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Connecticut: Historic Christian Church Converted Into a Mosque

“This is much bigger than a sale of a building. It’s about healing wounds. It’s about building peace. It’s about making friends,” the Rev. Sara Smith said at a press conference on Monday. “It is about showing a witness to the world that the children of Abraham and everybody else included can work together, can live together in respect and dignity. Isn’t that what all of our faiths are about?”



Ongoing Islamization of America – Muslims Going Hyper Political

The Muslims (and Muslim Brotherhood) are going hyper political, a sign of preparation for the upper house. (This negates the argument that Shariah is just a personal faith and not to be imposed on non-Muslims). They are also using interfaith dialogue and interfaith churches as political cover for their infiltration.


The Dangerous Folly Of “Interfaith Dialogue” Between Christians And Muslims

This year’s National Prayer Breakfast provided President Trump with a wonderful opportunity to make remarks demonstrating once again that he is truly interested in promoting and protecting religious liberty and fostering a culture of life.

However, the National Prayer Breakfast has also increasingly become a forum in which Islamists can pursue civilization jihad against the Judeo-Christian foundation of constitutional liberty.


Foolish and Dangerous Jews

In Eastern European folklore, “the city of Chelm functions as an imaginary city of fools, similar to that of the Greek Abdera, the English Gotham, and the German Schilda.”  In fact, the “Chelm tales describe outlandish naiveté and futility.”  Ruth von Bermuth argues that “Chelm … functioned for more than three centuries as an ironic model of Jewish society, both utopia and dystopia, an imaginary place onto which changing questions about Jewish identity, community, and history repeatedly have been projected.”

When reading these stories, one is amazed at the characters who seem so unaware of their folly.  The tales showcase how common sense is often absent as so-called wise men cite unusual solutions that never work.  They are stubbornly foolish and show contempt for logical problem-solving.


Today in interfaith dialogue with Islam…

Pro tip… This Islam is not any different than the Islam Justin imports & defends you hateful Islamophobes!


London Orthodox synagogue hosts Jihadist Muslim cleric

‘Our community’s naïve support for people and organizations such as these helps them to mask underlying messages of violence and terrorism.’

Catford and Bromley United Synagogue, a London Orthodox synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue movement, hosted a Muslim cleric who has called for a jihad against Jews in the Land of Israel.

Shakeel Begg is head of Lewisham Islamic Centre and preaches to thousands of followers. In 2013 he sought to sue the BBC for defamation in a High Court case that concluded in October of last year, after Sunday Politics presenter Andrew Neill called him “an extremist preacher… with extremist positions”, reported Jewish News Online.

Begg unsuccessfully denied the presenter’s remarks in the trial. The judge found that Begg “promoted and encouraged religious violence,” after scrutinizing Begg’s speeches from 2006-11.

The court noted Begg’s predeliction for quoting Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from 1993 until he died in 1999, a leader within Salafi-Wahabi Islam.


What Muslims Really Pray at ‘Interfaith’ Gatherings

In his blog, theologian and scholar of Islam Dr. Mark Durie states:

It is remarkable that the daily prayers of every Muslim, part of the core of Islam, include a rejection of Christians and Jews as misguided and objects of Allah’s wrath.

Devout Muslims repeat this Surat al Fatiha (Qur’an, 1:7) at least seventeen times daily during the five calls to prayer – over 5,000 times a year.


Open letter exposes faculty revolt at U of T’s St. Mike’s College, as discontent swirls over role of president, cardinal

Lots goin on here… likely his wife too.

“…Added to what one professor has called “ecclesiastical turmoil” at St. Mike’s, Angelo Minardi, fired several months ago as the college’s lay chaplain, has lodged a human rights complaint against the college that alleges Mulroney ordered him to take down a “Golden Rule” poster that declared that the world’s major faiths adhere to the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. In the complaint, Minardi claims that Mulroney told him Catholics are not equal to other faiths and the poster would mislead Catholic students.

Faculty members familiar with Minardi’s complaint say Minardi also alleges he was told by Mulroney not to organize a prayer service with Muslim students after the shootings at a mosque near Quebec City, and that a Mulroney aide told him “students who are of other faith traditions can be accommodated across campus at the University of Toronto’s multifaith centre, not at St. Michael’s College because we are a Catholic college.”

Minardi says that, on the advice of his lawyer, he won’t speak publicly about his human rights complaint or produce documentation until the college files a response. Mulroney said that he will not talk about a “management” issue, but insisted St. Mike’s meets U of T standards on student rights.”

Propaganda poster.

Interfaith dialogue propaganda poster


UCC Congregation: Islam More Progressive than Christianity

“One of the real gifts that Islam brings is an understanding of what it is to have a country with diverse religious viewpoints,” stated Rev. Dr. David B. Lindsey on June 11 at the Little River United Church of Christ (UCC) in Northern Virginia. Befitting the declining UCC’s leftwing, anti-Israel politics, his roseate understanding of Islam set the tone for Little River UCC’s biased, superficial presentation on “Faith in Film: Refugees and Islamophobia.”


Islamist broken windows

When Rudolph Giuliani was mayor of New York City, he took an approach to criminology called “Broken Windows”, generating respect for the law by prosecuting the smallest infractions.

Focusing only on major crime and tolerating petty crime and vandalism, a culture of disrespect for the law and those who enforce it developed, lead to more and more serious crime, according to Giuliani’s thought. The Broken Windows policy was a resounding success — New York hasn’t been a byword for rampant crime for nearly twenty years now — and so it can be with community-based activist Islamism


Selling Out Pentecost to Islam

Next Sunday, Christians are celebrating the feast of Pentecost. A Protestant church in the Netherlands is using the occasion to propose the abolishment of the public holiday for the second day of Pentecost. The Dutch have officially been enjoying this holiday since 1815, but the church wants it replaced by an official holiday on Eid-al-Fitr, the day marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.