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When left-wing Nation interviewed Yiannopoulos, the “most hated man on the internet”

From D.D. Guttenplan (October 16, 2016) at Nation:

You think people are really that inhibited?

Yes. Absolutely. The range of socially unacceptable opinions is widening. The range of socially acceptable opinions is narrowing.

What is a newly unacceptable opinion?

You can’t keep a newspaper column in this country and say that the wage gap is a myth or that campus rape culture is a myth. We’re reordering society according to myths and conspiracy theories and advocacy research. You cannot deny these things and keep your place in the establishment, even at right-wing newspapers. More.

Reality check: Essentially, mainstream media either represent the real range of opinion or decline into self-righteous insignificance. The quarterly reports tell the tale.

Note: Readers, I am writing a short series on the crisis in political correctness triggered by the conflict between the warring streams of lies. So you may find my news notes veering in that direction for a little while.

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Snarls along the catwalk: Teen Vogue vs. Vogue

Vogue quickly distanced itself from its feature on Asma Assad of Syria.

From Emma Hinchliffe at Mashable:

While Teen Vogue leads the resistance, Vogue glamorizes cultural appropriation

The teen magazine shares Vogue’s legacy name, but has turned itself into a very different publication. Teen Vogue’s Trump takedowns and commitment to progressive values have drawn the attention of teen and adult readers alike post-election.

It also serves to remind the world just how much better Vogue could be. More.

Reality check:  Better at what? Fashion pretending to care?

Teen Vogue will doubtless be fun for well-off brats for a few years but grown-ups take politics seriously, which is why Vogue can’t just do what it wants and tell everyone else to stuff it. For example,

More recently, rumors swirled that First Lady Melania Trump would cover the magazine.

“We have a tradition of always covering whoever is the first lady at Vogue and I can’t imagine that this time would be any different,” editor-in-chief Anna Wintour told the Wall Street Journal earlier this month.

Well, they can break with their tradition if they want but then they cease to be an institution. That’s one of the hard choices we face when we quit Occupying Mom’s basement.

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Isn’t Lauren Duca the one who developed a great deal of respect for the CIA when because they and Trump were spatting?The Dems may come to regret these baby mean girls because no one else thinks they are cute.

Millennial feminists blinded Dems to women’s 2016 vote


Newfound respect from progressives for the CIA?

Ottawa pulls ads from

The federal government says it has pulled its advertising from, the so-called alt-right website whose controversial former chairman, Steve Bannon, is U.S. President Donald Trump’s chief adviser.

…The government says it put Breitbart on a blacklist in December, apparently after The Globe and Mail reported that ads for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission had appeared on the site.”

Me thinks this was a case of sour grapes by the Globe…

Ottawa cuts newspaper ad spending amid worries about sector…Internal report cites options to support Canadian newsrooms, as newspaper revenues tank

The March 2016 Canadian Heritage report, Newspapers in Canada: The New Reality of a Traditional Industry, notes that the federal government has been abandoning print newspaper ads just as quickly as other advertisers, choosing cheaper digital ads instead — and disrupting the familiar newspaper business model.

“Federal advertising is shifting towards online platforms,” says the report, written by public servants and obtained by CBC News under the Access to Information Act.

CP24 normalizes lunatic Imam who claims Charlie Hebdo & 911 attacks were false flags to defame Muslims

I realize our media is in peak PC hysteria over the Quebec mosque shooting but that still doesn’t give them license to normalize Islamist whackjobs like Said Rageah, the featured interviewee in this city hall protest: Members of faith community say zoning by-law is ‘discriminatory’

Rageah is known for among other things:

For declaring Israel leads the world in the sexual slavery of little girls

Being denied admission to Australia for his comments on homosexuals

Declaring the Charlie Hebdo and 911 attacks to be false flag operations designed to defame Muslims:

“I don’t believe a bit that Muslims have anything to do with that, because, Glory be to Allah (سبحان الله‎), September 11 [2001], the building melted, but they found a Saudi passport, Allah willed it (ما شاء الله). What a miracle!

“You know here [in the case of Charlie Hebdo attack] they kill, you know, people, but miraculously the guys are so intelligent to assassinate 12 people, but he was so dumb to leave his document in the car? Allah willed it (ما شاء الله), May Allah bless you (تبارك الله).

For endorsing wife beating per the Koran

For declaring that Muslims should not integrate in Canada.

And for calling Canada’s former PM Harper “an enemy of Islam”

Our media and politicians are generally ignorant of Islam and its “leaders” in Canada. They also live in fear of being called “racist” and so prefer to promote the false narratives of diversity, multiculturalism and Islam as a religion of peace despite the evidence before their very eyes.

