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Occupation by deception – the story of our time?

The onset of occupation is not necessarily preceded by military conquest. Occupation by deception is when corrupted politicians and liberal elite open the doors to the invaders. The following is what happens when a country or continent is invaded by hostile parasitical aliens and the host population repressed.

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Germany: The Rise of Islam

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church – Berlin. Prescient.

Jan Fleischhauer, a journalist of the weekly magazine Der Spiegel, coined an expression to define the free fall of German Christianity: Selbstsäkularisierung (“self-secularization”). It is the Church being liquidated?

The German Bishops’ Conference just released the data on the decline of Catholicism in Germany for 2016. In one year, the German Catholic Church lost 162,093,000 faithful and closed 537 parishes. From 1996 to today, one quarter of the Catholic communities have been closed. “The faith has evaporated,” said Cardinal Friedrich Wetter, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising from 1982 to 2007.

Christians in Germany will become a minority in the next 20 years, according to Die Welt. Around 60% of the country is currently Christian, with 24 million Catholics and 23 million Protestants. But that number is falling by 500,000 a year through deaths alone. “Those statistics are embodied by what visitors observe in German cities on Sunday: largely empty churches”, the Catholic theologian George Weigel wrote.

German Protestantism is facing the same crisis.


Is Europe committing suicide? Controversial book claims elites in UK and the Continent are encouraging mass immigration because they’ve lost faith in historic Christian values

A couple of days ago, I saw TV footage of the outspoken Labour MP Jess Phillips on the campaign trail, seeking re-election in her suburban Birmingham constituency.

She was asked which issues voters mentioned most often on the doorstep. Ms Phillips did not miss a beat.

‘Immigration comes up…’ she said thoughtfully. And then, as if remembering herself, she started talking about bin collections instead.

It was, I thought, an enormously revealing moment. For there is no issue so potentially dangerous as immigration. Many people have intense feelings about it, and many feel unable to raise them publicly.

Even in private, self-consciously tolerant people discuss immigration very tentatively, if at all.


Canada’s population tops 35M: 2016 census

Muslims protest against freedom of speech in Toronto – 2012

Canada’s population grew to 35,151,728 last year largely driven by growth in the west, according to the 2016 census data released Wednesday by Statistics Canada.

The country’s rate of growth was five per cent since 2011— when the population stood at 33.5 million. This rate was once again the highest of G7 countries, but was down from the 5.9 per cent growth recorded in the last census.

About two-thirds of this increase was due to net immigration into the country, while the rest was from new births.


White children should be BUSSED into schools dominated by ethnic minorities or vice versa to halt the rise of racial segregation, says report

White, Asian and black children should be bussed into less diverse schools to tackle growing segregation in towns and cities, a landmark report has suggested.

Academics have called on the Government to intervene after they found white British populations are dwindling at record levels and in extreme cases have halved in a decade.

Consequently communities are becoming more segregated with one area of Blackburn, Lancashire, now 95 per cent Asian.

Brookhouse Primary School in the town was named in 2013 as one of only a handful of UK schools where all children spoke English as a second language.


Britain’s white flight: Report reveals how racial segregation has risen ‘strikingly’ in just 10 years – with numbers of whites in some areas down by up to HALF

White populations in towns and cities are dwindling at record levels and in extreme cases have halved in a decade, it was revealed today.

In Newham, east London, just 16 per cent of the population are white, compared to 33 per cent ten years ago.

Academic Ted Cantle, a Government adviser of community cohesion, says by the 2021 census the polarisation will be even greater.

The report says many towns and cities, such as Birmingham, Leicester, Slough, Luton, Bradford and London, have seen areas develop where the white British population is ‘increasingly dwindling’ as minorities increase.

Professor Cantle cites Blackburn as one of the most segregated towns in Britain whose Whalley Range area is now 95 per cent Asian and the local butcher admits he has never served a white person.

It’s called The Great Replacement and it’s happening here.