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AfD to campaign on German EU exit in May elections

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) adopted a measure into its draft manifesto on Sunday calling for Germany’s exit from the European Union (EU) if their demands are not met. One of the measures set to be adopted includes a dissolution of the European parliament, the very body the party is campaigning to enter in May.

“We see nation-states as having the exclusive competence to make laws,” the text read, slamming the “751 privileged members” of the current European legislature.

If the bloc does not meet the AfD’s demands within “an appropriate timeframe,” then Germany must leave, delegates said atthe party’s congress in the eastern state of Saxony.


Protests as far-right AfD wrangles over Europe candidates

Five hundred Alternative for Germany (AfD) delegates wrangled via procedural run-offs Saturday over who should fill its tail-end candidacy slots as more than a 1,000 opponents headed for the conference venue, overseen by police.

Protesters, organized by local civic groups, had set out from the railway station of the 30,000-population Elbe River city of Riesa — once a key metal industry hub in communist former East Germany — bound for the convention center.

“Local civics groups” = Antifa


Bremen police release video of attack on AfD lawmaker Frank Magnitz

The Bremen public prosecutor’s office and police on Friday released video of an attack on Bremen AfD Chairman Frank Magnitz that could shed light on details of the assault.

The court order required for the release of the video was issued Thursday by the Bremen local court, police said in a statement.


Extreme-right defectors deal a blow to Germany’s far-right AfD

There is now even more right-wing alternative to the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

On Thursday, the former party leader in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt, Andre Poggenburg, resigned his party membership. Only hours later, the far-right hard-liner announced that he is forming a party of his own, the “Aufbruch deutscher Patrioten” (Uprising of German Patriots), to compete with the AfD.

Poggenburg was one of the more extreme nationalist and xenophobic leaders within the AfD, which twice censured him for using language reminiscent of right-wing extremism. He has close ties to the radical Identitarian and Pegida movements.

I suspect wishful thinking by Merkel’s media lackeys.


German journalist defended over ‘Nazis out’ Twitter controversy

“The word ‘Nazi’ has long been a catch-all term for everything and everyone who doesn’t belong to the left-wing mainstream,” said Götz Frömming, a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

And then this happened…

DW is what the CBC aspires to be – this the DW headline for the Magnitz attack – “Attackers knock Bremen AfD leader Frank Magnitz unconscious in street”


German politician Frank Magnitz, chairman of the AfD party, severely injured in ‘assassination attempt’

A far-right German politician has been left for dead in brutal attack, his party has said.

Frank Magnitz, chairman of Germany’s AfD party, was badly beaten by three alleged assailants on Monday.

He is believed to have been jumped after leaving a New Year’s reception in Frankfurt’s Goethe Square.

Graphic images posted on the AfD Bremen Facebook page showed Magnitz lying in a hospital bed with a gaping head wound.

Describing the attack as a ‘politically-motivated attempted assassination’, the AfD said Magnitz was knocked unconscious and suffered a number of blows to the head.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Weimar…


AfD bombing suspects released for lack of evidence

Three men suspected of involvement in the AfD office bombing in Döbeln were set free after German prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to issue a detention order, authorities in the German state of Saxony said.

However, the three German nationals were still considered suspects for the Thursday evening blast, according to the public broadcaster MDR Sachsen. Police said the men were aged 29, 32, and 50 and were residents of Döbeln, where the attack took place.

Authorities believe perpetrators detonated an “unknown substance” that damaged the door and the window frame of the AfD’s Döbeln office. The blast also set ablaze advertising materials inside the office, and damaged two vans parked in front of it. No injuries were reported.

Max Pechstein – Poster for periodical An die Laterne (To the Lamp Post) 1919
Pechstein, one of the most politically engaged artists of the early postwar period, made this poster to advertise the short-lived journal An die Laterne (To the lamp post), which promoted the incumbent Social Democratic Party. Its image of clenched-fisted, flag-carrying protestors—probably communists—marching past a man hanged from a lamppost was a warning against the mob violence and anarchy that threatened to destabilize the fledgling Weimar Republic.


Berlin school rejects son of AfD politician, causing uproar

A Berlin school rejected the application of a child because the father is an AfD politician, prompting criticism on Sunday.

A Waldorf school, also known as a Steiner school, reportedly held lengthy meetings with the AfD politician and his wife as well as about 20 teachers and decided against accepting their child despite the fact he was already attending its kindergarten. The parents were reportedly quizzed about their political views.

The private school, which encourages heavy parental participation, found there was too much potential for ongoing conflict for them to accept the child, according to the managing director of the association responsible for Waldorf schools.


Germany: AfD’s ‘white men’ advent calendar sparks controversy and ridicule

The AfD of the Berlin parliament drew criticism for a new Christmas campaign honoring notable white men every day in the month of December, in the tradition of the advent calendar. The far-right populists announced their controversial move with a message on Twitter, using the hashtag “yes to white men” (#JaZuWeißenMännern).

“At the most beautiful time of the year, every day we introduce you to a person who has significantly influenced our Western civilization. ‘White men’ have become an insult to some in recent years. Not to us.”

Bearing in mind that DW is the Teutonic CBC.


‘Women dare not walk the streets’: Migrant spat in Bundestag, as AfD leader lashes out at Merkel

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary leader has taken a swipe at Angela Merkel’s ‘migrants welcome’ policies, saying that women and girls are now afraid to walk the streets alone for fear of being attacked.

Alice Weidel took to the spotlight in the Bundestag on Wednesday, accusing the chancellor of wrongfully conducted migration policies. “Every year, we spend money on the fight against the right… but women and girls no longer even dare to walk the streets alone for fear of attacks by so-called seekers of protection,” Weidel said.


German state sponsored broadcaster NDR makes propaganda for Antifa

The state sponsored media outlet NDR is featuring a police show called Polizeiruf 110 “Police call 911”. In the show the lead actress, a female officer is shown in her office with many left-wing symbols.

The Antifa flag is clearly visible but that is not all. In the office a rainbow flag, an exit from nuclear energy, FCK NZS and FCK AfD (short for F*ck Nazis and F*ck AfD) stickers can be seen.


UN Migration ‘Pact is Carte Blanche for Illegal Migration’ – AfD Parliamentarian

The Alternative for Germany party has demanded that Berlin withdraw from the UN Migration Compact following similar decisions by the US and Austria. “Leftist dreamers and globalist elites want to secretly turn Germany from a nation-state into a settlement area,” said AfD leader Alexander Gauland.

Secretly? It’s a little late for that.


German Jews Rail Against AfD at Kristallnacht Commemoration Event

When the head of Germany’s main Jewish organization said only one Bundestag party was not invited to Friday’s commemoration of the Kristallnacht pogroms, few had any doubt: He meant the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany, or AfD. And it was the only remark at the event that drew spontaneous applause.