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Around 100 Organisations of Salafi Movement Registered in Belgium – Reports

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – The Belgian State Security Service (VSSE) has registered around 100 organisations of Salafi movement, a branch of the Sunni Islam that advocates the rule of the sharia law, local media reported on Thursday.

The Belgian government has no official data on the number of Salafi organisations in the country, De Tijd newspaper noted. Meanwhile, Belgian Justice Minister Koen Geens has reportedly confirmed an increase in the number of groups and initiatives linked to the Salafi movement.

The VSSE has already drawn the government’s attention to the fact that the Salafi movement is gaining momentum in the country, with radical Islamists increasing their influence on the Muslim population of Belgium.


Muslim Suspected of Plotting Terror Attack Detained in Belgium

A Belgian daily, La Derniere Heure, reported earlier that the young Muslim convert identified went to his grandmother’s home on 13 April to say goodbye before carrying out an attack over the weekend.

Spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt confirmed to the Belga news agency that a 22-year-old had been detained by anti-terror police and would face a judge soon who would decide whether he should stay in custody.

A laptop and cell phones were seized in the operation. The prosecution’s spokesman did not comment on what or when the suspect allegedly planned to target in the attack.


‘Islamic state’ in Belgium? ISLAM party president talks Sharia, sex segregation with RT

Gender segregation on public transport protects “vulnerable” people, the president of the controversial ISLAM party told RT. The group has previously said it hopes to create a “100-percent Islamic state” in Belgium.

Abdelhay Bakkali Tahiri, president of the conservative Muslim party in Belgium, joined the RT France team via videolink. The party’s French acronym stands for “Integrity, Solidarity, Liberty, Authenticity, Morality.”

Tahiri sought to justify one of the party’s proposals, which aims to create a segregated zone for women on public transport. According to the politician, the measure would help to protect women, children and other “vulnerable groups” that may face aggressive behavior. “It is simply for the wellbeing of those people who use public transport,” he said.


Brussels Jewish Museum attacker gets life sentence

A Belgium court on Monday sentenced a French jihadist to life in prison for murdering four people at Brussel’s Jewish Museum in 2014.

Mehdi Nemmouche, 33, was found guilty earlier this month of committing “four terrorist murders” when he gunned down an Israeli couple and two museum workers in cold blood in less than 90 seconds on May 24, 2014.

“Mr. Nemmouche, you are just a coward, you kill people by shooting them from behind, you kill old women by shooting them with an assault rifle, you kill because it gives you pleasure to kill,” prosecutor Yves Moreau said before 12 jurors convened to consider the sentencing.


Suspected ISIS Member Convicted Of Killing 4 People In Belgian Jewish Museum Killings

A Belgian court found a suspected ISIS member guilty of gunning down four people at a Jewish Museum in 2014, the Associated Press reports.

Mehdi Nemouche, 33, who is a Belgian citizen of Algerian descent, was found guilty of terrorism charges and the murder of four people this Thursday.


Video of Belgian school kids dressed up as ‘Muslims’, complete with suicide belt, provokes outrage

Videos showing a group of students dressed up as “Saudi Muslims”– costumes that included, in one case, a fake belt of explosives–in their school in western Belgium has provoked heated criticisms on social media since the videos first appeared on February 27. The school principal says he and the students were just having fun and didn’t mean to offend.


Belgium to Deport Black Widow Malika El Aroud to Morocco

Rabat – The Belgian Aliens Litigation Council (CCE) ruled on Friday in favor of expelling Malika El Aroud, known as “the black widow,” to Morocco, concluding that she would not be subjected to torture in her country of origin.

The council said in a statement on Friday that its chambers judged that El Aroud “who had been sentenced in Belgium for her affiliation with a terrorist organization, and then stripped of her Belgian citizenship can be expelled to Morocco.”

El Aroud had previously argued that she might be subjected to torture in a Moroccan prison if extradited, the basis of her appeal against the extradition and application for political asylum in Belgium.


Brussels Nemmouche trial: Suspect ‘was my jailer and torturer’

Two French journalists who were held by Islamic State militants in Syria have given evidence against a man accused of murdering four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum in May 2014.

