China’s Censorship Obsession

The Chinese government has recently produced a lot of international news: the trade war with the U.S. government ; the suspicious financing on Malaysia’s former corrupted ruling party ; the suppression on Taiwan’s foreign and diplomatic space , etc. Excluding the news related to international politics, the Chinese government was also fighting against the Chinese internet users at the same time. What exactly are going on?


Many White British Children Hate Themselves and Their Culture

h/t Drunk by Noon

Cute kids. I hope none of them are being taught to hate themselves. In 2011, “More than a quarter of primary school children” in Britain were members of an ethnic minority. Did the British vote to be ethnically cleansed?

Some time ago I taught a group of 16-year-olds a unit titled “Equality and Diversity”. This unit is one of eight units students have to study in order to achieve their BTEC Health and Social Care Level 2 qualification. The class is very ‘vibrant’ with 95% of the students coming from a range of non-British backgrounds. These students know almost nothing of British history or of our rich cultural heritage.

I was about halfway through this lesson when an Afro-Caribbean student asked a rather interesting question. She wanted to know which ethnic group had contributed most to the British economy. She informed the class that she had recently read a newspaper article – a revelation to me as she is almost illiterate – about the benefits of Eastern European immigration. This gave rise to a lively debate about immigration; the ‘contributions’ to this debate were most revealing for those of us who are patriots. The general consensus was that British people were lazy, had no culture to speak of and were being kept in the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed because of the hard work of immigrants!


Video: Congressional Leadership Development Program (for Muslims only)

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF) have teamed up to create the Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP) that creates tomorrow’s American Muslim leaders and fosters pride in government service. Simply put, we’re cultivating the next Mayors, City Councilors, Members of Congress, CEOs and non-profit Executive Directors.


Continental Breakfast

Say hello to all of your breakfast dreams: Burrata Breakfast Pizza

Black Men Shouldn’t Speak: NY Prof Triples Down On Identity Politics

Stony Brook University professor Crystal Fleming wants to silence men from speaking publicly if they haven’t studied the “work” of black women, according to her series of tweets on Friday.

“I don’t think black men should be allowed to speak about ANYTHING in public without first studying black women’s work,” Fleming said.

Liberal Website Calls For People To Disown Family Members Who Support Trump

The left has become fanatical, fascistic and dangerous in the year and a half since Trump was sworn in as POTUS and bullying, doxing and public shaming have become the norm. It used to be that in this country that the results of elections were honored but that doesn’t apply to the generation that came of age during the political pestilence of the Obama years and a good many of them have managed to worm their way into the media where they have the ability to influence people.

All-inclusive teepee camps could turn Canadian reserves into tourist destinations, says entrepreneur

A Piikani man is hoping to turn his entrepreneurial endeavour on the southern Alberta First Nation into a sustainable source of employment for Indigenous people across the country.

Riel Houle runs Pale Horse Tipi Camp, an all-inclusive immersive cultural experience where guests sleep in teepees, have meals provided and participate in guided cultural programs that include medicine hikes, singing, drumming, storytelling and dance.

“The most important thing people get when they come to teepee camp is they get a meaningful experience,” Houle told CBC News. “They get to come back to the earth, to Mother Nature.”

Swedish farmer called racist after displaying national flag to support cancer foundation

Johan Andersson and his wife Katrine, natives of Torphsammar, created the image of the national flag out of hay stacks and posted the photo on facebook.

Thousands of Swedish fans welcomed the photo and joined into the tribute, which was also a support initiative against childhood cancer.

But triggered leftists and self proclaimed ‘anti-racists’ filled the comment section with hatred towards the farmer and his wife.

Pride Gets Its Logo On Police Uniforms, But Police Still Banned From Wearing Them In the Parade

Tensions involving police and the parade were brewing in 2016, when members of Black Lives Matter abruptly halted the march to present several demands, among them that uniformed police, their floats and cruisers be excluded.

The group cited tensions between the police force and black citizens possibly arising, and among other things, racial profiling.


The SPLC’s No Good, Very Bad Day

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has had a rough year.

After being falsely labeled an “anti-Muslim extremist” in an SPLC field guide, British activist Maajid Nawaz—himself a practicing Muslim and former member of the Islamic extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir—sued SPLC over libel, winning $3.4 million. The settlement represents a modest chunk of change for the fabulously wealthy “poverty law” group—as CRC’s Matthew Vadum first reported, the SPLC’s latest tax filings show revenues of $136 million in 2016 to top off its whopping $477 million in assets, meaning the SPLC is worth nearly half-a-billion dollars.

But it also marks a defeat for the once-respected group, a sign that many groups and individuals are starting to push back against the SPLC’s notorious smear campaign.


Accused Islamic terrorist, 21, who ‘plotted New Year’s Eve attack in Melbourne’ set to stand trial

A Somali-born man accused of plotting a terror attack on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne’s Federation Square is set to stand trial.

Ali Khalif Shire Ali, 21, who was arrested and charged last November, had been the target of an undercover Operation San Jose by the Australian Federal Police’ (AFP) Joint-Counter-Terrorism Team, the court heard.


Trump’s critics have destroyed the memory of the Holocaust

An extraordinary thing happened in internet culture this week: Godwin repealed Godwin’s Law. Godwin’s Law is the idea that the longer an internet discussion thread drags on, the more likely it is that one of the discussants will mention Hitler. Rashly and inappropriately. They’ll compare their opponent to Der Fuhrer or say, ‘This is how Nazism started!!!!’. Reductio ad Hitlerum, as some call it. The law was invented by Professor Mike Godwin, an American attorney. And this week he scrapped it. To the delight of virtual leftists and Trump-bashers who are chomping at the bit to say ‘TRUMP IS LITERALLY A NAZI’, Godwin tweeted in relation to the Trump administration and its child-migrant policy: ‘By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis. Again and again. I’m with you.’


UK Suffered Most Terror-Related Deaths in 2017 of All EU States

An earlier report estimated that terror attacks in 2017 resulted in an economic loss of around $40 billion for the UK – more than any other country in Europe.

36 Brits were killed in terror attacks across the UK in 2017, including those carried out by hardline Islamist fanatics, largely inspired by the Daesh* terror group. There was also one non-Islamist attack, which took place near a Mosque in Finsbury Park and was perpetrated by an anti-Islam extremist.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard said over a dozen terror plots had been thwarted in Britain since last March.