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Stupid Dick Liberal campaign official apologizes for calling PC Leader Doug Ford ‘a d–k’

CHATHAM, Ont. — A senior campaign official for the Ontario Liberals is apologizing for a crude comment he made on live television about Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford.

David Herle, the campaign co-chair for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, issued a statement this evening saying he regrets the comment and he apologizes “without qualification.”


GOLDSTEIN: Wynne’s re-election strategy is a fraud

The June 7 Ontario election is not, as Premier Kathleen Wynne claims, a “stark choice” between her debt-funded social activism and the Trumpian chaos of Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford.

Rather, it poses a serious question about whether anyone can undo the enormous damage of 15 years of Liberal mismanagement of the province’s finances, first under Dalton McGuinty and now Wynne.


Ontario gov’t pressures Catholic school board to ‘pause’ pro-life motion

BURLINGTON, April 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Ontario’s Liberal education minister is pressuring a Catholic school board to freeze implementation of its pro-life policy that bans its schools from donating to pro-abortion charities in violation of the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of human life.

“I encourage the board to pause implementation of its new policy and continue with its consultation to ensure the various voices in the school community are heard and considered,” Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris wrote in a letter to Halton Catholic District School trustees Wednesday.

“I will continue to monitor this situation closely to inform potential next steps to ensure the board is acting in the best interests of its students and community,” states the letter, a copy of which LifeSiteNews obtained from the ministry.


Liberals vow to show voters “real Doug Ford”

Concerned that Ontarians mistakenly view him as a straight-talking every man, the provincial Liberals are running a negative ad campaign that they say will expose the “real Doug Ford” through his own words.

The $1-million TV, radio and online campaign,, begins Monday and will be seen across the province over the next few weeks.


Liberal Party Hack David Livingston Get’s a whole 4 months in prison for “illegal computer use” in Billion Dollar Gas Plant Scandal

TORONTO — An attempt to delete documents related to the Ontario government’s decision to cancel two gas plants struck at the heart of the democratic process, a judge said Wednesday, as he sentenced a former top political aide to four months in jail.

Judge Timothy Lipson said the crime committed by David Livingston, chief of staff to former Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty, was extremely serious.

4 months, with 119 days off for good behavior and being a connected member of the Ontario Kleptocracy.


A Weak Doug Ford Throws Tanya Granic Allen Under The Bus At The Star’s Urging #Fordnation

Doug Ford distances himself from former leadership rival Tanya Granic Allen over tweets on Muslims, gays

Make of this what you will. You know my stance going forward. Ford is being “handled”, likely into defeat. What sort of “Leader” takes his marching orders from the Toronto Star?


So long Dougie… Ford distances himself from former leadership rival Tanya Granic Allen over tweets on Muslims, gays

Doug Ford is distancing himself from former Progressive Conservative leadership rival and would-be MPP Tanya Granic Allen, under fire for her social media posts comparing women in burkas to “bank robbers” and questioning gay marriage.

“These comments do not reflect the position of Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford or the party,” the leader’s office said Monday in a statement to the Star.

He’s a Red Tory puppet now, my support for Ford has ended.


Kelly McParland: Kathleen Wynne, feeling that Disney magic, has got a super train for you

Just recently a new rail service began in Florida, which, when completed, will swiftly shuttle happy families from Miami to the wonders of Disney World, 380 km away.

The line isn’t limited to Disney patrons alone, but perhaps the allure of that fairytale world helped spur the enthusiasm of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for the wonders of train travel. Disney, of course, is a magical place where fantastical things happen; Wynne’s Liberals appear to need something equally wondrous to happen if they’re to hold onto office in June.


Ontario’s Economic Performance worst in Canada Study Finds

Every year when the provincial or federal budgets are introduced, the public gets bombarded with economic spin as the governments of the day seek to put lipstick on a pig. For the public, constantly experiencing unemployment, underemployment and a seemingly ever-increasing cost of living to go along with minimal income growth – these rosy statistics put out by government Ministers just does not seem to match their own realities.

Recently Ben Eisen and Milagros Palacios, academics with the Fraser Institute, put out several economic measures about Ontario’s economy over the last decade (2007-2016) to objectively measure its performance. Matching what most Ontarians are feeling, the results weren’t good.


Setting The Record Straight About Doug Ford

As Ontario nears its next provincial election, the political establishment is working itself into a panicked frenzy.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal Party are so unpopular that it seems a near certainty that she’ll lose on June 7, and will be replaced by the Progressive Conservative Party headed by Doug Ford.

Both Doug and his late brother Rob were the subjects of unprecedented media attacks while they served as elected officials in Toronto, Rob as mayor and Doug as a City Councillor and his brother’s right hand man. Those attacks involved media stalking the Fords, inventing lies about them, and writing columns so histrionic that they did more damage to the credibility of the news outlets which published them than they did to Doug and Rob. The main motivation behind the attacks was that the Fords were populists committed to serving the actual public and not the city’s well-heeled establishment and the special interest groups with which they work hand-in-glove.