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Media contortions protect their established narrative in Boston

Something dramatic and important happened yesterday in Boston, but the mainstream provided a counter narrative to mask the shame of it all. The media violated the normal rules of the TV news game – if it bleeds it leads and find a victim — in order to protect the sacred resistance narrative’s presumptive good guys.


After Media Calls Boston Rally Peaceful, Police Department Sends Out Tweets Telling Different Story

On Saturday, Boston held one of its largest rallies in years.

The rally, allegedly put together to take a stand against white supremacy following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, wasn’t without incident.

An elderly woman had her American flag ripped from her hands. But it didn’t end there. She was dragged by a protester and got knocked to the ground.

Also, members of antifa cursed out a Trump supporter wearing an Afghan War veteranhat as he talked with the media.

Still, various reporters, members of the press, and political personalities gave off the impression that the rally was peaceful


Your Saturday Morning Funny Courtesy The National Post

Remember when the National Post used to be a newspaper and not a yellow coloured version of the CBC?

Get a load of of this ‘SHOCKING EXPOSE” – Inside Rebel Media

Where you’ll be Shocked! Shocked I tell you, to discover that the Rebel sometimes says unkind things about ISLAM!!!!! (Warning quotes by Bernie Farber and Michael Coren ahead)

The Rebel has had a tough week no question but the only thing stories like this show is how threatened by the Rebel the dead tree media is in Canada. Postmedia is begging for government handouts, the Rebel relies on subscriber fees, donations and online advertising. Government subsidized rags like Macleans are on life support and have about 4 staff left and very few people actually watch CBC news. Meanwhile the Rebel is hiring and the author of the Post’s “Shocking Expose” just can’t understand why the Rebel business model is working and the PC swill of the MSM is failing. But you get the drift.

The MSM in Canada has always been a pretty small pond and it’s shrinking fast, everyone is vying for a well paid government job at the CBC as this latest virtue signaling  job application … sorry “scoop” by the NatPo amply illustrates.

Update: Ezra Levant’s response on Twitter is a fun read.


First they came for our statues…

Seeing the tempest in Charlottesville, VA as an opportunity not to be missed, they came for a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C., stomping it to the ground.

The same happened in Baltimore.

Other memorials are likewise being targeted and as President Trump pointed out, “Where does it end?”

Altogether three times, so far, Trump has been perfectly clear about his disdain for white supremacists but none of it counts for one reason.

Because he is Donald Trump and they hate him and they hear him only from the filter of their own misconceptions, misinterpretations and prejudices.

Behind their high-minded moralizing lurks their animosity for one man, Trump.


Trump trumps MSM: Poll – Most Americans Blame Antifa or ‘Both Sides’ for Charlottesville Violence

I’ll Be Back…

Despite the media declaring this sort of “moral equivalency” off limits, a near-majority of Americans surveyed about last weekend’s events in Charlottesville blame the violent upheaval on “both sides” (40 percent) or on the Antifa Left (nine percent). Slightly fewer (46 percent) point the finger at the Alt-Right as the primary culprits. This result may stun members of the press who’ve spent days scolding anyone, including President Trump, who has raised the specter of left-wing violence in this context. It seems the general public isn’t nearly as horrified by Trump’s framing as “opinion leaders” are…


Antifa Is the Resurgence of Anti-War Movement, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter

Breitbart Texas Editor Brandon Darby provided some vital background on the violent Antifa group during his Thursday appearance on Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.
Darby noted that the “moderate left” and its media apparatus generally provides cover for their “extreme crazies.”


AP: Avoid the Term ‘Alt-Right’ as a ‘Public Relations Device’

The Associated Press vice president for standards announced that they will try to avoid using the term “alt-right” to describe neo-Nazis and white supremacists, since it “may exist primarily as a public relations device.” To which many conservatives will say: Good, we’ve never wanted to be associated with those noxious beliefs. AP’s John Daniszewski announced

Because anyone who doesn’t exist within the media bubble is a suspect Nazi.


5-Year FRC Shooting Anniversary Offers A Study In Presidential Reactions To Hate Crimes

The five-year anniversary of the Family Research Council shooting comes just three days after the killing of Heather Heyer and grievous attack on protesters in Charlottesville.

Today, is the five-year anniverary of the Family Research Council shooting in Washington DC.

On August 15, 2012, Floyd Lee Corkins entered the Family Research Council’s building in downtown DC. Leo Johnson, the building manager for the Family Research Council, was at the front desk that morning. After asking him to produce identification, Corkins began rummaging through his bag, which contained 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Corkins was also carrying a 9mm handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition.


Are We Really Afraid Of Insulting Terrorists?

Charlottesville, Va. was aflame this weekend after white supremacists and race protesters gathered to clash over local government plans to move a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E Lee.

The protests grew violent. One person died and many were injured when a white supremacist rammed his car into Antifa protesters. Two police officers died in a helicopter crash. Dozens more were injured in violent skirmishes. Neither side demonstrated peacefully.

Activists in D.C. set themselves aflame when President Trump denounced the violence as an “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.” A White House spokesperson later denounced white supremacy and Neo-Nazism specifically.


Here Are All The Media Outlets Blatantly Lying About The Google Memo

Media outlets are lying about a memo written by one of Google’s top scientists, which calls out the tech-giant’s illegal discrimination practices and blinding liberal biases.

Google has fired the author of the memo, James Damore, after the document received considerable backlash and was unfairly portrayed by many news outlets.

Here are some of the more blatant lies about the memo perpetuated by news media outlets.


Tommy Robinson vs. Quilliam Shows How the Establishment’s Grip on Political Narratives is Slipping

I first interviewed former English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) in September 2015.

The interview was panned by leftists and lauded by rightists. No surprises there. But the left was upset I did not interrupt Tommy at every possible juncture to throw baseless accusations at him. The difference between me and them was, I had studied Tommy in depth and had understood the English Defence League (EDL), its rise, its decline, and how Tommy had got in trouble all along the way. I didn’t need to deploy whattaboutery to get a good interview. I just needed to let him talk. No one else ever had.