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Is it too late for France?

Guy Millière for (Note – Translated from French)

I would like to think that it is not too late for France. Even if I left without intending to return, if not for short stays, I’m not fully detached from France.

I have my roots there. My Monther tongue is French. I tried for years to fight for France to recover and regain dignity, dynamism, righteousness. I have friends in France, and I know that many French people can not leave and follow the path I took.

Jews can join Israel, but it is not always easy. Those who are not Jewish have few issues. Becoming Canadian is very difficult and requires money and an entrepreneurial spirit. Becoming an American is even more difficult unless you have a lot of money or very high qualifications.

I would like to think that it is not too late for France, yes. But I find it difficult to persuade myself.

The great replacement analyzed by Renaud Camus is in progress and is now very difficult to reverse. Islam is now, in number of practitioners, the first religion in France, and demographics shows that its weight will be even more accentuated. The birth rate in France is around 2 children per woman, which is not alarming in itself, but if we go into the details and we compare the Moslem births and the non-Muslim births (what it is forbidden to do in France but is done elsewhere), we understand Renaud Camus.

Speeches referring to “Islam of France” or “Moderate Islam” carry a pathetic blindness that can reassure those who believe them and want to blind themselves.

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The Great Replacement: Liberals speed up foreign spouse reunions, tackle application backlog

Weaponized immigration. Make no mistake.

Mass immigration is not a not an economic need in an age of increasing automation and a declining job market. It creates contrived shortages in housing, reduces wages, strains public services and creates a low trust society.


Europe: Judeo-Christian Symbols Vanish, Islam Rises

French writers coined the term “le grand remplacement,” meaning the demographic replacement by immigrants of native Europeans. There is, however, another replacement taking place on the old continent.

Look at the images taken by the Israeli-Hungarian photographer Bernadett Alpern. Synagogues — like silent witnesses of the fall of a fundamental branch of the European civilization — have been turned into museums, swimming pools, shopping centers, police stations and mosques.

Now it is the turn of the Stars of David and skullcaps, the two most visible Jewish symbols. A poll by the World Zionist Organization recently revealed that at least half of Jews in Europe do not feel safe wearing symbols of their faith. They are right. A few days ago, an 8-year-old Jewish boy wearing a skullcap was attacked and beaten in the street by two men in Sarcelles. Earlier in January, in the same suburb, a man slashed the face of a 15-year-old Jewish girl who was walking home while wearing the uniform of her Jewish school. It is the “new normal” for French Jews.


LEAKED MEMO: DACA DREAMers Are ‘Critical’ To Dems ‘Future Electoral Success’

The Center For American Progress (CAP) Action Fund circulated a memo on Monday calling illegal immigrants brought here at a young age — so-called “Dreamers” — a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

The memo, co-authored by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri, was sent around to allies calling on Democrats to “refuse to offer any votes for Republican spending bills that do not offer a fix for Dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them.”

President Donald Trump’s administration moved to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy in September, which former President Barack Obama instituted through executive order to keep immigrants who came here as children from being deported.


White working class boys left behind because of ‘negative impact’ of focus on ethnic minorities and women, Labour’s Angela Rayner claims

White working class boys are being left behind because of the “negative impact” of a focus on ethnic minorities and women, a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet has said.

Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, said cultural change is needed among Britain’s white working class to encourage more young people to strive to succeed.

She told The Spectator magazine white working class boys had been left “at the bottom of the heap”.

Left behind by Labour’s own policies I suspect.

More here… The lost boys: how the white working class got left behind


Syria, Security, Migration, and Eurabia: An Interview

Do you believe in the “Eurabia” theory, as do right-wing politicians in Italy?

When Bat Ye’or first proposed this theory in 2002, I was skeptical, not believing in a purposeful conspiracy to replace Western civilization with Islam. Fifteen years later, and especially after witnessing the astonishing actions of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, I find it convincing. I can see no other way to explain the spectacular unwillingness to recognize the damage caused by unfettered immigration and blind multiculturalism.

