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Ocasio-Cortez mistaken for intern/staffer

The comments are quite entertaining.

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Sweden’s Largest Party Mulls Stopping Its Youth Wing’s Funding Amid Islamization

Members of the Social Democrat Youth, once a talent pool that produced many prominent Social Democrat politicians, have called Islam a “universal solution,” expressed homophobic and anti-Semitic sentiments, and substituted the traditional Internationale anthem played at a party conference with an Islamic song.


Welcome to Antifastan

Remind me never to visit Portland, Oregon. Long associated with the brand of outré hipster leftism deliciously satirized in TV’s Portlandia, Oregon’s largest city is now a zone of mass political violence. It isn’t quite Beirut-on-the-Willamette, to be sure. No suicide bombs are ripping through the farmers’ market at Shemanski Park, and the city’s radicals don’t store rockets in schools and hospitals.


Jesus Would Have Voted Socialist, says Germany’s Left

Elections are just around the corner in Bavaria, Germany’s largest and economically strongest state. On October 14, Bavarians will go to the polls to elect a new state government. One thing that is already sure is that the Left Party, Germany’s mainstream socialist party, will not have much success. It is currently polling around 3 to 4 percent, far away from the usual 10 percent it has countrywide and below the threshold of 5 percent to have seats in the Bavarian parliament.


The Intoxicating Effects of Socialist Benevolence

Anyone who doubts that those in charge of the operation of Providence have a sly sense of humor needs only to ponder the sweet declarations emitted by our more pampered celebrities on the subject of socialism. Consider, for example, the actor Jim Carrey, who recently told Bill Maher that “We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything. We have to stop apologizing.”


Socialism, Like Dracula, Rises Again from the Grave

Many of us grew up watching Dracula movies – Nosferatu, the “Undead.” Fearful of the sunlight that could burn him into cinders, Dracula lived in a coffin filled with his native Transylvanian soil by day, only to come out at night to live off the life-giving blood of the living. But to continue his “unnatural” existence, this human-like vampire had to kill his victims by draining them of their own blood, or in the process of turning them into “creatures of the night,” like himself. Welcome to the nature and history of socialism.