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General Motors Quits Venezuela After Officials Seize Plant

General Motors said Wednesday it has been forced to stop operating in Venezuela after one of its plants was illegally seized by local authorities.

The seizure, in the country’s industrial hub of Valencia, comes amid a deepening economic and political crisis that has sparked weeks of deadly street protests.

General Motors Venezolana, GM’s local subsidiary, did not provide any details about the seizure, other than to say the facility “was unexpectedly taken by authorities, preventing normal operations.” It said other assets, “such as vehicles,” had also been stripped from the site.

‘Today there were millions. Tomorrow, more must come’: Opponents of Venezuela’s president vow even bigger protests

Opponents of the Venezuelan government vowed fresh huge protests on Thursday, a day after three people were killed during deadly clashes in the oil-rich but beleaguered nation.

A teenager, a 23-year-old woman and a soldier died in the ‘mother of all marches’ in Venezuela, after it was revealed the country paid a larger sum than some corporations to Trump’s inauguration.

Hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of Caracas on Wednesday, as the country’s opposition accuses President Nicolas Maduro of resorting to dictatorial measures to quash popular outrage over a deepening economic crisis.

Banned at sea: Venezuela’s crude-stained oil tankers

In the scorching heat of the Caribbean Sea, workers in scuba suits scrub crude oil by hand from the hull of the Caspian Galaxy, a tanker so filthy it can’t set sail in international waters.

The vessel is among many that are constantly contaminated at two major export terminals where they load crude from Venezuela’s state-run oil company, PDVSA. The water here has an oily sheen from leaks in the rusty pipelines under the surface.

That means the tankers have to be cleaned before traveling to many foreign ports, which won’t admit crude-stained ships for fear of environmental damage to their harbors, port facilities or other vessels.

Venezuela Protest

With Venezuela holding a massive protest today dubbed the “Mother Of All Protests” to challenge the rule of president Maduro, who meanwhile has ordered the army into the streets, while summoning a counterprotests, violence seemed inevitable and moments ago Reuters reported that a young protester was shot in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas.

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Violent clashes in Venezuela as demonstrators denounce ‘dictatorship’

Riot police fired tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets as thousands took to the streets to denounce the decision to ban opposition leader Henrique Capriles from holding political office for 15 years.

Protesters lobbed rocks and petrol bombs and burned rubbish in the street.

Capriles, a two-time presidential candidate and current Miranda state governor, was seen by many as the opposition’s best chance in the presidential election scheduled for 2018. But he has been disqualified from holding office for what the national comptroller’s office call ‘administrative irregularities’.

China’s Bailing Out Venezuela’s Corrupt Regime. That’s Got to Stop.

Things are so bad under the Maduro regime in Caracas, it’s hard to figure out how it survives. Until you look at the bucks coming in from Beijing.

Socialist solidarity appears to be alive and well; Karl Marx would be oh so proud. China, whose one-party system has managed to successfully open up much of its economy in recent decades, has decided to prop up one of the worst socialist experiments in history: Venezuela. We believe this is dangerous, both for Venezuelans and for the region.

China’s ultra-pragmatic actions should surprise no one.

Venezuela pleads to UN for help as medicine supplies dry up

Maduro’s admission on Friday that Venezuela was battling a crippling medicine shortage was a rare public admission of the desperate state the cash-strapped country finds itself in.

“I have asked the United Nations to regularize the whole medicine issue,” Venezuela’s president said in a broadcast on national television. “The United Nations has the most advanced plans to recover the pharmaceutical industry’s productive capacity.”

Coffee: But at least the Chavistas had to shut down Mass to do that…

From Frances Martel at Breitbart,

The head of Venezuela’s opposition coalition in the legislature denounced the violent takeover of a Catholic Mass in late January by armed Chavista gangs known as colectivos, who forced those congregated to listen to a disparaging rant against the Catholic Church instead of prayer.

Jesús Torrealba, the secretary general of Venezuela’s Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), tweeted this week that colectivos stormed into Caracas’s San Pedro Claver Church on January 23 mid-Mass. “The violent government supporters closed the door, prevented the parishioners from leaving, and forced them to listen to a political speech,” Torrealba denounced on Twitter.

While the Vatican has not aided the Venezuelan opposition at its highest level — Pope Francis notably met with dictator Nicolás Maduro, but not the wives of his political prisoners — Venezuelan clergy have vocally opposed the growing infringement on human rights and dire economic situation Maduro’s policies have created. The Episcopal Conference loudly protested Maduro’s edict granting the military full control of the nation’s food supply, objecting to the socialist government’s “constant preaching of hate, criminalization and punishment of all dissidents.”More.

Reality check: Well, “constant preaching of hate, criminalization and punishment of all dissidents” is socialism in its mature form. The Church, sensing where it always leads sooner or later, used to oppose it.

In North America, anti-tradition socialist rants are part of the service at many churches today, and the technical term is “sermon.” 😉

See also: European churches leave their premises to Islam. And it is only fair.

The Venezuelan President’s Cruel Fantasy World

A desperate regime goes into propaganda overdrive.

What does Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro have in common with history’s worst leftist monsters? Like many narcissistic socialists before him – from Hitler and Stalin and Mao to Pol Pot and Castro and Kim Jong-un – Maduro is aloof to the suffering around him. He blames imagined enemies and ideological foes in Venezuela and abroad for severe food shortages, hyperinflation, and out-of-control crime. Above all, he pontificates about marching toward a socialist ideal, even as oil-rich yet impoverished Venezuela slides toward failed-nation status.

In Venezuela, The Dictator Who Stole Christmas

Stealing Christmas is not easy. It takes practice, and the Venezuelan government has gotten good at it.

This time around the task was in the hands of a sad little man called William Contreras, superintendent of the Venezuelan price control authority (Sundde for its acronym in Spanish). As a staggering 784.5 percent annual inflation was eating away at Venezuelan salaries, Mr. Contreras led a government-enforced Black Friday, where store owners were ordered to reduce prices (by 30-50 percent) under the threat of being sent to jail if they didn’t.