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Ontario minister looking at ways to deal with ‘harmful gaps’ in prisons, policing

Brett Weltman, press secretary for Michael Tibollo, correctional services and community safety minister, said in an email this week that the minister has been conducting a series of meetings to identify the gaps. Tibollo, who is also the MPP for Vaughan-Woodbridge, will then create a plan to fix the problems, he added.

“Ontario’s community safety and corrections systems have been damaged by 15 years of Liberal neglect,” Weltman said.


NYC Mayor Proposes Prison Plan To Include Retail Stores, Housing

Democratic politicians have continually proven that their priorities are utterly skewed. It only takes a quick browse through recent news reports to see that many on the left appear to value the lives and welfare of illegal aliens over the American people. Recently, one democratic mayor announced a plan which further illustrates his misaligned priorities which appear to favor prisoners over his local community.


EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson tells Ezra Levant about prison treatment, thanks supporters

Tommy invited me to join the family for dinner, but I didn’t want to intrude in their private time. But I did ask him to sit down with me for ten minutes, to tell the world how he was doing.

And as I listened, my joy turned to sorrow, and then to rage.

Because Tommy was physically and psychologically abused in prison.


UK Home Office moves Tommy Robinson to a ‘highly dangerous’ prison

What happened to Tommy Robinson is a frightening look into how the government views dissenters. Anyone that disagrees with their progressive agenda will be stopped. Whilst we must continue to make our voices heard in regards to Tommy, it must not stop there.


Transgender Prisoners In Connecticut Can Now Get Housed Based On Gender Identity

“They will, of course, have to continue to train prison officials to ensure compliance with the law given pervasive misunderstandings about transgender people’s lives,” Levi added, noting that prison guards will have to respect the gender identity choices of their prisoners who are suffering from dysphoria.

In the US, you don’t go to the reeducation camp; the reeducation camp comes to you.


Ban solitary confinement for mentally ill, Indigenous inmates: rights groups

Even though Indigenous people make up only four per cent of Canada’s population, 26.4 per cent of those incarcerated in Canadian prisons are Aboriginal

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the John Howard Society and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association are calling for a hard 15-day cap to be placed on the use of solitary confinement — or ‘administrative segregation,’ as it is officially known. The groups also want to see a full ban on segregation of inmates who are mentally ill and for Indigenous offenders.