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This one goes out to the energy impoverished… Ontario to expand service for genital mutilation fetishists

Ontario to offer genital transitional surgery in 2018

The Ontario government is increasing access to transition-related surgeries in the province.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins says the province will offer genital transition surgery for the first time next year.

Ontario – governed by freaks

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Quebec now more creditworthy than Ontario

Congenital liar

Standard & Poor’s decision to boost Quebec’s credit rating last week has an important symbolic consequence for neighbouring Ontario. The move, which raised Quebec’s credit rating from A+ to AA-, means that for the first time ever, Quebec’s credit rating ranks higher than Ontario’s.

For decades, Quebec held a dubious reputation for poor fiscal management, while until the early 1990s Ontario held a reputation for successful fiscal management. So again, the recent upgrade of Quebec’s credit rating — above that held by Ontario — is a remarkable development.


Shocka! Wynne wildly unpopular inside and outside Ontario: Poll

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has the highest disapproval rating of any provincial premier in the country, a Mainstreet Research/Postmedia polls finds.

The embattled Wynne has the unfortunate distinction of being the most unpopular premier in their own province, with only 19% of Ontarians expressing approval, and a full 70% unhappy with the job she’s doing.

Her approval rating is still too high.


Wynne’s Liberals tracking for third place in next election: Poll

The Ontario Liberals and Premier Kathleen Wynne find themselves as unpopular as ever despite a flurry of feel-good announcements, a Forum Research poll reveals.

I am not comforted by this at all. Ontario is governed by special interests, primarily our public service unions, anyone elected premier ultimately dances to their tune at our expense.


Nothing ‘fair’ about Wynne’s promises

Premier Kathleen Wynne has revealed the Liberals’ campaign theme for next June’s Ontario election.

It will be, she says, all about “fairness.”

“Everything we’ve done will be part of the re-election (bid), but I certainly hope there will be a discussion in the election campaign about how to have a fairer society,” Wynne said in a recent interview with The Canadian Press.

Not only does Wynne repeat the word “fair” ad nauseam when introducing Liberal initiatives, the word itself is included in her initiatives.


Wynne’s hydro plan simply irresponsible

If we fall for Premier Kathleen Wynne’s “just get me through the 2018 election Fair Hydro Plan,” we’ll fall for anything.

Because the Liberal government scheme, analyzed in a report released Wednesday by Ontario Financial Accountability Officer Stephen LeClair, bears a striking resemblance to snake oil.

That is “a product or policy of little real worth or value that is promoted as the solution to a problem.”


We need recall legislation…

Not that it would work in the Kleptocracy of Ontario.

Hydro rate cut will cost Ontario at least $45 billion

TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plan to cut hydro bills by 25% comes with an electrifying price tag for the government – anywhere between $63 billion to $93 billion if financed with borrowed money, a review by the province’s Financial Accountability Office concludes.

In the best-case scenario, which requires the Ontario government to balance its budget every year for the next three decades, the plan costs $45 billion.


Growing cost of Liberals’ gas plant scandal

Talk about a chronic pain in the gas.

Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are slamming the Liberal government after media reports revealed the cost for the now infamous gas plant scandal has jumped by over $1.5 billion. That’s in addition to the $1.2 billion previously revealed by the auditor general, the Tories say.

CTV News revealed Thursday that Ontario ratepayers will now have to start shelling out on their hydro bills for the two relocated gas plants behind the infamous scandal.

The pricetag to build the Sarnia gas plant sits at $360 million and the Napanee plant at $1.2 billion, CTV says.


All aboard! Wynne to pay big bucks for high-speed train wreck

A high-speed rail corridor between Toronto and Windsor is in the works — an idea floated in Ontario for decades, but the premier says this time it’s happening.

A government-commissioned report looking at the feasibility of such a project pegs the cost around $20 billion and suggests looking to the private sector for opportunities to partner on funding.

Preliminary design work and a $15-million environmental assessment are beginning, with an aim of full service in 2031.


1 in 10 Ontarians trust Wynne: poll

Just one in 10 Ontarians say they trust Premier Kathleen Wynne.

According to a new Forum Research survey the premier remains deeply unpopular with Ontario voters.

Asked who they find most trustworthy of the three main party leaders, respondents rank Wynne dead last with 11% saying they trust her. NDP leader Andrea Horwath is ranked as the most trustworthy with 29% support. Patrick Brown is viewed as trustworthy by 25% of respondents.