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The NDP is in trouble — and that’s bad news for the Conservatives

As the next federal election approaches, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives might be asking themselves whether they can win without a strong NDP.

With the New Democrats and their leader, Jagmeet Singh, struggling in the polls, the answer to that question might not be the one the Conservatives want to hear.

A big part of the problem is Scheer himself. For instance Michelle Rempel has declared that a conservative government would end support for the UN’s migration compact which Justin is going to sign on to shortly.

Why won’t Scheer say this publicly?

I suspect his silence is due to the party’s ethnic voter calculus, a mass immigration policy plays well in those circles and it simply would not do to be seen as threatening to curtail Canada’s intake. Scheer’s silence also provides plausible deniability, Rempel’s statement can in future be easily dismissed as nothing more than a rogue party member speaking out of turn. Scheer’s support for unnecessary mass immigration is little different than Justin’s. It’s all about pleasing corporate Canada, depressing wages, balkanizing the electorate, keeping the serfs busy scrambling for public and private resources made scarce by the influx and garnering some votes along the way by rewarding local ethnic strongmen.

That’s how multiculturalism works in Canada, that’s what decides immigration policy for the rest of us and we all know how very un-Canadian it is to oppose diversity.


Shocka! Big Oil In Cahoots With Liberals And NDP

GUNTER: Liberals’ anti-oil policy stifling the industry

The biggest problem in Canada’s oil and gas sector is no longer the world price of oil. The biggest problems are the ridiculous, anti-investment policies of both the federal and Alberta governments (which have scared away perhaps $100 billion in investment), plus, of course, the lack of pipelines to take our oil to refineries and foreign markets.

But another big problem that is little discussed, has been the willingness of the biggest of the big oil companies to play footsie with the federal Liberals and Alberta NDP.

Call it new-age corporate environmentalism…

Call it crony capitalism, a rigged market, corporate welfare, a cartel, whatever, it’s the stuff Canada’s economy is made of.


NDP member kicked out after accusing premier of bullying

Robyn Luff left in a huff, shocking her caucus and dealing a rare blow to Premier Rachel Notley’s image as a benign and cheery leader.

By 9:50 Monday evening, the NDP caucus had voted to kick her out, saying other NDP MLAs “have lost confidence in her ability to participate as a productive and trustworthy member of the government caucus.”

You’ve probably never heard of Luff, the NDP member for Calgary-East, just as you’re likely unaware of most other NDP backbenchers everywhere.

Luff’s stunning and bitter letter, released Monday, helps explain why.


Go The Full Maduro: The NDP receives advice from political guru Avi Lewis

Could left-wing populism take flight in Canada?

OTTAWA—The symbolism, to Avi Lewis’s eye, was spot on. The leader of the federal New Democratic Party, on Bay St. on Friday morning, talking about how the “ultra-wealthy” need to pay their share.

But, for Lewis, the imagery fizzled with Jagmeet Singh’s message: a trio of policy proposals about stocks, corporate wealth and taxation that might be too technocratic to get people worked up. And if you, like Lewis, believe Canadians are ready for a firebrand version of left wing politics — a populism of the left, he says — then that’s just not going to cut it.

This is always worth a re-run – Avi Lewis gets owned by Ayaan Hirsi Al, as I recall his show didn’t long survive after this fiasco.


Hamilton unions preparing to fight back against Doug Ford’s government

“Thank you for the work you will be doing for us over the next four years so we can keep our foot on the neck of Doug Ford and kick him the hell out of office in four years’ time,” Horwath told workers during the Labour Day event at Bayfront Park. “We have a Conservative premier bent on dragging Ontario backward and whittling down labour rights.”


Brutal Horwath Regime Exposed: Union blasts Ontario NDP over treatment of own staff

The Ontario NDP has fired one of its staff members and stopped paying two others salary and benefits after they complained of human rights violations by their NDP MPP bosses, the workers’ union says.

The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union (COPE), which represents Ontario NDP staff, issued a blistering news release Tuesday accusing the party under Leader Andrea Horwath of secretly “attacking” its own staff while publicly supporting workers’ rights


It’s because real socialism has never been tried! Federal NDP ended 2017 deep in the red, filings show

The federal New Democratic Party’s financial health deteriorated last year, with the party’s balance sheet showing it finished 2017 deeper in the red than it has been for at least 16 years.

The annual financial return, filed with Elections Canada, shows the party finished the year with assets worth $6.2 million and with liabilities totalling over $9 million, leaving the party with negative net assets of $3.1 million.