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Lectures on sexual impropriety from a Clinton? CBS fails to ask Chelsea once about Bill’s sex assault allegations during three-minute interview in which she attacked Brett Kavanaugh

She told presenters that Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the court because of his ‘nakedly partisan’ testimony to senators, and said she personally opposes him because of his views on worker’s rights and women’s rights.


In stunning display of courage and eloquence, Robert DeNiro says “F*** Trump” at the Tony Awards!

And the crowd goes wild! So unexpected, so very powerful. Can Trump survive this devastating takedown? Will DeNiro pay the ultimate price for his patriotic and Ciceronian philippic? We’ll just have to wait and see! (What a stupid time to be alive.)


Colin Kaepernick receives a humanitarian prize — but no NFL job offers

He can’t get an NFL team to hire him, but former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick — whose “take a knee” protest against racism sparked a nationwide movement — was awarded another major human rights prize Saturday, this time from Amnesty International.


Anti-Trump Play Falls Flat

The stultification of the mob continues:

An Off-Broadway play that paints an ominous picture of a post-President Trump America is shutting down in New York City after struggling to build an audience in the liberal city.

Building the Wall, written by Tony Award-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan, is closing a month early, the play’s producer Jeffrey Richards told the New York Times.

Schenkkan took to Twitter Friday to announce the play’s “final performances this weekend,” ahead of its original July 9 end date  …


Gavin McInnes: Celebrity Meltdowns


Lady Gaga asked that we “say a prayer America” and then blew Trump’s mind by standing outside one of his buildings with a sign that said “Love trumps hate.” This is a powerful message because Trump hates love. He was hoping that eventually he could wipe out all the love in America but Gaga was ensuring him that no matter how hard he tried, it would still be there. Where do these people get their views from—Dr. Seuss? He’s not the Lorax, Lady.


An estimated 200 fans walkout on Amy Schumer after she calls Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.”


‘While it’s unclear if the bees in the Trump supporters’ bonnets were stirring because of the “orange,” “sexual-assaulting,” or “fake-college-starting monster” statements, loud booing from what the paper described as a “small minority of the arena crowd” began when Schumer commenced talking about gun control and politics.’


Roger Waters lambasts Donald Trump


As Waters performed the Pink Floyd song Pigs (Three Different Ones), Mr Trump’s face appeared on the massive video screen above the stage. Meanwhile, a parade-sized balloon shaped like a pig floated above the audience.

Subsequent on-stage images depicted Mr Trump wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood.

The inflatable pig had Mr Trump’s face painted on the side, along with the words: “Ignorant, lying, racist, sexist pig”.

On the big screen, the message “Trump is a pig” was displayed.


No, Simon Schama, people worried about gang rape and FGM aren’t ‘obsessed with sex’

Hardly anything is less likely to keep people reading than to mention an exciting evening in Toronto. But stick with me.

Because last Friday night in Toronto there was a debate (organised by the Munk debates, which can be watched in full here) on the great migration crisis which pitted Louise Arbour and Simon Schama against Nigel Farage and Mark Steyn. Regular readers will know my views of Simon Schama on this matter, so I was looking forward to watching this exchange in the hope of seeing him get what in technical debate-speak is known as his ‘arse handed to him on a plate’. And sure enough it came, courtesy of my fellow free-speecher, Mark Steyn – one of the few people around who knows free speech isn’t just something you talk about, but something you do.


Last night’s Oscars was the biggest gathering of smug, self-important asses in living memory

The American comic Toby Muresianu put it best: last night’s Oscars felt like ‘three hours of being told to eat your vegetables’. If there has ever been a more grating gathering of smug, self-important asses keen to educate the TV-watching blob about Serious Stuff, then I’m struggling to remember it. Hollywood has clearly forgotten what its job is: to make us squeal and swoon, not raise our awareness about rape and paedophilia and the heat death of the planet and all the other misanthropic bilge the beautiful people spouted last night.


Idiot Celebrity Jude Law’s Security Team Attacked By Refugees He Demanded Be Let Into Britain

Jude Law’s security team was attacked and mugged by migrants when the cameras stopped after the Hollywood star left the jungle camp in Calais

So if the “refugees” are so peaceful why did Jude Law need a security team to begin with?

The answer is they wouldn’t be staying in his neighborhood, he lives in a ritzy pad.

But it’s ok for you proles to mix it up with them.


Jackass from Pink Floyd ‘Attacks Israel While Praising The “Humane” Palestinian Civilization’


“I swear I am not antisemitic!”

Waters likened Israeli treatment of Palestinians to apartheid South Africa. “The way apartheid South Africa treated its black population, pretending they had some kind of autonomy, was a lie,” he said.

“Just as it is a lie now that there is any possibility under the current status quo of Palestinians achieving self-determination and achieving, at least, a rule of law where they can live and raise their children and start their own industries. This is an ancient, brilliant, artistic and very humane civilisation that is being destroyed in front of our eyes.”