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Twitter’s New Assault on Conservatives: Slowly Choke the Account to Death

In case you missed it, mine was one of the more recent conservative accounts targeted by Twitter. As I have explained to many people who don’t understand why this is a problem for me, Twitter is part of an overall promotion strategy of mine, so it’s business. In fact, it is a promotional vehicle for most center-right and conservative writers, so anyone interested in having free speech be something more than just a luxury for the left should be concerned.

I have availed myself of what little recourse Twitter offers one who has an account suspended or restricted. As I haven’t received so much as an aut0reply I am left with nothing but inference to determine which, if any, rule I violated.


Judge Rules It’s Unconstitutional For Trump To Block People On Twitter

Here’s the basic interpretation of our Constitutional rights according to liberals: The 2nd Amendment only protects musket ownership because our Founding Fathers could have never imagined modern weaponry, but Donald Trump can’t block people on Twitter because it’s a violation of the 1st Amendment. A liberal activist judge in NY just ruled that it is unconstitutional for the President to block idiots from his personal Twitter account. I must have missed that micro-blogging clause Thomas Jefferson slipped into the Bill of Rights.


TWITTER STORM: Trump Bashes ‘Witch Hunt,’ Rips ‘Crooked Hillary’

“Things are really getting ridiculous,” he wrote Sunday morning. “The Failing and Crooked (but not as Crooked as Hillary Clinton) @nytimes has done a long & boring story indicating that the World’s most expensive Witch Hunt has found nothing on Russia & me so now they are looking at the rest of the World!”


Twitter to de-rank ‘trolls,’ provokes conservative anger over ‘censorship’

Twitter’s announcement that it will limit the visibility of tweets from what it calls ‘troll accounts’ was met with anger by conservatives and free-speech advocates, who see it as another turn of the screw towards censorship.

The platform’s new policy was revealed in a blog post on Tuesday, which promises to make sweeping changes to the way conversations work. Twitter will use algorithms to analyze not just the content of individual tweets, but the way users behave in general. If the system deems a user’s online behavior unfair, their tweets will be ranked lower in threads or hidden altogether.


Twitter Admits Shadowbanning Conservative Voices

Conservatives have long been saying that the social media platform Twitter has been targeting them with a process called “shadowbanning.” Now, the social media giant has finally admitted to the practice of shadowbanning users. The term is used to describe a process that bans a users profile, without actually banning them. A shadowbanned user’s tweets will not reach their intended audiences or generate engagement in the same way a profile normally would on the platform.


Twitter Defends Having Terrorist Group Hamas on Website

“Commitment to peace”

A Twitter spokesperson defended Hamas’ ability to maintain a presence on the site, despite Twitter’s rule against supporting and perpetuating violence. According to the spokesperson, the group’s alleged commitment to peace and status as a democratically-elected organization exempts Hamas from the explicit rule banning terrorist organizations from the platform.


Tommy Robinson at #DayForFreedom: ‘I’m Taking Twitter to Court to Prove Facts Are Now Treated as Hate’

Activist Tommy Robinson has told the #DayForFreedom free speech rally in London that he’s taking Twitter to court, to prove the social media giant is treating “facts” as “hate” at the behest of a censorious British government.

Robinson was introduced by Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam, who gave a short speech thanking the police officers on duty at the event, as well as the Antifa activists and mainstream media reporters who had shown up.


Twitter Account ‘Hategraphs’ Suspended for Posting Facts About Racial Differences in IQ

Facts trump feelings. That’s what anyone with an ounce of common sense will tell you when diving into the world of culture, politics, and social justice. One account on Twitter known as Hategraphs attempted to show us facts about racial differences through cold hard evidence, and it’s with a heavy heart that we tell you he has been suspended. But really, are we that surprised?


Twitter advising all 330 million users to change passwords after bug exposed them in plain text

Twitter is urging all of its more than 330 million users to immediately change their passwords after a bug exposed them in plain text. While Twitter’s investigation showed that there was no evidence that any breach or misuse of the unmasked passwords occurred, the company is recommending that users change their Twitter passwords out of an “abundance of caution,” both on the site itself and anywhere else they may have used that password, which includes third-party apps like Twitterrific and TweetDeck.


Jamie Glazov: Twitter Suspends Me for Quoting Qur’an and Hadith

On Wednesday morning, May 2, 2018, at 6:12am, Twitter informed me that they had suspended my account. The reason they gave me was just as intriguing as Facebook banning me for my crime of reporting a Muslim’s physical threat against me. Twitter’s problem with me? Well, I had violated Twitter’s “rules against hateful conduct.”