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SH*T Pope Francis Says: Refusal to allow mass migration is suicide

“…Following Saturday’s service, Pope Francis met with migrants from Lebanon who were airlifted out of the country through a Christian-sponsored mission. While there, he addressed crowds and praised European countries for “bearing this extra burden.”

However, the pope criticized Europe’s refusal to allow new migrants into the continent, likening it to “suicide.”

“We live in a civilization that is not having children, but also closes its door to migrants: this is called suicide,” said Pope Francis. According to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), European countries made up 14 of the 20 nations with the world’s lowest birth rates.”

He’s half right, demography is destiny, but mass Islamic migration is accelerated suicide Pope.

Pope is planning to retire, say allies – but only once he’s appointed enough liberal cardinals

Allies of Pope Francis are saying that he’s planning to follow the example of Benedict XVI and retire. But he’ll only do so once he’s appointed enough liberal cardinals to make sure that the next conclave doesn’t elected a conservative who will interpret Catholic doctrine more strictly than he does.

The French, Coming Apart

A social thinker illuminates his country’s populist divide.

The real-estate market in any sophisticated city reflects deep aspirations and fears. If you had a feel for its ups and downs—if you understood, say, why young parents were picking this neighborhood and drunks wound up relegated to that one—you could make a killing in property, but you also might be able to pronounce on how society was evolving more generally. In 2016, a real-estate developer even sought—and won—the presidency of the United States.

In France, a real-estate expert has done something almost as improbable. Christophe Guilluy calls himself a geographer. But he has spent decades as a housing consultant in various rapidly changing neighborhoods north of Paris, studying gentrification, among other things. And he has crafted a convincing narrative tying together France’s various social problems—immigration tensions, inequality, deindustrialization, economic decline, ethnic conflict, and the rise of populist parties. Such an analysis had previously eluded the Parisian caste of philosophers, political scientists, literary journalists, government-funded researchers, and party ideologues.

Pope Francis Renders Unto Cesar Chavez

The Washington Post covers his attempts to sanctify illegal immigration.

The flattering headline on the Washington Post’s story this week about Pope Francis’s open-borders activism ran, “How Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against anti-migrant populism.” Anti-migrant populism is the Post’s latest euphemism for the opposition of ordinary people to the violation of immigration laws.

A more honest headline would have been: How Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against the state’s just laws. The story, of course, makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. So Pope Francis is treated throughout it not as an advocate for law-breaking but as a champion of “migrants.”

New Jersey: Muslim teen admits jihad plot to kill Pope Francis in Philly

Santos Colon, 17, of Lindenwold, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Noel L. Hillman in Camden to a charge of attempting to provide material support to terrorists, according to court records.

Colon, also known as Ahmad Shakoor, had tried to recruit a person he thought was a sniper to join him in his plot, which involved shooting the Pope during his Papal mass and setting off explosive devices, according to a statement from Acting U.S. Attorney William E Fitzgerald and Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security Mary B. McCord.

Pope Lays Out Global Marxist Agenda

The list of left-wing causes in the pope’s address was extensive. Bennis noted “his calls to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees, end the death penalty, preserve the planet from the ravages of climate change, and defend the poor and dispossessed.” And then there was the attack on the policies of peace through strength, which keep us free.

Are you sure he isn’t a Muslim?

Pope Francis Hates Populism, Except When He Loves It

Pope Francis recently told Germany’s leading liberal newspaper Die Zeit that ‘Populism is evil and ends badly, as the past century shows.’ Except he doesn’t think that.

I suspect I wasn’t the only person taken aback when Pope Francis recently stated in an interview with Germany’s leading liberal newspaper Die Zeit that “Populism is evil and ends badly, as the past century shows.”

The pope didn’t specify who he had in mind. Plenty assumed he was obliquely referring to Donald Trump and European politicians like Marine Le Pen. I’m sure, however, that others thought that the pope’s words verged on the kettle calling the pot black. For whether it’s his rhetorical style or the type of political movement to which he appears to lend his support, Pope Francis seems quite sympathetic to some forms of populism.

