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Just what Toronto needs – a costly fight it can’t win to protect the entitlements of useless career politicians

Tory forges plan to fight Ford’s council cutbacks… and stiff taxpayers

Toronto’s Mayor and most councillors are expected to ratchet up their fight against Doug Ford on Monday as the Premier formally tables legislation that would slash council nearly in half and upend the fall election.

The city’s opposition strategy is expected to take shape early this week, when councillors vote on Mayor John Tory’s call for a referendum about the size of city council.

Councillors will also be asked where they stand on two motions from downtown Councillor Joe Cressy, who is calling on his colleagues to formally object to Mr. Ford’s plan, while at the same time directing the City’s lawyer to initiate legal action to stop it.


Voting out the Ontario Liberals didn’t come cheap

Ontario voters issued 38 pink slips to returning provincial Liberal MPPs, and will now pay millions in severance.

Those departing MPPs are owed parting gifts of at least $6.1 million in total, the Toronto Sun estimates based on the MPPs’ 36 consecutive best earning months and years of service.

One more reason for single term limits, running for office should be the right and duty of the civic minded citizen not a “lifestyle” choice.


GOLDSTEIN: Liberals leave a shocking mess

It won’t be long before the Ontario Liberals, aided and abetted by the liberal media, start blaming the Progressive Conservatives for the financial mess they’ve left us in after 15 years in power.

You can already see it happening in some smug media commentary, gleefully predicting Premier-designate Doug Ford and the PCs are going to be a disaster.

This is the tip of the iceberg.


Prison I hope… If Ontario Liberals lose ‘recognized party’ status after Thursday’s election, what comes next?

If recent polls are correct, the Liberals look poised to drop from the governing party in Ontario to losing their official party status.

As of June 5, according to the CBC News poll tracker, the Progressive Conservatives were at 37.6 per cent support, the NDP at 36.1 and the Liberals at 19.9 per cent.


Calls mount for probe of Wynne government casino contracts that ‘smelled of backroom deals’

As Ontario’s election approaches there are increasing calls for investigations into lucrative Greater Toronto Area casino contracts awarded by Ontario’s lottery corporation last year to a British Columbia-based company.

In the fall of 2017, Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party urged the provincial government to freeze the deals, after it was revealed Great Canadian Gaming was at the centre of casino money-laundering probes.


GOLDSTEIN: The NDP’s in bed with Big Labour? So were the Liberals

Successful politicians must be able to keep a straight face no matter how hypocritical they’re being when they attack another political party.

For example, Ontario Liberal campaign co-chair Deb Matthews accused NDP leader Andrea Horwath Wednesday of being too close to eight major labour unions because of their relationship with the party through a union-funded business called Cornerstone.


‘Sorry not sorry,’ Wynne says in final televised Ontario election debate

TORONTO — Ontarians are already casting their ballots, as advanced polls opened this weekend, and Doug Ford is disrespecting them by not presenting a full platform, the NDP leader railed during Sunday’s provincial election debate.

Recent polls have suggested the NDP has surpassed Ford’s Progressive Conservatives in popular support, making party leader Andrea Horwath the main target in the third and final televised debate of the campaign. But she shot back at Ford after he slammed the NDP over an error in the party’s platform that means it will cost $1.4 billion more per year than expected.

“We did admit that there was a mistake and we fixed it right away,” she said.


The NDP circus has come to town

When one of your candidates posts a meme quoting Adolf Hitler, it’s difficult to feel any sympathy for Andrea Horwath’s complaint Saturday that attacks on her candidates are “disappointing.”

The meme shows Hitler standing in a car giving a Nazi salute and includes an inspirational quote from the Nazi Fuhrer that basically says if you don’t like the rules, get into power and change them.