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‘No apologies’: College grad makes her point, stands her ground after firestorm over campus gun photo

A Kent State University graduate has “no apologies” for her now-viral graduation photos which featured her carrying a rifle on campus.

Kaitlin Bennett became the target of liberal backlash as she celebrated her college graduation with a challenge and a nod to the past, posting a photo of herself walking on school grounds with an AR-10 rifle strapped to her back.


Police find high-powered rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a Hawaii hotel room of man who claimed to be a federal agent in a string of disturbing social media posts

The police found a high-powered rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and an array of other weapons, however the 28-year-old man staying in the room was not arrested, Hawaii News Now reported.

The weapons were legally registered to the man, and he was also legally allowed to have them in his room.


BONOKOSKI: There’s a reason gang-bangers with guns are called criminals

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, perhaps forgetting he grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan where Varmint rifles are not exactly foreign objects, says anyone who thinks the Liberals’ new gun legislation is just another “back-door gun registry” is either “honestly misinformed or deliberately not telling the truth.”

But, when shops legally selling guns are compelled to keep a list of both their buyers and their inventory, what else would you call it?


Gun vloggers vent fury as YouTube bans firearms videos, switch to PornHub

Gun rights activists, bloggers and second amendment advocates are outraged at YouTube’s ban on videos and channels which promote websites that sell firearms and accessories. And some believe Pornhub is the solution.

Online gun vlogger InRangeTv has already begun migrating their videos to Pornhub. The group referred to YouTube’s rule changes as “vague” and “one-sided.”


Youtube Becomes Govtube With New Anti-Gun Rules

GovTube – that is, YouTube – which has become GovTube (specifically the parts of gov that advance the very far left statist agenda of the progressive party, the Democrat Party), has announced some draconian new policies regarding guns that appear to open wide the door for GovTube to all-but ban gun videos on the Neo-Puritanical social media video platform.


The myth of the NRA’s dark money

Whenever there is a horrific mass shooting in the US, the question of why Americans don’t push for gun control is raised. It is pointed out that polling suggests most voters, across both parties, would be comfortable with more ‘enhanced background checks’. Yet many Americans still vote for candidates that oppose such measures, and politicians remain unresponsive to the public’s concerns.

The reason for this? The Republican Party has been bought off by the National Rifle Association (NRA), we are told. After the Las Vegas shooting, Jimmy Kimmel claimed that the NRA had the Republican Party’s ‘balls in a money clip’. Following last week’s school shooting in Florida, a New York Times editorial argued that the NRA and its ‘congressional servants have been an unyielding obstacle to sensible reform’. The NYT talks of the lobby having a ‘stranglehold on our elected officials’.


Cartoon Network’s ‘OK K.O.!’ Pushes Kids to Rid the World of Guns

The Cartoon Network has come out with a new episode of children’s cartoon OK K.O.! to convince children to rid America of gun owners and guns. It is eleven painful minutes of bad animation, screeching, and ugly characters who live in messy houses. It’s no Road Runner. I watch this sludge so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.


Amazing New Breakthrough to Reduce Mass Shootings!

As fun as it is to ridicule the FBI for devoting massive resources to chasing down Hillary Clinton’s oppo research while blowing off repeated, specific warnings about school shooter Nikolas Cruz, we’ve put a lot on the agency’s plate.

We’re hauling in nearly 2 million manifestly unvetted Third World immigrants every year, leading to a slew of FBI “Watch Lists” with a million names apiece. In 2015, Director James Comey said that there were ISIS investigations in all 50 states — even Idaho and Alaska! And that’s just one terrorist organization.


Ganja or guns: Germans forced to choose between medicinal marijuana and firearms

A German hunter’s appeal for the reinstatement of his gun ownership card and hunting license despite being a long-term medical marijuana userwas dismissed by a Bavarian court on Wednesday.

According to the judge, gun owners must be capable of cautiously handling weapons and ammunition at all times. Cannabis consumption, even if prescribed by a doctor, would impair a person’s ability to properly handle a weapon, the judge said.

Watch how fast…