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U of T Professor links felt — yes, the material — to white supremacy

University of Toronto scholar Stephanie Springgay’s newly published research alleges that there is more to felt, the material, than typically perceived.

In her paper, “‘How to Write as Felt’: Touching Transmaterialities and More-Than-Human Intimacies,” published online in late July by Studies in Philosophy and Education, Springgay suggests that felt, a “dense material of permanently interlocking fibers,” can be linked to racism and capitalism.

“[T]his paper addresses ‘the problem of education’ that is predicated on cis-heteronormative White supremacist settler colonial logics that assume knowledge enters from an outside, that is predicated on progress, and that regulates and violently disavows particular bodies,” it states.

“Felting as a posthuman proposition demands that we stop thinking broadly about … education. Instead we need to consider intimate transmaterial touching relations that do not intensify settler colonial mastery over human and nonhuman life,” the paper adds.

…Who funds her research?

Springgay received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for her felt research, she states in the paper. According to her curriculum vitae, Springgay has received $1,244,992 from the council since 2011 for research on various topics


Academics target ‘whiteness’ at social justice conference

Professors and political activists from across the Southeast recently gathered to discuss “whiteness” and social justice leadership at a conference in Jacksonville, Florida.

The “All Y’all Social Justice Series” included presentations on “shattering the glass ceiling of whiteness” and exploring ways to gain “emotional resilience for the social justice leader.”


The far left is a much greater threat to our nation than any neo-Nazi group will ever be.

With the left’s full embrace of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is in the mainstream media’s spotlight.

With more than 40,000 card carrying members, DSA is a growing leftist force in not only our political system, but in our systems of higher education.

So why is the left, especially in our universities, embracing an ideology that has resulted in the deaths of over a hundred million people? Here are three reasons why socialism is making a comeback on college campuses…


Winning! Is there anything President Trump can’t accomplish? Prof claims Trump ‘making microaggressions worse’ on campus

A professor at the University of St. Thomas in Texas recently blamed the Trump administration for the rise in microaggressions she and her colleagues have allegedly faced from each other since the 2016 election.

Nicole Walters published “Trump’s America is Making Microaggressions an Even Greater Reality for Women Faculty of Color” in the recent issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal Women, Gender, and Families of Color.


Retracted pro-colonialism article given new life

The National Association of Scholars has re-published “The Case for Colonialism,” a controversial essay that was retracted by an academic journal last year following “credible threats” to the author.

The academic freedom watchdog made the announcement in a press release on Wednesday, noting that the essay penned by Portland State University scholar Bruce Gilley triggered “a torrent of protest, including death threats,” following its publication in Third World Quarterly in 2017.

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Laurier teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd launches $3.6M lawsuit for university free speech abuses

A teaching assistant who endured a “vicious lambasting” and campaign of vitriol after daring to air a televised debate by cutting-edge professor and best-selling authour Jordan Peterson has filed a $3.6 million lawsuit against two professors, a bureaucrat and their employer Wilfrid Laurier University.

Lindsay Shepherd is seeking $1,000,000 in punitive damages and $500,000 apiece for harassment, intentional infliction of nervous shock, negligence, aggravated and general damages, plus $100,000 for constructive dismissal.


Prof writes book calling for ‘Marxist Education’ in K-12

University of Washington-Bothell professor Wayne Au claims that American education has historically been shaped by “the interests of capital as well as white men in universities,” and advocates countering neoliberal ideas with a “Marxist-feminist standpoint theory.”

You mean they don’t already?


Columbia Professor Urged to Step Down After Blaming Israel for ‘Every Dirty’ Act in World

Hamid Dabashi – Hates Jews

TEL AVIV – 250 people signed an open letter Tuesday calling on Columbia University to urge a professor to step down over his “anti-Semitic bigotry” after he claimed Israel is behind “every dirty treacherous ugly and pernicious act happening in the world.”


Hoped for shortage of idiot academics unlikely to materialize…

British jihadis who had children while fighting for the Islamic State should be allowed to return to the UK with their families, says university lecturer

Katherine Brown – Idiot

British jihadis who have married and had children while fighting for Islamic State should be allowed to return to the UK with their families, says an academic.

Katherine Brown, lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham, said removing the citizenship from people who have gone to fight for the terror group was a ‘denial of responsibility’.

Giving a talk at the Hay Festival about Muslim women and radicalisation, she said: ‘We have a responsibility for people who’ve done the things they’ve done.

That means bringing them to justice and helping them as citizens.


White Genocide Prof Compares National Anthem To Nazi Salute

A New York University scholar and former “white genocide” professor compared the American national anthem to the Nazi salute Friday.

Former Drexel University professor and current NYU scholar-in-residence George Ciccariello-Maher made the analogy in a tweet that received thousands of shares.


Liberal prof tries to ban book about Robert E. Lee’s horse

On March 9, the Washington and Lee University Bookstore and the Lee Chapel Museum Shop removed a book from their shelves after a Washington and Lee (W&L) professor accused the book of painting a sympathetic picture of the Confederate States of America and the Old South.

The book in question was a children’s book written about Robert E. Lee’s beloved companion and most trusted warhorse, Traveller.


Ontario NDP candidates target the Jewish state

She once characterized the infamous tweet by BLM co-founder Yusra Khogali asking Allah not to allow her to cuss/kill white men as just an “angry reaction” to the “trauma she experiences from everyday racism, misogyny, and Islamophobia.”

Nutty U of T prof and NDP candidate in Beaches-East York, Rima Berns-McGown — who was born in Apartheid South Africa and raised as a Jew in Canada — wrote a few years ago after a visit back to South Africa that she’d always known she is “black.”

Link fixed.


Victory for free speech: UK Universities Minister bans student trend of censoring controversial speakers

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister

Student zealots will be banned from censoring controversial speakers on campuses following the first ministerial intervention on free speech in 30 years.

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister, has announced tough new guidance which will see institutions disciplined if they allow valid debates to be shut down.

He vowed to stamp out the ‘chilling’ trend of speakers being blocked from campuses simply because there is institutional hostility to unfashionable views.