Quite simply our politicians prefer Muslim votes to the truth and that makes them dangerous to the general public.

We Need A Pellet Gun Registry Now! “Quebec shooting suspect loved guns as a kid, neighbour says”

Ralphie a potential terrorist! Who knew!

Quebec shooting suspect loved guns as a kid, neighbour says

Alexandre Bissonnette also developed a passion for guns as far back as his pre-teens, recalled one man who has lived across from the 27-year-old suspect’s childhood home for about three decades.

Rejean Bussieres, whose son is about the same age, remembered how the Bissonnette boy used to shoot his pellet gun at trees in the woods behind his house as a youngster.

“Alexandre really liked guns,” said Bussieres, who added that his son told him Bissonnette had a gun when he was about 12 years old.

“He showed one to my son and my son didn’t like that.”

Oh My! He had a pellet gun, that’s a sure sign of imminent violence.

Round up all the pellet guns now! Imprison anyone who ever owned one as a child! No time to lose! The media has spoken!


MSM BIAS: Headlines From the Women’s March vs. March for Life Prove It

It will surprise no one that the major “news” outlets that endlessly and breathlessly covered the “Women’s March”—full of genitalia-bedecked whackos who had taken the rare day away from their cats to march around with obscenity-laden signs and scream the “F” word at passersby—had pretty much nothing to say about Friday’s March for Life (unless it was inflammatory or outright lies). Let us peruse the recent headlines.

Cats… the last allowable prejudice.

Shocka! Reporter called “low-life son of a bitch”

AUSTIN – Following a controversial forum on Homeland Security titled, “Defending Against Radical Islamic Terrorism in Texas,” a former state lawmaker called an Austin reporter a “low-life son of a bitch” after he asked a representative a question.

I bet that hurt!

Media Covers Fake Mike Flynn Story, Ignores Bombshell on Secret Obama/Iran Meetings

If mainstream media truly wishes to repair its image with the general public, these outlets must recognize they do not merely suffer from a “bubble” reinforced by overwhelmingly liberal staffing, or from supposedly insufficient outreach to working class communities.

The mainstream’s issues are apparent in their content choices, suggesting an intractable problem. Following decades of allowing the Democratic Party to select the day’s narrative, they possess no measure of professional competence for objectively judging the importance of information.

Spotting fake news in traditional mainstream media

From radio host Derek Hunter at Townhall:

You may not know this, but the people you see on cable news shows who are listed as “contributors” or “talk show hosts” or “strategists” have no more knowledge on the topic they’re discussing in authoritative tones than your dog does most of the time. It’s a problem because when average people watch these shows, they expect to get legitimate news. What they get is nothing of the sort.

Here’s how it works: The people you see on TV who aren’t newsmakers or members of Congress sometimes are booked well in advance, sometimes as much as a week. This is especially true in “debate” segments, when they have someone from the right and left discussing a topic. They don’t actually find out the topic they are “debating” until the morning of their scheduled appearance, and it can change until the moment they’re on the air if something happens in the world.

Here’s another bit of information you won’t get from watching these shows: When someone who appears regularly on a network is listed as a “columnist” or “contributor” for a news site, unless they write for them on a regular basis, they are likely paid by that outlet for the specific purpose of having that organization’s name promoted on the network. It’s product placement, same as a car or prominently featured bag of chips in a movie. You can tell by the way they’re booked to talk on TV because they write, never about anything they’ve written. They’re a warm body who can string a sentence together. More.

Reality check: All that the internet really changed is this: The entry costs for a job just about any fluent person can do are now minimal. We can see much more easily than before what the Bigs were doing when they produced fake news. No wonder these traditional high-end vendors are upset.

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Fake News? KKK Members Say They Were Paid to Distort Facts for A&E Series

The “mainstream” media have been accused of being far too interested in promoting the Ku Klux Klan for ratings. The A&E cable network ended up pulling a new series slated for a January debut called Escaping the KKK: A Docuemntary Series Exposing Hate in America after allegations that they paid the Klan members and staged fictional events to add drama. That’s fake episodes of hate.

Fake News, Mass Hysteria, And Induced Insanity

The “fake news” is that we’ve never been healthier, healthcare costs are under control and our economy has fully “recovered.”

We’ve heard a lot about “fake news” from those whose master narratives are threatened by alternative sources and analyses. We’ve heard less about the master narratives being threatened: the fomenting of mass hysteria, which turns the populace into an easily manipulated and managed herd, and induced insanity, a longer-term marketing-based narrative that causes the populace to ignore the self-destructive consequences of accepting the fad/ ideology/ mindset being pushed as “good” and “normal.”