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Newton Residents Sue City’s School Committee, Superintendent of Schools, Principals, and Teachers for Discrimination against Jews and Israelis

…Evidence described in the complaint shows how Newton teachers teach that Jews and Christians deliberately forged their holy texts to contradict the Muslim Qur’an; that Zionism has “little connection” to Jewish history in “Palestine;” that the Jews took advantage of the Holocaust to gain sympathy for Zionism at the expense of “Arab plight;” and that the Israelis treat the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews. After being taught all this, students are asked to debate whether there should be a one- or two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.


Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour ‘ignored’ anti-Semitism in a secretly recorded meeting

Jeremy Corbyn has privately expressed concern that evidence of anti-Semitism in Labour has been ‘mislaid or ignored’, according to reports.

The Labour leader made the comments during a secretly recorded meeting with MP Dame Margaret Hodge, the Sunday Times said.

Mr Corbyn was speaking in February as he outlined his intention to appoint former Cabinet minister Lord Falconer to review the party’s complaints process, the newspaper said.


Terrifying video on antisemitic conference at the University of North Carolina

Ami Horowitz, the investigatory filmmaker who often exposes campus madness, has produced a video that ought to terrify anyone familiar with the history of Weimar Germany. Then, as now, universities were among the leaders in whipping up Jew-hatred and actually persecuting Jews. One of the neglected aspects of the origins of the Holocaust is that the purge of Jews from Germany’s famous universities opened up new career possibilities for those faculty and students who remained once their institutions were Judenrein.


Suck It Up, Cupcake: Ocasio-Cortez Was Triggered By The NY Post’s Response To Ihan Omar’s 9/11 Remarks

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has had the gruesome twosome come to her aid: Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). It’s the anti-Semite defense league because the two have defended her prior when she was peddling anti-Semitic tropes that caused heartburn for her leadership and provided President Trump with the ammunition he needed to attack the Democrats for being anti-Jewish. Omar has run the gauntlet when it comes to winning the idiocy’s MVP award.


The Implosion of Jeremy Corbyn

The leader of the Labour Party not only has failed to confront anti-Semitism but seems unable to acknowledge it as a problem.

It may have been at the Sternberg Centre, where a large overflow marquee housed my London congregation on High Holidays. There was an abandoned trailer in the woods behind it, and us kids would sneak out to play in it. I don’t remember even specifically when it happened. But I remember the sound of the word the first time I heard it spoken, its icy vituperation, the way the speaker’s jaw moved around the syllable. “Kike.”

Even so, until recently, “Anti-Semitism” still struck me as a clinical concept, remote from my daily experiences. But Jeremy Corbyn has recently made it unavoidable. The leader of the Labour Party has managed to create a self-made political calamity of hypnotic proportions, one which could destroy his opposition party even as Brexit immolates the Conservative government.


Corbyn’s Hate: Blockbuster Report Reveals ‘Anti-Semitic Army’ Behind UK’s Far-Left Labour Leader

…British politics are still reverberating from the shockwaves of a bombshell article in The Sunday Times, chronicling the deep and systemic anti-Semitism within the ranks of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. We already knew that Corbyn is a truly radical figure, and that he’s at least indulged anti-Jewish bigotry for years. After all, he once called the Islamist terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah “friends.” What we didn’t know was the extent to which he and his office have run interference for anti-Semitic party members, intervening on their behalf, while ignoring other complaints.


Jewish Labour Movement passes no-confidence motion on Corbyn

The Jewish Labour Movement passed a motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership on Sunday as the party came under renewed pressure over its handling of antisemitism allegations.

Labour disputed a report in the Sunday Times, which drew on leaked internal documents, that its system for dealing with complaints has been beset by delays, inaction and interference from the leader’s office.

But both the party and its leader were dealt a blow when the AGM of the Jewish Labour Movement – which has 2,000 members and has been affiliated for almost a century – voted to describe the party as “institutionally antisemitic”.

I doubt Corbyn cares much at all.


Expose: Jeremy Corbyn’s anti‑semite army

The Labour Party has failed to take disciplinary action against hundreds of members accused of anti-semitism under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, according to internal documents leaked to The Sunday Times.

