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Liberal prof tries to ban book about Robert E. Lee’s horse

On March 9, the Washington and Lee University Bookstore and the Lee Chapel Museum Shop removed a book from their shelves after a Washington and Lee (W&L) professor accused the book of painting a sympathetic picture of the Confederate States of America and the Old South.

The book in question was a children’s book written about Robert E. Lee’s beloved companion and most trusted warhorse, Traveller.


Ontario NDP candidates target the Jewish state

She once characterized the infamous tweet by BLM co-founder Yusra Khogali asking Allah not to allow her to cuss/kill white men as just an “angry reaction” to the “trauma she experiences from everyday racism, misogyny, and Islamophobia.”

Nutty U of T prof and NDP candidate in Beaches-East York, Rima Berns-McGown — who was born in Apartheid South Africa and raised as a Jew in Canada — wrote a few years ago after a visit back to South Africa that she’d always known she is “black.”

Link fixed.


Victory for free speech: UK Universities Minister bans student trend of censoring controversial speakers

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister

Student zealots will be banned from censoring controversial speakers on campuses following the first ministerial intervention on free speech in 30 years.

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister, has announced tough new guidance which will see institutions disciplined if they allow valid debates to be shut down.

He vowed to stamp out the ‘chilling’ trend of speakers being blocked from campuses simply because there is institutional hostility to unfashionable views.


Fresno Prof Randa Jarrar Blames Racism For Backlash Over Barbara Bush Comments

Fresno State University professor Randa Jarrar, in an interview that was published on Tuesday, blamed racism for the backlash she received after attacking former first lady Barbara Bush on Twitter the day she died.

Jarrar, who is of Egyptian, Greek and Palestinian heritage, told The Cut that she believes her own race was certainly a factor in the response to her comments.


Fresno professor calls farmers ‘f-ing stupid Trump-supporters,’ praises terrorists in vulgar f-bomb rant

The scandal surrounding Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar grew even worse this week after video footage emerged of her criticizing the farmers who produce our food but praising the left-wing terrorists who hijacked planes in the 1960s and 1970s.

That this “thing” could be granted tenure illustrates how debauched and irrelevant academia has become.


Wake Forest Professor Claims Believing in God is ‘Immoral and Illogical’

Dr. Jarrod Whitaker specializes in South Asian religions at the North Carolina school and also allegedly asserted that belief in an objective truth “is the most tremendous evil that is responsible for all the great suffering in the world,” reported The Wake Forest Review.

The professor would perpetually “explain why Christian theology is problematic, racist, sexist, imperialist, and fundamentally evil,” Whitaker’s Catholic student John told the Review, who kept his identity concealed.


What the Hell Are These Colleges Talking About?

Maybe I’m the dumb one for not understanding what this lecture was supposed to be about. The description on the University of Texas at Austin’s website says:

In the wake of renewed attacks on Muslim and Muslim-adjacent communities, the hijab and turban continue to be enveloped as important material objects in the racialization of Muslim and Sikh bodies.

Okay, so far I think I understand. The sight of turbans and hijabs triggers racists (religionists?).


Female Prof: Let’s Pay Female Professors More For Their ‘Emotional Labor’

A female professor at The University of San Francisco is promulgating an idea that should enrage feminists, but probably won’t: she wants colleges to compensate female faculty members for their “emotional labor.”

According to hard-core feminists, there’s no difference between men and women, so this is really confusing.


Howard University Professor: School Choice Is Racism.

On Friday, Natalie Hopkinson of Howard University wrote a piece for Huffington Post suggesting that school choice was — you guessed it — racist. Why, pray tell, is it racist to remove your children from failing public schools and attempt to place them in schools where they are likely to receive a better education? Because the real reason you want your kids out of those schools is to avoid black and brown people. Or something.


Sydney university lecturer cancels a class due to be held in church in case it offended his gay students

Dr Timothy Laurie – Soy Advocate

A university lecturer has cancelled a class due to be held in a church for fear it would offend his LGBTQI students.

University of Technology Sydney communications lecturer Dr Timothy Laurie emailed his students two days before lectures were due to begin saying class was cancelled due to ‘the suitability of a church as a venue’.


Expression, Identity, and the Corruption of the Academy

In this episode, Steyn talks to Lindsay Shepherd, a young Teaching Assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada who became a cause célèbre across the Internet at the end of 2017, when three members of the faculty attempted to destroy her life for having the temerity to show a short Jordan Peterson public television clip to her students. Miss Shepherd pushed back, with great success, and has since become a popular speaker across North America on issues of freedom of expression.