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Kelly McParland: Jagmeet Singh might as well send Rachel Notley a cake shaped like a middle finger

Jagmeet Singh’s days as federal NDP leader have been so ill-starred you almost feel sorry for the guy.

That’s not a good thing. Politicians want to look bold, decisive and successful, not confused, unlucky and accident-prone. Singh can’t get a break. The last good thing that happened to him was winning the New Democratic Party leadership race 10 months ago, and so much has gone wrong since then you have to wonder whether he wishes he’d never entered.


Horwath loses cool, and credibility, over Toronto council protest

Pandemonium is the best word to describe the goings-on at the Ontario Legislature last week.

NDP Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath verbally threw the kitchen sink at Premier Doug Ford, wildly making allegations Ford had a secret plot on municipal elections, acted like a dictator and carried out and engaged in the “most anti-democratic action this province has seen in years.”

I hope she keeps her “Batshit Crazy” going.


GOLDSTEIN: Horwath steers NDP hard to the left

An indication of what we’re in for from NDP leader Andrea Horwath and her caucus for the next four years was her absurd allegation last week that PC Community Safety Minister Michael Tibollo’s comment he wore a bullet-proof vest during a police ride-along in Jane-Finch was racist.

She was out-lefted by Wynne’s Liberals and appears to be attempting to regain the NDP’s traditional space in the fever swamp. No doubt she’s feeling the heat from yet another election loss and her leadership is in question. She needs to keep her critics at bay so expect more commie nuttiness.


Andrea Horwath demands Conservative minister apologize for not giving racialized bullets a fair shot

NDP demands PC minister apologize for ‘racist’ vest remarks

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is demanding a Doug Ford cabinet minister apologize for the “racist” comment that he wore a bulletproof vest on a ride along with police in the Jane-Finch community.

“He used awful stereotypes to describe that community, and he made comments that were deeply offensive to many people,” Horwath said in the Ontario legislature Thursday. “You don’t build trust with racist slurs.”

Andrea – you made this a race issue.


The perils of Jagmeet

Between Justin Trudeau’s fights with Donald Trump, and his maladroit musings on the Kokanee Grope, it’s been easy to lose sight of the struggles of Jagmeet Singh, the Brampton MPP who captured the NDP leadership less than a year ago.

Singh has been trying to win over the NDP caucus and prepare the party for next year’s election, even agreeing to forego a party salary. This is no small hardship, given that Singh has no pension from his time as an Ontario MPP, no other apparent income, and was recently married. His in-laws must be thrilled.


Horwath describes ‘stark’ choice between NDP and Ford’s PCs in final pitch to voters

Ontario’s NDP leader is making a pitch to undecided voters on the last full day of the provincial election campaign, framing the choice as a stark one between her plan and that of Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives.

Speaking in an east Toronto area where the NDP hopes to nab some seats, Andrea Horwath said she knows there are still people who are trying to make up their minds. An NDP vote is the way to stop Ford, she said.