‘We eat pork’: Swiss company’s job listing for a driver accused of discrimination

Is this a racist van?

An online job listing seeking a ‘Swiss’ driver has caused outrage among members of Switzerland’s migrant community.

An online job ad for Schärer Transport AG, a logistics company based in the canton of St Gallen, has been called out for discrimination by Switzerland’s Federal Commission Against Racism (CFR).

“By emphasizing the desire to hire a ‘Helvetian’ and eating pork slices and sausages, we can assume that certain specific groups of the population are excluded,” Alma Wiecken, head of CFR, told Swiss daily 20 Minutes in response to furore at the online job listing.


Justin’s Base Mobilizes: Ahead of federal election, imams at 69 Canadian mosques deliver message that every vote counts

When Canadians go to the polls in October, a non-partisan group hopes Muslim voter turnout will be higher than ever — and seized one of the year’s most-attended days of prayer to mobilize the community with a single message: every ballot counts.

On Good Friday, imams at 69 mosques in five provinces — Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec — delivered a coordinated sermon in four different languages, emphasizing the importance of voting.

Non-partisan? Bullshit. This is the LPC base, this is tribalism, this is LPC identity politics and this is the CBC issuing a clarion call for a desperate Trudeau.

The upside is that the Liberal Party is rapidly beginning to mirror Britain’s anti-semitic Islamist harboring Labour Party.


Popular dog website releases guide for “transgender dogs”

Wag! is an online service that allows people to book trusted walkers for their dogs on-demand. You’ve probably seen their advertisements on television, YouTube, or maybe around the internet. Perhaps, like me, you’ve even considered employing their services. After all, they seem genuinely dedicated to the well-being and proper care of your beloved pooch. There are even ample resources on their site for both the general public, and their walkers, to answer important questions like “Can Dogs Digest Bones?” and “Can Dogs Feel Claustrophobic?”


BONOKOSKI: Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and the sinking of HMCS Trudeau

Seeing as the Trudeau Liberals and their vainglorious leader have been rattled to the gunnels by silly antics, ethics breaches, leaks, miscalculations and scandals, the mere mention of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s name must bring on visions of yet another hell on the horizon.

It would be great to see Ms. Henein take a stiletto heel to Justin the heel…


High School Students Assigned To Tabulate “Privilege” Based On Race, Gender, Sexuality, Religion

The “Privilege Reflection Forms” were given to students in a business class at Saratoga Springs High School, apparently with the approval of school administrators who considered it a useful tool to enlighten students on their relative status in society. According to the worksheet provided, students were told to calculate how privileged they are by adding or subtracting sums for possessing different attributes.


Continental Breakfast

Crispy Sausage Egg Breakfast Burritos

Canada: Muslim Politician Says Notre Dame Fire Was ‘Wrath of Allah’; Montreal Basilica Could Be Next

A Muslim politician in Canada wrote a Facebook post in which she said that the Notre Dame fire was “divine intervention” in response to France banning the Islamic veil.

Québec Solidaire member Eve Torres suggested that the tragedy was “a result of a divine intervention related to the prohibition of religious symbols in France,” according to LaPresse.ca.

How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps

Opening up the floodgates of immigration to people from shit-hole countries would not actually be a problem if America was a free country.

If people were free to keep what they earn instead of having it redistributed, free to defend themselves and their loved ones wherever they went, free to become entrepreneurs without impossible protectionist regulations, America would absorb and assimilate any number of immigrants and refugees.

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Journalist Tweets 451 Times to Desperately Explain Away Mueller Report

Newsweek columnist Seth Abramson wrote over 450 tweets in a desperate attempt to frame the redacted Mueller Report as a net negative for President Donald J. Trump, even though it exonerates the president by proving there was no collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice.

Minneapolis Public School Has Kids Color Pictures Of Ilhan Omar. Public Schools Haven’t Been So Kind About Trump.

