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Premier Wynne, the anointed one, will decide what’s ‘fair’

Hey Kids! Be Like Wynne!

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s pre-election, rah-rah address to her Ontario Liberal caucus Thursday — where she didn’t announce she was quitting or calling an early election — revealed something more important.

In under 17 minutes, she clearly described her political philosophy and what drives her.

Unfortunately, it was a textbook example of what the great American conservative thinker Thomas Sowell describes as “the vision of the anointed.”


Ontario’s premier failed to stand up for freedom

Stupid evil bitch

Perhaps it was an act of political desperation considering her low popularity ratings.

But in visiting the Consulate General of Pakistan and speaking at a flag-raising ceremony on Aug. 14 — Pakistan Independence Day — Premier Kathleen Wynne may as well have endorsed the recent military-backed judicial coup in Islamabad.

Dipping into ethnic vote banks is a time-tested routine of Canadian politicians, of all stripes.

We’ve all seen the allure of the exotic, the need for white politicians to dress up as if they were off to a “fancy dress” costume ball, courting the “new Canadian” vote.


Time to worry Ontario electricity users

It was nice to hear from Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault on Tuesday that Ontario will only buy hydro power from Hydro Quebec if it’s a good deal for the taxpayers of Ontario.

Sadly, his resolve comes almost a decade too late to do Ontarians much good, because that’s never been the policy of the McGuinty-Wynne Liberal government up to now.

This given that they’ve already wasted $9.2 billion of our money paying inflated prices for unreliable and unnecessary wind and solar power for 20 years — according to Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk.

Toronto is insane so they and the public service unions will keep Wynne in power.


Liberals don’t care about small business

Callous faced bitch.

It is shocking to see the callous and disingenuous nature of the Ontario Liberal government’s attitude towards small business.

It’s callous due to the Liberals’ disregard for the impact their policies will have on business and the way they ignore experts — business owners themselves — when they tell us the only impact of their higher labour costs and other changes will be a better economy.

Yes but Wynne is a Symbolic Lesbian! And besides she always gives the public service unions what they want.


Ontarians are paying for their government’s mismanagement of the electricity file

After years of governments mismanaging energy markets in Ontario, new research by the Fraser Institute shows Ontarians now pay some of the highest electricity bills in Canada.

The average residential monthly bill for Torontonians last year was $201 (including tax). In Ottawa, it was $183 per month.

Compare that with Montreal ($83 per month) or Calgary ($109 per month) and it’s not hard to see Ontarians are taking it on the chin over the price of electricity.

It’s not only an issue in absolute terms. The trend is also telling.

In Ontario, from 2008 to 2015, electricity prices grew two-and-a-half times faster than disposable income, nearly four times faster than inflation, and four-and-a-half times faster than the rate of economic growth.

This was the result of incompetent ideologues having been voted into and kept in power by our predator class.


How the Ontario Liberals buried us in debt

In his April budget speech, Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa said the provincial budget would be balanced this year, next year, and the year after that.

He repeated the phrase “balanced budget” 10 times, adding “a balanced budget gives us the means to shape our future and build a fairer society.”

In Liberal speak, this means things like bigger pay raises for public servants, which Premier Kathleen Wynne has already seen to, so there won’t be any inconvenient labour disruptions heading into the June, 2018 election.

I think a better headline would be how the Liberal Party turned Ontario into a Kleptocracy.


Liberals exiting off sinking ship

Kathleen Wynne – liar, thief, incompetent, dangerous ideologue

When populist and highly-respected veteran Ontario MPP Peter Kormos decided to retire in 2011 after 23 years in the legislature, I asked him why now. He answered that MPPs have no pension and that he needed to find a “real job” with pension benefits before he grew too old. He tragically died a few years later.

Undoubtedly, some of the MPPs who’ll pull the plug between now and the next June 2018 provincial election will do so for the same reasons as Kormos.

But when it comes to Liberals, don’t buy this excuse or the platitudinous of “spend(ing) more time with the family.” A stream of polls shows the Liberals are in big trouble. The latest one by Mainstream Research indicated that 49% of voters in the traditionally-rich Liberal territory of the city of Toronto support the Tories while 31% cheer on the Liberals and 19% back the NDP. Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne is even less popular.

Appealing as the premise may be it’s entirely possible we will not rid ourselves of the thieving Liberal party next election. Ontario is I believe near hopelessly compromised, a province of serfs, dependent on the whims of our kleptocrat class for crumbs.


Evil thieving bitch will use your tax dollars to cover cost of abortion pill starting Aug. 10

Eat a barrel full.

The abortion pill Mifegymiso will be dispensed for free to patients across the province starting Aug. 10, Ontario’s Minister of the Status of Women said Thursday.

The drug, known internationally as RU-486, currently costs $300.

Eliminating the fee for the drug is “about fairness, it’s about safety, and it’s the right thing to do,” Indira Naidoo-Harris told a news conference at the Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre in Toronto.


Jerk responsible for ruinous economic assholeism of Wynne enviro-mental policy bails on twisted bitch

Sucks shit.

TORONTO – Environment Minister Glen Murray is leaving his cabinet position effective immediately and will resign his Toronto Centre seat as of Sept. 1.

Murray announced Monday morning he will join environmental think-tank Pembina Institute as of Sept. 5 as its executive director. He said in a statement that he is leaving Ontario politics to fight climate change at the national level.


Loblaw warns minimum wage hike will mean cost cuts

Not to worry, lots of “Sustainable Green Jobs” are on the way. Right, you ignorant lying Bitch?

TORONTO – Loblaw has added its voice to the companies who suggest that minimum wage increases may wind up hurting, rather than helping, some workers.

Loblaw Companies Ltd. said Wednesday that changes to the minimum wage in Ontario and Alberta will increase their labour expenses by $190 million in 2018.

How to make up that loss?

Loblaw chairman and CEO Galen G. Weston said the company would move to save money by, “increasingly digitizing manual invoice jobs and rolling out more self-checkouts at its Shoppers Drug Mart locations.”

In other words, via technology — and savings achieved through technology usually involves job cuts.


Hypocrites on climate change – and incompetents

Anyone who believes you can’t suck and blow at the same time has never met the Ontario Liberals when they’re explaining their plan to — insert laughter here — “fight” global warming.

Because of Premier Kathleen Wynne, Ontarians are now paying almost $2 billion more a year, ostensibly to fight climate change, through her cap-and-trade carbon pricing scheme.

And yet, also thanks to Wynne, we’re about to become part owners of a giant U.S. electricity plant in Montana that consumes one rail car of coal every five minutes, with all the greenhouse gas and pollution problems that entails.


Liberals’ legacy of waste

Ontario wasted more than a $1 billion worth of energy in 2016.

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) recently calculated that almost eight terawatt-hours of clean energy was dumped from the grid last year. That’s enough energy to power almost 1 million homes for a year.

The amount wasted last year was shockingly 58% more than what was dumped in 2015.


Ontario businesses eye fleeing over minimum wage hike

TORONTO – One-third of small and medium Ontario businesses are considering selling, moving to the U.S. or closing shop in response to provincial government plans to hike the minimum wage to $15 an hour, a Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CIFB) poll of its members revealed.

The organization, which is raising red flags about plans to move from the current minimum wage of $11.40 an hour to $15 an hour by Jan. 1 2019, asked its members what actions they were considering to adapt to the series of hikes.