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The transgender thought police: Children as young as FOUR are being told by head teacher at ‘trans-friendly’ primary school to tell on pupils who ‘misgender’ their classmates

How do you say Kapo in Tranish?

The policy at Arbury Primary in Cambridge states that it is ‘illegal’ to call someone ‘he/she’ or ‘it’ against their wishes.

The school also urges parents of children who no longer identify as their biological gender to consider changing their name by deed poll.

Arbury holds assemblies to celebrate a child’s ‘transition’ from a boy to a girl or vice versa, has introduced a gender-neutral uniform, and allows children to use lavatories of whichever sex they ‘assign’ themselves to.

Schools making their own laws now. The end of Britain isn’t far off.


New internet safety laws will make UK ‘safest place in the world to be online’

Forthcoming safety laws will make the UK the safest online place in the world, the government has announced, including a potential levy on social media firms.

It will work with Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, other tech companies and children’s charities to develop new legislation to tackle a range of issues including online child sexual exploitation and cyberbullying.

3 predictions:

  1. The first move will be to shut down right wing speech.
  2. Their efforts will make things far worse than they are now.
  3. Those in charge will be found guilty of the very crimes they’re supposed to prevent.

Social workers are biased against families with transgender children, says Government report

The inquiry carried out by an independent researcher for the Department for Education said: ‘The evidence suggests transgender people often report having poor experiences within social and care settings.’


Vice and RuPaul Encourage Kids of All Ages to Find Their Inner Drag Queen

Kids should always be encouraged to find a hobby or a constructive outlet for their young minds. Maybe sports is a good option for some, or taking up a musical instrument works better for others. How about getting children interested in drag culture at a very young age? Does wearing platform shoes or a miniskirt sound like something a your young son would enjoy?


Canadian Humanitarian Charged With Raping Two Boys

A village in Nepal is shocked after an endeared member of their community, a Canadian humanitarian often gave chocolates to children, was arrested for raping at least two boys. Peter Dalglish portrayed himself to the villagers in Nepal as a good Samaritan who even helped rebuild their homes when they were destroyed by devastating earthquakes in 2015. The villagers were shattered when the Canadian humanitarian who had embedded himself among them was arrested and his home was swarmed by police.


David Staples: Students should understand the oil industry, not just demonize it

If you wonder why Alberta is struggling to win the public relations war over pipelines, Exhibit A is a recent children’s play performed at Escuela Mill Creek School in Edmonton.

It’s a bit of a muddle as to who was responsible for the play’s message, but parent Samuel Kemble was so disturbed by what he saw as its strong anti-oil industry stance that he walked out. He’s now taking his complaint to the Edmonton Public School Board.


Texas teen was beaten, had hot cooking oil poured on her after refusing arranged marriage: police

Parents of a Texas high school student who was reported missing in late January had abused their daughter after she refused an arranged marriage, leading her to run away from home until she was found in mid-March, police said.