“I’ve absolutely no doubt that Mehdi Nemmouche, who is here now, was my jailer and torturer in Syria. I knew him as Abou Omar,” said Nicolas Hénin.

Ex-captive Didier François agreed.

The defendant, 33, denies murdering an Israeli couple, a local worker and a French volunteer at the museum.


Belgium Welcomes Multiculturalism

Belgium, in its well-intended welcome of newcomers from the Middle East, is now facing a persistent terrorist threat and a “wave of jihadism”, according to a new report published by the Belgian State Security Service (VSSE) on November 30. The main reason for these recent acquisitions, notes the report, is the ongoing Islamic radicalization of inmates in Belgian prisons and the risk of terrorist convicts engaging in terrorist acts once they have served their sentences and are back out on the street.

“In the coming years,” states the report, “the VSSE will be brought to pay particular attention to monitoring detainees convicted of acts of terrorism [after they are] released into freedom”. The authors of the report do not reveal how many radicalized prisoners there are in Belgium; only that in September 2018, there were 130 inmates sentenced for terrorism or “in preventive detention in the context of a terrorism record”.

So many Islamophobes the world over!


Belgian woman kidnapped, kept as SEX SLAVE by group of Muslims for MONTHS

Italian police are investigating a nightmarish case of a Belgian woman, who was kidnapped by a group of Tunisian migrants, Italian and Belgian media report. The captors had allegedly been raping her for two months.

The horror story unfolded back in early 2017 when a Belgian woman, 32, was abducted by six Tunisians in the north-western Italian sea resort of Sanremo, not far from the French border. The victim, residing in the French Riviera, allegedly approached one of her future captors in the street seeking to buy drugs, according to media reports.

Islam – The Religion of Slavery, Rape & Murder


Lawyers for Jewish museum attack suspect say their client was ‘set up’… by the Mossad, he’s not kidding either

Frenchman Mehdi Nemmouche, the main suspect in the deadly 2014 attack on a Brussels Jewish museum, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday. His lawyers say they have proof their client was set up by Israeli intelligence, backed by Belgian police.

Tuesday was D-Day for Mehdi Nemmouche, the main suspect in the attack on the Belgian Jewish museum in Brussels almost five years ago.

The 33-year-old alleged jihadist, who stands accused of murdering two Israeli tourists, a French volunteer and a Belgian museum receptionist on May 24, 2014, was due to speak for the first time in court along with his co-defendant, Nacer Bendrer.

The victims have been waiting for years to hear what Nemmouche had to say – but since his arrest, he has exercised his right to remain silent. After a long day of waiting as legal procedures were followed and a juror was expelled, the accused pleaded not guilty and then said he chose not to speak for the moment.


Jewish museum terror attack opens in Belgium

The trial of the deadly 2014 attack on the Belgian Jewish Museum in Brussels opened on Thursday under a heavy security presence.

It began with an introduction of the defendants followed by the prosecution reading out its 184-page statement detailing the investigation, according to Belgian news agency Belga.

The attack is considered one of the first claimed by the “Islamic State” (IS) militant group on European soil. More than 100 witnesses are expected to testify, including four French journalists who say they were held captive in Syria by one of the perpetrators.


Belgian judge orders repatriation of six children of Islamic State militants

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A Belgian judge has ordered the government to repatriate six children of Islamic State (IS) militants and their mothers who have been detained in a camp in Kurdish-controlled Syria, the national news agency Belga said on Wednesday.

…Belga quoted the court ruling as ordering the Brussels government to take all necessary and possible measures to ensure the six children and their mothers can return to Belgium.

It must do so within 40 days after being notified of the decision or pay a daily penalty of 5,000 euros for each child, up to a maximum 1 million euros, newspaper De Tijd said. The Belgian government can appeal the ruling.


Belgian Football Fans Spotted Singing About Burning Jews

The clip, published by the local newspaper La Derniere Heure, has put Brugge FC under fire as dozens of their fans were caught singing in Flemish: “My father was in the commandos, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews cause Jews burn the best”. The video was filmed on 26 August in the popular tourist city when they celebrated after their club beat the Belgian capital’s Anderlecht.