Rabbi takes Pope Francis to task for anti-Semitic rhetoric

From Matthew Schmitz at First Things

In a recent letter on the return of Catholic anti-Judaism, Giuseppe Laras, a prominent Italian rabbi, objects to the homilies of Pope Francis for their promotion of false and dangerous anti-Jewish stereotypes. Laras perceives “an undercurrent—with the text a bit more manifest now—of resentment, intolerance, and annoyance on the Christian side toward Judaism; a substantial distrust of the Bible and a subsequent minimization of the Jewish biblical roots of Christianity; a more or less latent ‘Marcionism’ now presented in pseudo-scientific form, which today focuses insistently on ethics and politics.”

Laras is aware of and grateful for recent improvements in Catholic understanding of Judaism—but he laments that these seem to be lost on Francis: More.

Reality check: Anti-Semitism is now, quite simply, a progressive cause. And another reason for progressives to feel at home with Islamists. As campuses continue to rot intellectually, it may become a staple of snowflake culture too.

See also: Dennis Prager on Jews who love their enemies

“What hell is happening in Scandinavia”? Anti-Semitism is now PC

A plot by Cardinals against the Pope?

From Damian Thompson at UK Spectator:

There is a touch of the Peronist street-fighter about Jorge Bergoglio. As his fellow Argentinian Jesuits know only too well, he is relaxed about making enemies so long as he is confident that he has the upper hand. The posters convey impotent rage: they are unlikely to carry the fingerprints of senior churchmen.

In any case, it is not anonymous mockery that should worry the Pope: it is the public silence of cardinals and bishops who, in the early days of his pontificate, missed no opportunity to cheer him on.

The silence is ominous because it comes amid suspicion that influential cardinals are plotting against Francis — motivated not by partisan malice, but by fear that the integrity and authority of the papacy is at stake.

To quote one Vatican employee, ‘Liberal or conservative, what most cardinals want is release from the endless fatigue created by Francis.’More.

Reality check:  It may have occurred to some of them that the Catholics who worry most about Francis running off at the mouth are the ones who attend mass, give, and volunteer. Oddly, Francis was holding forth on the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a solid theory and is the most widely accepted one. It also conforms with what we might expect our cosmos to be like if it is a divine creation, as we say. BUT the theory is far from incontestable. The Big Bang is best defended by specialists who can respond to abstruse objections in the literature.

Why must a Pope be an expert in everything? That alone would suggest to me that he is not doing what he should.

See also: The Sweden of progressives’ dreams, including the Pope’s, is being murdered by reality. Good thing few Swedes are Catholics. Bad thing Sweden isn’t Texas.


Pope Francis and sins of omission on jihadism

Pope Francis is a holy man. He is exactly the type of man you would want to preside at your child’s wedding, or your parent’s funeral. He has a real pastoral presence and manifests great love for humanity.

He cares for the poor, has condemned antisemitism and affirmed the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. For these things we should rejoice and be glad.

But as holy as he is, Pope Francis is not currently providing the intellectual leadership needed to defend Christianity and its adherents against the onslaught of jihad.

Pope Francis and Venezuela: Throwing Another Tyranny a Lifeline

Critics of Pope Francis who describe him as a ‘socialist’ are fairly wide off the mark. Perhaps that was inevitable: Describing the ideology of a pope in conventionally political terms is, by definition, going to be a struggle. That said, in trying to understand Francis’ politics, it’s better to look to his Argentine past and, more specifically, Peronism and the way that Peronism (something, it should be said, of a shape-shifting concept) came to be understood. For a deep dive into this issue, “Pope Francis, Perón, and God’s People: The Political Religion of Jorge Mario Bergoglio” by Claudio I. Remeseira is very well worth reading.

The Papal Wrecking Ball

Under Pope Francis, the new orthodoxy is heterodoxy and woe to those who don’t conform to it. Headlines appeared this week announcing that the pope “had taken over the Knights of Malta after condom dispute.” In the past, such a headline would have suggested a papal crackdown on condom distribution. In this case, it refers to Pope Francis punishing an organization that fired an official implicated in the distribution of condoms. Pope Francis was dismayed by the removal of a Knights of Malta official who had overseen the order’s humanitarian agency, which had been handing out contraceptives to prostitutes and aid workers in Asia.