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UK Home Office moves Tommy Robinson to a ‘highly dangerous’ prison

What happened to Tommy Robinson is a frightening look into how the government views dissenters. Anyone that disagrees with their progressive agenda will be stopped. Whilst we must continue to make our voices heard in regards to Tommy, it must not stop there.


Transgender Prisoners In Connecticut Can Now Get Housed Based On Gender Identity

“They will, of course, have to continue to train prison officials to ensure compliance with the law given pervasive misunderstandings about transgender people’s lives,” Levi added, noting that prison guards will have to respect the gender identity choices of their prisoners who are suffering from dysphoria.

In the US, you don’t go to the reeducation camp; the reeducation camp comes to you.


Ban solitary confinement for mentally ill, Indigenous inmates: rights groups

Even though Indigenous people make up only four per cent of Canada’s population, 26.4 per cent of those incarcerated in Canadian prisons are Aboriginal

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the John Howard Society and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association are calling for a hard 15-day cap to be placed on the use of solitary confinement — or ‘administrative segregation,’ as it is officially known. The groups also want to see a full ban on segregation of inmates who are mentally ill and for Indigenous offenders.


Canadian who plotted terror attacks deserves life in prison: U.S. prosecutors

“El Bahnasawy’s willingness to kill innocent civilians and martyr himself for ISIS, his absolute commitment to ISIS at the time of his arrest, and his deeply disturbing conduct since then … powerfully support a single conclusion: the incapacitation of El Bahnasawy should be total and lifelong,” U.S. prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said in a written submission filed to a New York federal court.


Sweden data breach: 82 per cent of people sent to prison for gang rape are foreign born

Swedish newspaper Friatider says a large amount of data from the Criminal Data System was secretly provided to a far-right nationalist group called “Nordfront”. Together with sex crime website “Gang Rape Sweden” they decided to publish the leaked judicial database on Friday.


‘They have a lot to teach us’: Inmates call for Canadian justice reform in journal

Walby, who is also an associate professor of criminal justice at the University of Winnipeg, said when it comes to criminalization and incarceration in Canada, it’s important to talk to experts about what’s going on — and in many cases that is the people who are currently or formerly incarcerated.

“Prisoners know a lot about criminalization, know a lot about imprisonment, they have experiences. They have knowledge that needs to be shared with the general public and criminal justice policy makers if we want to try to understand harm and conflict in our societies better, and deal with it more effectively and more justly in the future,” Walby said.

Here’s the latest victimization/entitlement group.


White House plans massive expansion of immigration jails to accommodate dramatic increase in prisoners since Trump took office

Doesn’t that poor blind man just tug at your heart-strings? Trump is literally Hitler!

Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) put out requests for additional jail cells in Chicago, Detroit, St. Paul, Salt Lake City and Texas.

ICE would prefer to have full use of the facilities but will considered shared space, a notice in the south Texas area said.

Administration needs some 4,000 beds for the illegal immigrants it’s arresting.

ICE has arrested 97,482 people it thought to be in the country illegally through early September, a 43 percent increase in arrests from the year prior.