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The Derangement Is Real

Among the many accomplishments that Donald Trump has managed to achieve during his term in office thus far, one of the most under reported, but no less significant deed, is to have shone a light on mental illness in the country. While many people manage to live among society with varying degrees of it under control, certain segments tend to attract more then their share of those afflicted with some kind of disorder. With the emergence of Trump, the extent of mental illness can now be seen.


12-year-old boy with autism arrested for brandishing imaginary rifle at Texas school

Amy Sims was not informed of the incident until her son was already in custody, FOX 26 reports. The mother states that because of her son’s condition, he does not understand that “make believe” gunplay on school grounds has become a sensitive matter.

But actual threats, like Parkland, are ignored and the police refuse to do their jobs.


Man with Uzi-like gun blamed ‘Jewish jury’ and was investigated for terrorist ties

Sad Jew Hater Is Sad

A Lockland man convicted of having a fully automatic Uzi-like gun and silencer at his home is considered by the FBI to be a threat to the community and has been investigated for ties to terrorism, prosecutors said.

That revelation came during Buddy Struckman’s sentencing Thursday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. Visiting judge Guy Guckenberger sentenced him to seven years in prison.

In a jail call reviewed by a police officer, Struckman, who represented himself during the trial, blamed his conviction on “the Jewish jury, the Jewish judge and the Jewish lawyer.”


Police find high-powered rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a Hawaii hotel room of man who claimed to be a federal agent in a string of disturbing social media posts

The police found a high-powered rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and an array of other weapons, however the 28-year-old man staying in the room was not arrested, Hawaii News Now reported.

The weapons were legally registered to the man, and he was also legally allowed to have them in his room.


Kathy Griffin Cranks Her Trump Paranoia To Eleven

Griffin’s career imploded in dramatic fashion after her freaky presidential assassination photo shoot and her unhinged follow-up press conference. Rather than seeing that implosion as the natural result of her potential employers recognizing when someone’s made herself toxic, Griffin believes she is the target of a vast conspiracy conducted by “people or robots or whatever” and “Trump and his game criminals.”


Some Mentally Ill, Some Radical Refugee Men Rejected by Australia Arrive in the States

One is heading to New Jersey, another to Tennessee to study human rights which is the trade of the hard-left. Others are going to North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, states the left wants to turn blue for the most part. This is one group of at least forty. No American, Australian or U.N. official will tell us who they are and where they are going in the States.