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Patrick Brown shows it’s all about him, no matter the collateral damage to Ontario PCs

Patrick Brown shows it’s all about him, no matter the collateral damage to Ontario PCs

Even on his best days, leading in the polls and raising lots of cash and glad-handing with the best of them, it was never entirely clear why Patrick Brown wanted to be leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

He didn’t have a notable interest in the mechanics of the government he was hoping to run after this spring’s election, or any real fundamental differences with the province’s ruling Liberals. He never seemed to have quite grown out of the youth politician he had been, two decades before: the sort with ambition for ambition’s sake, a love of politics as a game with personal advancement the only real objective.

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Oh FFS! Ontario puts moratorium on suspending racialized public servants

The province has put a moratorium on suspending racialized public servants while it reviews how it processes complaints on racial discrimination.

The announcement came a day after more than 20 Black employees, mostly women, brought their concerns directly to Michael Coteau, Ontario’s minister of children and youth services, who is also in charge of the province’s anti-racism initiatives.

At a meeting Jan. 18, past and present public servants said they suffered racial harassment and faced reprisal when making complaints.

Liberals, again with the vote whoring, again with the soft bigotry of low expectations.


Today In Sex Assaults By Our Political Class…

Former Liberal cabinet minister facing accusations of sexual harassment: lawyer

The provincial Liberals may be dealing with their own sexual misconduct allegations.

Lawyer John Nunziata tweeted that he’s been retained by a woman who says she was sexually assaulted and abused by a former Liberal cabinet minister, who is no longer in office.

Nunziata’s client says that while she was the cabinet minister’s executive assistant, the cabinet minister groped and sexually harassed her.


WALLACE: The case against Patrick Brown’s accusers

Three weeks after toxic sexual misconduct allegations against Patrick Brown first aired on CTV, questions continue to fester about what, if anything, actually transpired between Brown and his two accusers.

Brown has called the allegations against him “lies,” “fictitious and malicious,” and the story a “travesty.”

CTV has countered “Brown’s allegations regarding our reporting are false” and say they are sticking by their story, as have his accusers.


Patrick Brown claims he didn’t resign and is still PC party leader: sources

Sources close to Patrick Brown say he never signed a resignation letter and is still leader of the Ontario PC Party, CityNews has learned.

The sources further claim the party leadership race is invalid and someone in the PC party crafted the resignation letter without Brown’s authorization or signature.

“(Brown) is fighting for everything; he is fighting for his political life and he is not going to give it away,” one of the sources said.

According to the sources, if the PC party goes ahead with the leadership vote on March 10, it could be met with a legal challenge.

The sources also said Brown is being encouraged to take his seat in the chair of leader of the Opposition when the legislature resumes on Feb. 20.

The PC Party is a bad joke. If Brown never signed the resignation letter then a pox on all of them. That said he remains a deceitful individual unworthy of the leadership which he obtained by LYING to party members of various stripes.

Upperdate – What a duplicitous twat – Resignation was sent out ‘without my permission’: Patrick Brown

Update: Now he’s denying the report. My suspicion is that despite the “denial” this was a trial balloon to gauge support for a possible return. Ain’t gonna happen.


Philip Cross: Ontario’s 50,000 job losses kick off Wynne’s anti-business backfire

Unemployed at Queens Park Toronto

The Canadian jobs market returned to earth with a thud in January, StatCan reported Friday, shedding 88,000 jobs in its worst month since the depths of the recession in 2009. The January drop shows that gushing reports about Canada’s “booming” economy were wildly overstated, ignoring that GDP has been struggling throughout the second half of 2017. GDP growth has slowed from an annual rate of five per cent to less than two per cent as persistent weakness in exports and business investment spread to the housing market.


59,300 part-time jobs cut in January as minimum wage jumps to $14

Ontario shed some 59,300 part-time jobs in January, the same month the province hiked minimum wage about 20% to $14 an hour — but experts say it may be too soon to know how much the two are correlated.

The province shed 50,900 jobs total from December 2017, according to the Statistics Canada report.


WTF? Candidate seeking Cambridge PC nomination under pressure to quit

CAMBRIDGE — The leading candidate to represent the Ontario PC party in Cambridge is under mounting pressure to step down, after members of her campaign team revealed she’s still not living in the province despite an election looming just months away.

Tanya Khattra, a Calgary dentist, has been dogged by questions about where she lives since she filed her application to seek the nomination in Cambridge and North Dumfries. Two former campaign organizers are now calling on her to step down, saying she told them she wouldn’t move to the riding unless she wins the nomination on March 24.

Is this a Bad Date Brown Legacy?


Hypocrite Kathleen Wynne cancels town hall event at Windsor club over restrictive membership policy for women

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne has pulled the plug on her Feb. 15 town hall meeting scheduled at the Caboto Club in Windsor over the club’s controversial policy that only allows full-voting membership to men.

The premier’s office is now searching for a new location to hold the meeting.

“We will not be holding the Premier’s Town Hall at this venue,” Kate Moseley-Williams, a spokesperson for the premier’s office said Monday afternoon.

Wynne is a disgusting hypocrite, she kowtows to Islam but plays the feminist.


Did she find the 100K entry fee in an envelope? Caroline Mulroney to enter PC Leadership race Monday

Caroline Mulroney will officially join PC race Monday, source says

A source with Caroline Mulroney’s campaign says the Toronto lawyer and businesswoman will officially jump into the race to lead Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives on Monday, days after reports first emerged suggesting she was eyeing the party’s top job.

Mulroney, the daughter of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, was pegged as a contender to replace Patrick Brown as soon as the contest began, despite having never held political office.

The 43-year-old mother of four has hinted she intends to run for the leadership, thanking those who supported her candidacy on Twitter over the weekend but stopping short of formally announcing her plans.


Doug Ford’s run for Ontario’s PC leadership challenges elites

Elites, start your engines!

The race for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, which unofficially began even before Patrick Brown’s corpse began to chill last Thursday night, has taken yet another turn – and it’s one that will define the race. Doug Ford, businessman, former Toronto city councillor, and of course brother to late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, withdrew his candidacy for Mayor of Toronto and is now seeking to succeed Brown as party leader. And the theme of his campaign can be summed up in two words: elites, beware.