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Left-Wing Groups Team Up To Take Down Laura Ingraham

In an op-ed for The Daily Wire Friday, Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro argues that the campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham has “nothing to do with decency” and “everything to do with politics.” A closer look at who is promoting the so-far-successful boycott effort against her advertisers reveals some familiar names from the progressive end of the political spectrum: Media Matters and Think Progress.


Unbelievable: Punk Vandal Hates White People And Wants To Kill Cops, So White Liberals Lavish Him With Donations

Apparently, the brat “lives in a trailer with no heat or sewer hookups” and might soon be homeless. But instead of investigating the reasons behind student Ismael Chamu’s “extraordinary burdens,” the Times automatically attributed them to California’s “affordable housing crunch.”

Never mind that the owners of the trailer claim “they agreed to let Chamu live in their trailer for two weeks as a favor to a friend at church” and that “he’s never paid rent,” as reported by Bay Area station KGO earlier this month.


Pelosi: GOP Tax Bill Morally Obscene, ‘Theft’ – ‘Does Violence to the Vision of Our Founders’

Pelosi said, “Today, we gather on this floor in the midst of a holy season. In this season we celebrate the miraculous blessings of God. We reflect on the wondrous joy of children and our responsibility to them. We remember our duty to live justly. And for those of us blessed to serve in this Congress, we must remember our special responsibility to govern fairly, to meet the needs of all of God’s children. In this holy time, the moral obscenity and unrepentant greed of the GOP tax scam stands out even more clearly.”

Never stand between a Democrat and your money.


Why People Hate the Media: Journalists Lash Out at Sanders Asking What They’re Thankful For

On Monday afternoon, some journalists provided another small nail in the coffin of the media’s credibility when they lost their collective minds on Twitter over White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asking reporters to share what they’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving week.


NYT’s Glenn Thrush Suspended, Accused Of Sexually Harassing Young Journalists

Sexual harassment claims against yet another powerful man in media inspired New York Times White House correspondent Glenn Thrush to post an impassioned note on his Facebook page in October, calling on his fellow journalists to stand by women entering the field.

They’re dropping like flies. No, not like pants flys, flying flies. 


Lerner, Paz say they fear physical harm from enraged public, want IRS testimony sealed permanently

Former IRS executive Lois G. Lerner told a federal court last week that members of her family, including “young children,” face death threats and a real risk of physical harm if her explanation of the tea party targeting scandal becomes public.

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What Do Sociopaths and Leftists Have in Common?

Sociopaths and Leftists share a common behavior trait – projection – accusing someone else of doing exactly what you are doing yourself. The crucial difference between sociopaths and Leftists is that Leftist projection is conscious and sociopathic projection is unconscious. The sociopath has a personality disorder that manifests itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Let’s compare and contrast the nature of psychological projection with political projection.


ERICKSON: When Disagreement Is Evil

I am continually struck by a question a friend on Twitter asked on that website. I come back to it every once in a while as news and events go in certain directions. He asked a simple question. He just wanted to know how many political reporters know anyone who owns a pickup truck.

It seems like a rather mundane question. After all, the top three best-selling vehicles in America are the Ford F-150, the Chevy Silverado and the Dodge Ram. All three are trucks. Very few political reporters gave a number. Most actually raged that it was an unfair question or they dared to pull the “how dare you” card suggesting their questioner dared to suggest they were out of touch. Their reaction proved just how out of touch they are.


Antifa Issues New Warning Against “Whites” — ‘Day Of Reckoning’ Ahead Of November 4th Threats

Antifa, which rose to prominence during the violent displays in Charlottesville, Virginia and Berkeley, California, has continued to expand around the nation as millennials are continually being duped into the “resistance.” Their violent demonstrations, often aimed at ending the freedom of speech in America, have cost taxpayers millions of dollars and have irreparably damaged the psyche of American culture.