A hard drive of emails and a confidential database last updated on March 8 reveal how the party’s system for dealing with such complaints is bedevilled by delays, inaction and interference from the leader’s office. They reveal members investigated for posting such online comments as “Heil Hitler”, “F*** the Jews” and “Jews are the problem” have not been expelled, even though the party received the complaints a year ago.

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Minnesota: New task force led by Muslim AG and terror-linked Muslim groups may get opportunity to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws

In shockingly Orwellian fashion, Democrats in Minnesota want to create a statewide “Task Force on Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism” that would be stacked with people devoted to Islamic doctrines calling for more anti-Semitism.


Too Many Are Ignoring the Rise of Anti-Semitism on the Left

During the last two years, the media have been reporting about a rise in anti-Semitism. When the media write and speak about it, their focus is almost exclusively on “right-wing” anti-Semitism. Most of the establishment Jewish organizations, well known for their political liberalism and identification with the Democrat Party, similarly focus on anti-Semitism from the right and give only rare lip service when anti-Semitic writings and attacks come from the political left. (The Ilhan Omar case is a mild exception, though not generating anywhere near the determination and demonization if she had been from the political right). As each day goes by, guided by their own left-wing outlook as well as the hit-lists coming from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the category “right-wing” has expanded to include almost anything conservative or nationalistic, so that even expressed love of many aspects of America’s historic culture can confer on one the status of “white supremacist,” i.e., anti-Semite.


3 ex-Labour Party members arrested in anti-semitism case

The Metropolitan police have made three arrests in an investigation prompted by a dossier detailing antisemitic social media messages allegedly posted by Labour party members.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said that two men and a woman had been arrested during March on suspicion of publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred. Each has been released pending further inquiries.

It is understood the people arrested were Labour members or suspended from the party at the time the complaint was made but are no longer members.


To Understand The American Left’s Anti-Semitism, Look To Europe

Like officials in Germany and Norway, the Democrats can excuse a little Jew-hatred if it’s framed right.

In Germany this week, a regional court ruled that the 2014 firebombing of Bergisch Synagogue in Wuppertal, while a criminal act of arson, was not an anti-Semitic incident. The judge had upheld a lower court ruling deemed that the three Palestinian immigrants who had thrown Molotov cocktails at the synagogue were merely calling “attention to the Gaza conflict.” Because nothing shows concern for the Middle East peace process like trying to burn down a Jewish house of worship with homemade incendiary devices.


Democrats quietly starting to unsheathe the long knives for Ilhan Omar

The whispers have already begun.  Representative Ilhan Omar, with only two months in Congress, already is a problem for the Democrats, a potent symbol of a party unwilling to specifically rebuke the most prominent American Jew-hater since Father Coughlin, “the radio priest,” reached tens of millions of Depression-era listeners with his anti-Semitic diatribes.


Linda Sarsour ‘Triggered’ By ‘Hate Mob’ Against Omar ‘Giving Condolences’ To Muslim Community After Shooting

Liberal Muslim activist Linda Sarsour tweeted that she is “triggered” by a “hate mob” against Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar that is “now giving condolences” to the Muslim community in the wake of the Christchurch, New Zealand shootings.

“I am triggered by those who piled on Representative Ilhan Omar and incited a hate mob against her until she got assassination threats now giving condolences to our community,” Sarsour tweeted Saturday morning. “What we need you to do is reflect on how you contribute to islamophobia and stop doing that.”


Is There a Future for Jewish Americans in the Democratic Party?

Nearly all Americans, Republican and Democrat, see their Jewish neighbors as good members of the community — solid co-workers, fine friends, and beloved relatives. Ugly prejudice remains but its thin stuff compared to the genuine article which has been expelled from decent circles. The recent controversy over the remarks of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), however, and the insipid reaction of the Democrats to her bigotry vividly show that Jewish Americans, who have traditionally voted Democrat, should wonder whether the old monster of anti-Semitism is alive in their political home and if their loyalty is misplaced. To recap:

With Omar’s arrival in Washington, D.C., her 2012 tweet resurfaced: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”