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Entering the long weekend, the PC lead evaporates as NDP momentum builds.

Who doesn’t love the May long weekend?. The barbeques are lighted up, garden centres are bustling with people buying plants for their gardens, and friends and family head out to explore the great outdoors. During an election, they can also act as key moments in a campaign. A time when friends and family discuss politics and the election sitting around the camp fire, over a late Sunday brunch, or at the cottage for the first time. It’s a time when perceptions and assumptions can be either cemented or changed.

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Fate of Liberals’ social programs in doubt if Progressive Conservatives form next government, says Wynne

Ontario Liberal leader and current Premier Kathleen Wynne said she would be “very worried” about the fate of her party’s social programs should the Progressive Conservatives and Doug Ford form the next provincial government.

Sharp as a tack, isn’t she? 


Rae Days Redux

Sit back and watch the train wreck:

(Sidebar: there is an accompanying poll.)

Last week in the province, the Liberals took aim at the New Democrats after the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario announced they were endorsing the NDP ahead of the June 7 election.

The Liberals pointed to a comment made by Marco Coletta, the NDP candidate for Richmond Hill, who reportedly called for Ontario teachers to take a 15-per-cent cut to their salaries during his nomination meeting in April.

“I think that the teachers’ unions should come to the table and say, you know what, we’re willing to do a 15-per-cent cut across the board,” Coletta said, as reported by “I hate to, especially when I’m talking to teachers, I hate to say that maybe there needs to be a pay cut.”


Supervised injection sites in London green-lighted by Grits

Weeks away from an Ontario election in which the front-runner openly opposes supervised drug injection sites, the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne has green-lighted plans by public health officials in London to create two permanent facilities and a mobile service.


Reevely: Liberals’ attack on NDP platform ‘error’ a graze, not a direct hit

Kathleen Wynne, Charles Sousa and Eleanor McMahon — the Liberal premier, finance minister and treasury-board president, the boss and her money ministers — assembled at a trades school Monday morning to excoriate their left-wing rivals.


Kelly McParland: The NDP thinks they bought off the teachers, but the teachers don’t stay bought

Just a day or so into the Ontario election, New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath appeared at a lectern with a new friend, teachers’ union president Sam Hammond. They grasped hands. They pledged fealty. Horwath called it a “historic endorsement.”

Maybe. You could also view it as a risky venture, the kind that proves costly in the end.