thursday that he expects party leaders to address as they woo voters in his province during the coming federal election campaign.

“I won’t support any federal party,” Legault said after a private meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of a federal cabinet retreat.

“But I will be clear with our demands and I hope that most of these demands will be accepted by as many parties as possible.”

You just know that Justin will give them everything they demand plus a Pepsi and a bag of chips.