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Pot pushers? Ontario Liberal Thugs to force cannabis shops on communities who want to opt out

The government of Ontario. Deviant.

TORONTO — Communities across Ontario cannot opt out of hosting a government-run pot shop if they are selected for a site, the provincial government said Friday after at least one town expressed resistance to having a cannabis retail location.


Libs killing business one kilowatt at a time

Skyrocketing hydro rates are forcing many Ontario manufacturers to close, lay off employees or move south of the border.

Hydro rates have increased so dramatically under Ontario’s Liberal government, that the province’s once-cheap electricity prices are now the highest in the country. As a consequence, officials from American states are wooing Ontario businesses.

And it’s working.


Hydro One sale toxic for Wynne


Premier Kathleen Wynne’s decision to sell control of Hydro One to the private sector is turning into a political albatross around her neck.

While it gave her a temporary infusion of cash to balance the provincial budget this year and fund some infrastructure projects, it’s undermining Wynne’s political brand with voters heading into the June election.

The latest controversy, first reported by the Toronto Sun last week, is a proposal from Hydro One before the Ontario Energy Board asking for permission to install pre-payment meters in the homes of people in arrears on their electricity bills.


Ontario lost up to $1.2 billion selling clean energy: engineers

Ontario lost between $732 million and $1.25 billion over the past two years selling surplus clean electricity outside the province, an analysis by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) estimates.

That’s the difference between what Ontario agreed to pay to produce nuclear, water, wind and solar power, and the bargain basement price it sold it for on the international market.


McGuinty Aides’ Lawyers Will Not Call Evidence In Trial

Lawyers in the high-profile deleted email trial will present their final arguments next Wednesday.

Scott Hutchison, lawyer for Laura Miller, said Thursday that the defence does not intend to call any evidence but indicated that it would need about three hours for legal arguments.

Miller and David Livingston, two former senior staffers in the premier’s office, face charges of attempted mischief to data and unauthorized use of a computer.

A charge of breach of trust was dropped by the Crown.

Prosecutors allege that the pair went to extraordinary and illegal lengths to wipe out records on government computers that they were required to keep.

The defence has asserted the pair, who have pleaded not guilty, had the right to delete personal and political emails, and that prosecutors have presented no evidence that any other documents were destroyed.


Kathleen Wynne’s former adviser: Child porn aficionado Ben Levin’ depraved life continues on parole

Child porn aficionado Ben Levin with Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne at gay pride parade.

Convicted child pornographer Ben Levin, the former bigwig in Ontario’s ministry of education, is on parole — but he is busy online, trolling academic studies on porn and leaving comments that suggest the disgraced educator still doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Or that he hurt anyone.

If he remains so clueless, why isn’t this registered sex offender still behind bars?


A last-minute college strike policy from Kathleen Wynne’s government may have been to avoid exposure of another major scandal

In public relations and media, it’s common knowledge that when you have an item you’re obliged to publicize but want to give as little attention as possible, you dump the news release on a Friday afternoon. That way the press, already getting ready for the weekend, will give it short shrift, if they notice it at all.

It was last Friday afternoon at 3:30, just as Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development staff were packing up and leaving for the long Remembrance Day weekend that a press release from Minister Deb Matthews announced that she was requiring funds be set up with savings from the ongoing Ontario College staff strike.


Trial of 2 Ontario Liberals must continue, judge rules

​The criminal trial of two top aides of former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty will continue, after a judge in Toronto ruled Thursday the Crown has presented enough evidence of wrongdoing that the defence must respond.

However, a judge downgraded one of the charges against David Livingston, who was McGuinty’s chief of staff during his final months in power, and his deputy, Laura Miller.

Lawyers for the pair had asked Justice Timothy Lipson to dismiss all charges. They were seeking a directed verdict of acquittal, arguing no evidence of a crime had been presented in court during three weeks of testimony by Crown witnesses.


‘It’s insane’: Ont. patient told she’d have to wait 4.5 years to see neurologist

An Ontario doctor says health-care wait times have reached “insane” lengths in the province, as one of her patients faces a 4.5-year wait to see a neurologist.