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If 2017 weather was a downer, you ain’t seen nothing yet: Environmental Defence

Predicting when and where extreme weather will hit can be difficult, if not downright impossible. But Tim Gray, executive director of Environmental Defence Canada, said Friday he has no doubt it will happen.

“I can say with certainty that we will have more wacky weather in 2018, and quite likely more than we did in 2017, as the world continues to warm,” Gray said in an interview.


Hurricane Harvey Live Video Feeds

CDN editorial staff is locating and posting every available live feed, information broadcast or otherwise helpful and informative video sources for the Hurricane Harvey landfall. Check back often as sources will be swapped out as they go dark or come online.

FoxNews: Hurricane Harvey is now considered a Category 4 as it prepares to make landfall late Friday or early Saturday. It has maximum sustained winds of 130 mph.

The question is: How will the left blame this on Trump?


Japanese Mayor Blames Solar Plant Project For Exacerbating Floods

The mayor of Bando has blamed a huge solar power plant project near the Kinugawa River for exacerbating the disastrous flooding in Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture, by shaving off the top of a natural sandbank that had effectively become part of its east bank.

The removal of the layer of sand lowered the height of the embankment, which is in the Wakamiyado district, Bando Mayor Eiichi Yoshihara indicated. Bando is situated next to Joso.

Yoshihara made the remark during a meeting Friday with the central government’s research group on the flooding disaster. He urged the government to give the voices of local residents greater consideration when giving the green light to construction projects.


If so, this and a delayed order to evacuate are disasters that I guaran-damn-tee you won’t be exploited by former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin.


A spell of global warming hits Britain

Des Woodhead and Martin Firth drive their vintage tractors through the snow across the Pennine tops near Reeth, as unseasonably cold weather returned to parts of the UK Picture: John Giles/PA

Just weeks after the country enjoyed the warmest April day in four years, the balmy weather has given way to wintry conditions. About 1.2in (3cm) of snow lay on the ground in the Highlands of Scotland after storms hit the north of Britain. The Pennines and Northern Ireland have also been struck by sleet and snow showers.

Higher parts of the Pennines in Yorkshire and north Derbyshire had a thin covering of snow overnight and wintry showers continued throughout Tuesday morning…

Related: Pope, UN chief urge action on global warming (Mostly the article is about migrants invaders in the Med however).


Evening photos: Aurora over Norway, plus more snow pix and a couple from the cyclone in Australia

Photographer Paul Goldstein captured this stunning view of the Northern Lights in north Norway – and he woke up his slumbering sons to enjoy the view. The Wimbledon-based Exodus tours guide says he had several days of appalling weather before he was able to shoot at Buksnesfjord. Picture: Paul Goldstein/Exodus/Rex Features

Weather pix:

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Winter blast causes accidents, closes schools, cancels flights across Turkey

A photograph showing young students in Ankara pushing a broken down school bus

A long-awaited cold snap finally hit Turkey on Jan. 6, with snow disrupting transportation in many cities.

One primary school student was killed after a school bus crashed in the western Black Sea province of Karabük. İlker Karakırık, 9, died despite medical intervention after being rushed to hospital. Eighteen other students as well as the driver were injured in the accident.

Snow also caused the habitual scenes of chaos in the Turkish capital of Ankara, with its many hills and poor infrastructure. A photograph showing young students pushing a school bus that broke down on a slope went viral on social media.

Families expressed their outrage that the Ankara Governor’s Office did not close schools in the city center, declaring snow days instead in only six districts.

The road connecting Ankara to İzmir was also temporarily closed in the early hours of Jan. 6 due to intense snowfall.

Turkish Airlines has canceled many domestic flights, including several flights between Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. Istanbul and Bursa Sea Buses also canceled ferry services due to unfavorable conditions on the Marmara Sea…