Omar is being raised to heroic status in her district’s public schools. Elementary school students are apparently being taught to revere her, much as, in recent years, they have been taught to see Martin Luther King, Jr. as a kind of secular saint. Someone has distributed an Ilhan Omar card that students are instructed to color, while writing a “report” on the inside.

Arrogant Elitists At Toronto Star Run Horribly Condescending Attack On Alberta Workers

No wonder more and more Canadians have total contempt for the establishment media.
Without Alberta workers, and without the oil industry in particular, Canada would be a much poorer and much worse country.

Working People and our energy sector keeps our country alive and functioning.

Look at it this way: Canada couldn’t survive without the energy industry. But we sure could survive without the corrupt establishment media.


Rebuilding Notre Dame Requires Rebuilding The Culture That Created It

As far as tourist sites and monuments go, the Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the best places to visit. It is beautiful, big, right at the center of a tourist-friendly city, and—best of all—completely free of charge.

It is a welcome change from Paris’s other famous monument, the Eiffel Tower, which costs a fair amount of money to climb and is located away from the center of town, forcing tourists to make a treacherous walk through parks and streets infested with aggressive peddlers accosting vulnerable tourists with their petitions and tacky souvenirs. By contrast, Notre Dame is safely situated near all the other great attractions of the city: the Louvre, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Musee D’Orsay, the Champs-Elysees, and the River Seine. It is the great centerpiece of the historical theme park that old Paris has become.


The Ideological Roots of Modern Socialists

More often than not, socialism is associated with Marxism. But this is a misconception, as Marxism is an ideology of communism, an extreme and exceptional current of socialism. Marxism left a significant ideological imprint in socialist doctrines; nevertheless, it did not constitute a mass movement of the Left.

The reality is trivial: Marxism belongs to the Left, but the mainstream of the Left’s ideologies is not Marxian.


Islamist Politician Responds to FrontPage Article Alleging Terror Ties

City Commission candidate Khurrum Wahid reacts with lies, deceit and false charges of racism.

Khurrum Wahid is running for Coral Springs, Florida City Commission, in a special election that is to take place June 18th. Last month, this author wrote an article that was published in FrontPage Magazine, titled, ‘Terror-Connected Lawyer Running for City Commission in Florida,’ which discusses in detail Wahid’s many ties to Islamic extremism. This past weekend, Wahid responded to my claims – claims that are backed up by proof – with lies, deceit and false and defamatory charges of racism.


Domestic Terrorist Paroled Despite Unresolved Cases

The New York Board of Parole announced on Wednesday the decision of Governor Andrew Cuomo not to run for president. They did this by opting to release Judith Clark, a domestic terrorist convicted of three counts of murder. The oblique manner of the governor revealing his political plans follows a blunter decision in 2016 to commute her sentence of 75-years-to-life to 35-years-to-life, making her eligible for parole, which the board initially denied in 2017 but granted this time around.

Clark, a red-diaper baby who lived in the Soviet Union for three years as a child, served as a getaway driver in an armed robbery of a Brink’s truck to fund the revolutionary activities, and the drug addictions, of the various players involved.


How Long before the Fate of Benedict’s Church Is the Fate of the West?

In an April 2019 letter, Pope Emeritus Benedict wrote an article describing how the church lost the ability to govern itself and found many of its formation centers turned into hatcheries for sexual abusers. It was a two-step process. First, the popes lost the culture war within the Church. “In the 20 years from 1960 to 1980, the previously normative standards regarding sexuality collapsed entirely.” Efforts to reverse the trend were dismissed as conservative claptrap.


The right to criticise George Soros – This arrogant and destructive oligarch must be held to account.

Anyone who dares to criticise the billionaire speculator George Soros can expect to be denounced as an anti-Semite. So last week, when Roger Scruton spoke unkindly about Soros in an interview with the New Statesman, it was inevitable that sections of the media would brand him a xenophobic villain. Scruton referred to a ‘Soros Empire’ in Hungary and this was immediately seized upon as evidence of his anti-Semitism. George Eaton, who carried out the interview, tweeted that, ‘There is no context in which it is OK to refer to a “Soros empire” (an anti-Semitic trope)’.