Daniel Pipes.


Ingraham: Dems Want Illegal Immigration to Change Demographics, Replace White Conservatives

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Watters World,” Fox News Channel host and conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham offered her theory on why Democrats were unwilling to support a border wall and were for sanctuary city policies, especially in the wake of the verdict from a San Francisco jury that found illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty for the killing of Kate Steinle.

Ingraham told host Jesse Watters much of it has to do with Democrats seeking a demographic shift that is more in line with their policies.


Generation Identity: Far-right group sending UK recruits to military-style training camps in Europe

A white nationalist group group of people who chose to fight back against Islamization is recruiting British members and sending them to military-style training camps abroad, an investigation has revealed.

Generation Identity (GI), a pan-European group, officially launched its new UK branch last month but undercover reporters from ITV found supporters had already been taking part in its activities.


MALCOLM: Canadians leery of mass immigration

The Trudeau government introduced its 2018 immigration plan last week, and we were told the Liberals were ushering in “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.”

The feds announced Canada would welcome one million newcomers in the next three years – and that’s just counting permanent residents who are on track to become citizens.

The government will also issue hundreds of thousands of visas for guest workers, students, and other visitors to our country.

Mass immigration is needed to “ensure economic growth” and maintain our pensions etc…  or so they say.  That’s a lie. It’s used to provide cheap labour for big business and cheaper votes for politicians.

Why would we need mass immigration in a world where automation is replacing jobs at all levels?

It certainly isn’t for our benefit.


Steve Bannon on Illegal Immigration: ‘Globalist Corporations Want Cheap Labor, Left Wants Cheap Votes’

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon told the American families of illegal alien crime victims during a speech that illegal immigration to the United States comes down to two benefits for the political and economic elite: cheap labor and cheap votes.

The Great Replacement is designed to first impoverish then eliminate you, your future, and your heritage. Vote the bastards out.


Oh Canada… No politician dares discuss immigration limits says expert

Strengthen immigrant integration strategy or risk public backlash, experts warn

“It’s not even a debate anymore. There are too many people voting and if you were to do something that looked like trying to limit the flow of new immigrants, you would antagonize all those who want to bring in their parents, their grandparents … so therefore nobody will do it,” he said.

It’s no wonder, that was the goal of mass immigration from Day 1. Population replacement is the end game and all our political parties are guilty.

Mass immigration is a Ponzi scheme that benefits big business and our vote whoring political class. Multiculturalism and diversity are used as bludgeons to keep citizens in line as all opposition is branded “racist” resulting in a compliant, divided and fearful populace.

Your country, your birthright has been stolen.


Occupation by deception – the story of our time?

The onset of occupation is not necessarily preceded by military conquest. Occupation by deception is when corrupted politicians and liberal elite open the doors to the invaders. The following is what happens when a country or continent is invaded by hostile parasitical aliens and the host population repressed.

h/t Marvin


Germany: The Rise of Islam

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church – Berlin. Prescient.

Jan Fleischhauer, a journalist of the weekly magazine Der Spiegel, coined an expression to define the free fall of German Christianity: Selbstsäkularisierung (“self-secularization”). It is the Church being liquidated?

The German Bishops’ Conference just released the data on the decline of Catholicism in Germany for 2016. In one year, the German Catholic Church lost 162,093,000 faithful and closed 537 parishes. From 1996 to today, one quarter of the Catholic communities have been closed. “The faith has evaporated,” said Cardinal Friedrich Wetter, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising from 1982 to 2007.

Christians in Germany will become a minority in the next 20 years, according to Die Welt. Around 60% of the country is currently Christian, with 24 million Catholics and 23 million Protestants. But that number is falling by 500,000 a year through deaths alone. “Those statistics are embodied by what visitors observe in German cities on Sunday: largely empty churches”, the Catholic theologian George Weigel wrote.

German Protestantism is facing the same crisis.