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LILLEY: For Trudeau, it’s all about electoral politics

It’s an interesting contrast, how Justin Trudeau deals with Quebec’s premier compared to Ontario’s and it tells you a lot about the coming election.

When it comes to the Trudeau government’s relationship with Ontario Premier Doug Ford it is attack, attack, attack. Trudeau even had one of his ministers label one of Ford’s ministers “unCanadian”.


Doug Ford promises to balance books, targets Trudeau and team at PC convention

Premier Doug Ford promised to balance Ontario’s budget, without providing specifics, while broadening his attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax at a gathering of Progressive Conservative party faithful on Friday.


GOLDSTEIN: Making a scene over carbon spat

The fight, purportedly over climate change, between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal environment minister Catherine McKenna, versus Ontario Premier Doug Ford and environment minister Rod Phillips, isn’t really about that.

Rather, it’s a morality play about money. Ours.


Ford’s government releases a stunning Remembrance Day video

November has arrived, and the Ontario government released a video for the month of remembrance.

30 seconds long, the video captures intense moments of war, showing footage of the Canadian military from the First World War until the present. The video’s music is fierce and bold as opposed to the traditional melancholic tunes associated with Remembrance Day footage.


Ford says voters should ‘get rid of Justin Trudeau’ next year

Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford is urging Canadian voters to topple Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in next year’s federal election.

Introducing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer at Queen’s Park as “the next prime minister of Canada,” Ford stepped up his attacks on Trudeau over the Liberals’ plan to put a price on carbon to tackle climate change.


Ford Government Ends Cap & Trade Carbon Tax, Rips Trudeau’s “Punishing” New Tax

The Ford Government has passed Bill 4, which ends the cap and trade carbon tax.

The government says the move will save the average Ontario family $260 per year, particularly through gas price reductions. The move will also help business lower their costs, making it possible to compete and create more jobs.