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GOSSMANN: Why I’m opening a plant in U.S. instead of Ontario

Ontario’s Financial Accountability officer Peter Weltman, recently reported the Ford government’s decision to cancel Ontario’s cap-and-trade would lead to a loss of $3-billion in tax revenue over the next four years.

Meanwhile Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips countered with a statement sharing that the cap-and-trade program was not effective and the Ford Conservatives would much rather see the money in the pockets of Ontario families.


Ahmed Hussen, federal immigration minister, criticizes Ontario Tories’ language on asylum seekers


Ahmed Hussen, the federal minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, told a news conference today in Halifax that he’s “very concerned” by the comments made by Ford and Lisa MacLeod, the provincial cabinet minister responsible for immigration.


3 things Doug Ford’s win will hopefully mean for Ontario

Flare, self-described as “Canada’s Fashion Magazine,” recently put out an article titled, “3 Things Doug Ford’s Win May Mean for Millennial Women.” They should really just stick to fashion.

Writer Laura Hensley asserted that Ford “does not value women’s rights – and women, rightfully, don’t trust him.” Her evidence? A CBC pre-election poll relying on a non-random sample. Because we all know that CBC is an unbiased news source that attracts a similarly unbiased following


Horwath describes ‘stark’ choice between NDP and Ford’s PCs in final pitch to voters

Ontario’s NDP leader is making a pitch to undecided voters on the last full day of the provincial election campaign, framing the choice as a stark one between her plan and that of Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives.

Speaking in an east Toronto area where the NDP hopes to nab some seats, Andrea Horwath said she knows there are still people who are trying to make up their minds. An NDP vote is the way to stop Ford, she said.


Wynne’s concession isn’t brave, it’s a clumsy cop-out

Kathleen Wynne’s election concession some five days before Ontarians vote in their June 7 provincial election was the latest bizarre twist in Ontario’s crazy year of politics. Some members of Wynne’s team are framing this as a great selfless act that will liberate local candidates from the premier’s current toxic brand, potentially giving some of them a better opportunity not to be wiped out.


Wynne Confident Liberals Can Win Southwestern Ontario Seats

“I know that we are going to see a good result in this region,” said Wynne. “I don’t know where it is going to be, I don’t know exactly what the numbers are going to be but you’ve got good, strong people running in this region. I hope everyone will look very carefully at them before they go to the polling station.”


Conrad Black: Why Doug Ford must be the next premier of Ontario

Ontario’s long-awaited election day is finally almost upon us. There is a unanimous view that the Liberals are finally going to be thrown out, bag and baggage, after four catastrophic terms, when the province was mortgaged to hare-brained alarm about climatology and electricity-generating facilities were shut down and solar energy and other nostrums subsidized as the province piled up bone-crushing deficits and manufacturers were effectively encouraged to pack up their cards and leave. Over 300,000 manufacturing jobs were lost in southwestern Ontario as electricity costs skyrocketed for all Ontario residents. Only the ineptitude of successive Progressive Conservative campaigns and a formidable Liberal display of electoral skullduggery and chicanery, some of it master-minded by Obama tactician David Axelrod, has kept the regime in office until now. One of the province’s former premiers, when I encountered him socially a couple of weeks ago, declined to predict the outcome but said “I know a tsunami when I see one.”

My belief is that the voting will be much closer than the polls are predicting.

Free stuff + Social Justice vs. Free Stuff + Socialism vs. Disorganized Conservative.

On the other hand, I’m always wrong about elections. 😉


For Ontario voters dissatisfied with Ford, Horwath and Wynne, there’s another choice: General Zod

For Ontario voters who don’t like the idea of a government run by Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath or Kathleen Wynne, another potential leader has emerged.

All he asks is that you kneel before him.

Which is really no less than what Trudeau and Wynne demand.

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