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Stupid NDP furious over House of Commons committee invitation for Jordan Peterson

Following – a very good reason never to elect communist thugs:

“…Ramsey, another of the committee’s vice-chairs, said that Peterson is “strongly on the wrong side of history,” claiming his views on gender identity and Islamophobia are “inflammatory and dangerous.” He has repeatedly criticized the word “Islamophobia,” saying it’s “ill-defined” and is “not a word with integrity.” He originally came to prominence for balking at legislation to add gender identity and orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act, and refused to use preferred pronouns for trans students, arguing it was a form of compelled speech. Peterson did not respond to the Post’s request for comment.”


NDP VP condemns “predatory” behaviour of trans-activist who got Meghan Murphy banned from Twitter

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, Morgane Oger, trans-activist and the Vice President of the British Columbia NDP, released a Friday-night blogpost condemning Jessica Yaniv for accusations of sexual impropriety that have been waged against her by numerous women and girls.

You spelled ogre wrong.


NDP turns on Maduro to save face

NDP shifts position on ‘sensitive’ Venezuela issue despite differences inside party

OTTAWA — In the midst of public pressure, the federal NDP offered its clearest position yet on the evolving situation in Venezuela Tuesday, distancing itself from Canadian labour groups who appear sympathetic to authoritarian president Nicolas Maduro.

Foreign affairs critic Helene Laverdiere told the National Post that she speaks for her party when she says she’s “comfortable” with Canada recognizing a new, interim president in Juan Guaido. But it has proved a murky issue for the NDP to navigate.

Maduro is a thug and has to go but the Justin and Jaggy show is just silly posturing, also costly to tax payers thanks to Trudeau’s largesse with our money.


NDP hits new polling low in Quebec with Outremont byelection test looming

The Rule of Three can be applied to everything from creative writing to predicting celebrity deaths. It also works in polling. One poll can be an anomaly, two might be a coincidence — but three polls start to look like a trend.

For federal New Democrats in Quebec, that trend is looking grim — setting the party on course for a return to the days when it held no seats in the province and had dim hopes of winning any.

Singh Sank Sunk


Barbara Kay: Svend Robinson’s return set to boost Israel hate in the NDP

He’s back! Svend Robinson will be the NDP candidate for Burnaby North-Seymour in this fall’s federal election. He looks good at 66, brimming with comeback vigour. His ostensible motivation for returning to politics is concern over climate change and the affordable housing crisis. But he has not denied that his real ambition — a realistic one considering Jagmeet Singh’s failure to advance his party’s fortunes — is the NDP leadership.

From 1979 until 2004, Robinson went from strength to strength within the NDP. Suddenly, his career imploded over his theft of a valuable ring, an action he attributed to mental illness.


Kelly McParland: Canada’s NDP sides with Venezuela’s oppressor

If there was an award for “Political Party in the Process of Losing its Way,” New Democrats would run away with the nominations.

They have a leader who has failed to impress and who they may or may not want to win his byelection for a seat in Parliament. The former leader is now a political analyst who seems to specialize in noting the failures of his successor. They hold power in two important provinces, but the respective premiers are virtually at war with one another. And the party’s standing going into this year’s election is, to say the least, unencouraging.


Singh finds a way to be more crazy left than Justin… calls on Trudeau to part ways with U.S., Brazil on Venezuela crisis

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on the Liberal government to abandon its decision to side with the U.S. and Brazil over the crisis in Venezuela — hours after two NDP candidates and one MP came out with much stronger statements condemning Ottawa’s move as failing to stand up for Venezuelans.

Singh issued the short statement outlining his position Thursday after NDP MP Niki Ashton and candidate Jessa McLean joined candidate Svend Robinson in attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government for making common cause with the Trump administration and the right-wing government of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil over Venezuela.

We knew we could count on him.


NDP Leader Says Crazy Thing

Abandon Trans Mountain if consultations fail to satisfy all Indigenous stakeholders, says Singh

Jagmeet Singh says the federal government should be willing to terminate the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline if consultations do not end in “partnership” and “buy-in” from all the communities along the route.

“They can’t say that they want to build something and say it’s going to be built, and then on the other side say, ‘We’re going to meaningfully consult with communities.’ That is not meaningful consultation if you’ve already decided the outcome,” the NDP leader said in a wide-ranging interview to air on CBC’s The National this Sunday night.

This is a significant escalation in the Crazy Race between Justin and Singh.


Who will replace Jagmeet Singh as leader of the federal NDP?

I plead guilty: that’s a rude headline you just read above this article.

It probably stings New Democrats who are knocking on doors in South Burnaby trying to get Jagmeet Singh a seat in Parliament.

It’s also painful for those who worked so hard to help Singh become NDP leader only 14 months ago, helping him break the colour barrier for leaders of major parties.

I doubt it will make a difference one way or another.