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Men Who Identify As Women Will Be Able To Attend This All-Female College, But It Doesn’t Go The Other Way Around

Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, updated its admissions policy to open it to students not born as girls, “but identify or live as women” as long as there is legal proof that the man is transitioning over to become a woman or is legally a woman. Those identifying as neither male nor female, known as binary students, will also be eligible to apply, according to the college’s revised admissions policy.


U.S. Spends $90 Million to Help a Few Dozen Afghan Women Get Jobs

The U.S. government has blown almost $90 million on a doomed project to help Afghan women enter the workforce with a big chunk of the money going to a Clinton-aligned “development” company that reaped big bucks from Uncle Sam while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. The cash flows through the famously corrupt U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID), which is charged with providing global economic, development and humanitarian assistance. In this case USAID allocated $216 million to supposedly help tens of thousands of Afghan women get jobs and gain promotions over five years. Known as “Promoting Gender Equity in National Priority Programs,” the endeavor was launched in 2014 and tens of millions of dollars later it’s proven to be a major failure.


Canada’s feminist foreign aid policy isn’t making much progress on a gender equal world

When Canadians saw photos of Justin Trudeau holding a baby during a 2017 visit to the Philippines, many saw a clichéd photo-op. Others saw a symbol of Ottawa’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy. But few anticipated the battles slowing the implementation of a plan that sees Canada increasingly alone on the world stage in promoting comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights in aid programming.


Trump transgender policy is simple and scientific: ‘Sex’ means biological sex

“ The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth,” the New York Times reported recently.

That means the Times only made it eight words into this sensationalized article before making its first factual error. The Times simply assumed precisely what the administration rejects — namely, that the word “gender” is synonymous with “sex.”


Arielle Scarcella: Gay People Are ‘F–king Terrified’ to Criticize Trans Ideology

Fear of being labelled a “TERF” (trans-exclusive radical feminist) causes many lesbian YouTubers to avoid the topic of transgenderism entirely, Ms. Scarcella explains, because SJWs (social justice warriors) like Riley Dennis have specifically targeted the lesbian community as “bigots” for rejecting relationships with men who think they’re women.


Justice Kavanaugh Hires First All Female Law Clerk Team in SCOTUS History

The New York Times reported on Sunday that only one of the four women, Kim Jackson, previously worked for Kavanaugh at the appellate court level. The other three women, Shannon Grammel, Megan Lacy, and Sara Nommensen, all worked for appeals court judges appointed by Republicans. Jackson will become one of three black law clerks working at the Supreme Court this term, and like Kavanaugh went to Yale Law School.