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NDP election news release: Wynne should look in the mirror when it comes to her finanical record

A veritable who’s who of independent auditors have issued scathing analyses of past and present budgets. Hands up of everyone who thinks the Wynne government’s accounting is bogus:

• Auditor-General of Ontario
• Financial Accountability Office of Ontario
• Former Director of the Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards Board, Tim Beauchamp
• Former Saskatchewan and British Columbia Auditor General


Entering the long weekend, the PC lead evaporates as NDP momentum builds.

Who doesn’t love the May long weekend?. The barbeques are lighted up, garden centres are bustling with people buying plants for their gardens, and friends and family head out to explore the great outdoors. During an election, they can also act as key moments in a campaign. A time when friends and family discuss politics and the election sitting around the camp fire, over a late Sunday brunch, or at the cottage for the first time. It’s a time when perceptions and assumptions can be either cemented or changed.

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Horvath Will NOT Have Alcohol Sold in Corner-stores

And that is why she will lose votes:

The current system of restricted retail beer and wine sales in Ontario works well and is socially responsible, New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath said Saturday.

Campaigning in Thunder Bay, Ont., Horwath said there’s no need to allow convenience stores to carry the products — a perennially favoured if never-implemented idea that once helped propel the Liberals to office in the mid-1980s.

“I’m going to be straight up about it: I don’t think we need to have beer and wine in the corner stores,” Horwath said. “I don’t think this is a broken system in Ontario. I don’t necessarily think that we need to mess with it. It’s working fine for people.”

The prospect of liberalized sales surfaced during the June 7 campaign when Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford said he would allow corner-store sales of beer and wine if he’s elected premier.


Granted, alcohol being sold to children is a great concern but it is also a red herring.

Teen-agers are experimenting with synthetic drugs and are using prescription drugs they’ve taken from relatives. Are parents stepping in to stop this?

An LCBO (an approved alcohol purveyor) was once caught selling alcohol to a minor wearing a burqa. Is that “socially responsible”?

I find it absurd that the same party that approves of so-called safe injection sites and a sex ed program designed by a convicted child pornographer now decries the sale of alcohol anywhere but province-approved establishments “for the good of the children”.

A post-modern West that holds self-indulgence in any respect as the highest societal good has much bigger problems than where alcohol can be sold. If people raised their children well and didn’t drink and drive, where alcohol can be sold wouldn’t be a problem.



Warmington: NDP candidate says she won’t wear a poppy

“I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over,” said Laura Kaminker in a 2014 blog post.

“When our masters give the signal, everyone can take off the fake poppy — made with prison labour — and create a bit more landfill. And another annual ritual of war glorification comes to a close.”


Ontario PCs leading in polls across the province, but NDP narrowing the gap

A Mainstreet Research poll released Friday found that among decided and leaning voters, 41.9 per cent supported the Doug Ford-led PC party and 29.3 per cent supported the NDP, led by Andrea Horwath. About 22.3 per cent of voters said they would cast a ballot for Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal party and five per cent said they would vote for the Ontario Green party.


NDP Candidate Refers to Remembrance Day As “Brain-Washing”

Scratch an NDP MP, as they say … :

And now, Toronto Sun Journalist Joe Warmington has uncovered comments made by Laura Kaminker – the Ontario NDP candidate for Mississauga Centre.

Here’s what Kaminker said about Remembrance Day:

“I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over. When our masters give the signal, everyone can take off the fake poppy — made with prison labour — and create a bit more landfill. And another annual ritual of war glorification comes to a close.”

Warmington points out that Kaminker “refers to veterans as “heroes” in quotation marks and asks is “every ‘hero’ honoured, every flag waved, every resounding exhortation about the troops ‘protecting our way of life,’ is a conscious act, and a political one.”

She also seemed tired with people talking about September 11, saying “enough already.”

And is if that isn’t all bad enough, Warmington points out that she once talked about “Marxism 2011 program notes” from a conference she described as a “weekend of inspiration, education, and revolution.”

Kaminker is originally from the United States.


Rae Days Redux

Sit back and watch the train wreck:

(Sidebar: there is an accompanying poll.)

Last week in the province, the Liberals took aim at the New Democrats after the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario announced they were endorsing the NDP ahead of the June 7 election.

The Liberals pointed to a comment made by Marco Coletta, the NDP candidate for Richmond Hill, who reportedly called for Ontario teachers to take a 15-per-cent cut to their salaries during his nomination meeting in April.

“I think that the teachers’ unions should come to the table and say, you know what, we’re willing to do a 15-per-cent cut across the board,” Coletta said, as reported by “I hate to, especially when I’m talking to teachers, I hate to say that maybe there needs to be a pay cut.”