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Twitter Allows ‘Verified’ Calls for Violence Against Conservative High School Kids

Twitter has spent years assuring the public that it will crack down on trolling, harassment, and violent threats. It’s also pledged to tackle “misinformation” and “unhealthy conversation,” using these loaded terms as excuses to ban a wide range of anti-progressive dissidents from the platform.


Twitter Tells Pamela Geller to Lawyer Up for Breaking SHARIA LAW

“Twitter has sent me notice ‘to consult legal counsel’ because the tweet below ‘is in violation of Pakistan [sharia] law.’ You bloody cowards can kiss my free ass. I am an American. You are an American company. Act like it, sniveling slaves,” she said on the platform.


It’s a great feeling to start the day knowing you’ve offended the Islamist Sh_thole of Pakistan

I expect Chrystia Freeland to publicly denounce Pakistan in my defense and the defense of freedom!

This  email (see below) from Twitter legal was sitting in my inbox this morning informing me that I had again offended the Mohammedan failed state of Pakistan.  Is there another nation that sucks Ass as much as Pak?

This is the “offending tweet” commemorating the massacre of Charlie Hebdo staff by Muslims. Everybody Draw Mohammed.


Twitter’s dangerous approach to ‘hate speech’

Twitter is purging those who challenge trans orthodoxy

A little over two weeks ago, I was permanently suspended from Twitter. My crime? ‘Misgendering’ – I referred to an individual who claims to identify as a “transwoman” (but who goes by a male, as well as a female, name) as “him”. Apparently, using male pronouns to describe a male violates Twitter’s rules against “hateful conduct.” But unless stating facts is hate speech, I had not said anything “hateful”. By deeming my comments ‘hateful conduct’, Twitter is allowing a minority of trans activists to determine what may and may not be said, and by whom.

And Twitter is not the only platform facing pressure to punish women who speak uncomfortable truths.


FUREY: The Pakistan government is accusing me of a crime – and Twitter is acting as its messenger

I thought it was spam. The email that hit my inbox Friday morning had the subject line “Twitter Receipt of Correspondence” and the sender was “Twitter Legal.”

At first glance, it looked just like those emails I get from banks I don’t have accounts with saying I’m owed money or some other nonsense.

Welcome to the club I got one too, Pakistan is an Islamic shithole nation that should be placed under quarantine.


Instapundit: I deleted my Twitter account. It’s a breeding ground for thoughtlessness and contempt.

Twitter is poison to American political discourse. Can’t we find a more worthy pastime?

I deactivated my Twitter account about a week ago. I was partly acting on impulse, because the social media site had just, for no obvious reason, “permanently banned” someone I follow, something that seems to be happening more and more. But I was also acting on my growing belief that Twitter is, well, horrible.


Intersectionality and Today’s Twitter Trotskyites

Like many college students, I learned the famous Trotsky quote shortly after arriving on campus. “You may not be interested in war,” it goes, “but war is interested in you.”

In semantics, such constructs are called antimetaboles. It’s a rhetorical device known to any kid who played football or ran track — or mowed a lawn on a hot summer day. (“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”) By the time I graduated, however, I was in the journalism school, where we were taught to check things out. The Trotsky quote didn’t pass muster: The Russian revolutionary never made that comment about war, or wrote anything remotely like it.


Twitter’s Trans-Activist Decree

On November 15, I woke up to find my Twitter account locked, on account of what the company described as “hateful conduct.” In order to regain access, I was made to delete two tweets from October. Fair enough, you might think. Concern about the tone of discourse on social media has been widespread for years. Certainly, many have argued that Twitter officials should be doing more to discourage the vitriol and violent threats that have become commonplace on their platform.


A Conservative’s Survival Guide to the Twitter War

One of the most beloved voices on the Right has left Twitter. Instapundit has had enough. The social media platform is toxic, divisive, abusive, and even dangerous, as many of us who have had our lives threatened know from firsthand experience.

Because of Twitter’s increasing suspensions of accounts to promote principles of liberty, many want to follow Instapundit’s lead and kiss Twitter goodbye. But some are hesitant. I’m one of those.

I almost deactivated my account, but then decided against it. 


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Lied Under Oath To Congress. Shouldn’t That Matter?

Jack Dorsey is allowed to lie, and those who push the Trans agenda are allowed to lie, and if you push back with the truth, you eventually find you have no place on Twitter.

On Wednesday September 5th, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey swore that he would tell the truth to Congress. He didn’t. He lied. I have the old fashioned opinion that such a lie should matter. It remains to be seen whether Congress agrees.

Dorsey was called to testify regarding Twitter’s pathetic attempts to head off the abuse of its platform by continued assaults and abuse from various international sources as it relates to U.S. news and politics, which is a fine issue for Congress to deal with but not from my perspective a very important one. In the course of his hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, two Representatives raised the issue of a specific violent posting regarding my wife, which had already attracted national attention.


Fox News Twitter account dark for days due to Tucker Carlson home threats

The official Twitter account for Fox News has not tweeted since Thursday, reportedly in protest of the social media company’s lack of responsiveness regarding content associated with a protest outside of host Tucker Carlson’s home.

The network protest comes after a left-wing group associated with antifa converged on the Washington, D.C., home of Carlson last Wednesday night while chanting “Racist scumbag, leave town!” and warning on social media that Carlson and his family “were not safe.”