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Amidst Pedophile Scandal, Pope Francis Sets Sights on the Scourge of ‘Fake News’

Pope Francis has watched the Catholic Church’s reputation plunge under his watch as allegations of sexual assault pile up throughout the world, but he continues to act as a moral authority regardless. Francis is now spreading a popular leftist conspiracy theory that the “fake news” threatens to rip apart the fabric of our society.


Pope Francis The Dubious Urges Moroccan Christians To Be Good Little Dhimmis

Pope Francis urges Moroccan Christians against converting others

“Please, no proselytism!” he told an audience of around 400, who greeted the pope’s arrival by ululating and applauding, while hundreds more gathered outside the cathedral.

Christians are a tiny minority in Morocco where 99 percent of the population is Muslim, with sub-Saharan Africans making up a large part of the country’s 30,000-strong Catholic community.

Islam is the state religion and authorities are keen to stress the country’s “religious tolerance” which allows Christians and Jews to worship freely.

But Moroccans are automatically considered Muslim if they are not born into the Jewish community, apostasy is socially frowned upon, and proselytising is criminalised.


Pope Walled Estate The 1st Tells Rome Mayor to ‘Welcome and Integrate’ Migrants

Pope Francis traveled to Rome’s city hall Tuesday, encouraging the mayor and her staff to be welcoming toward migrants and anyone who wants to make his home in the capital.

“Rome, over its nearly 2,800 years of history, has been able to welcome and integrate different populations and people from all over the world, belonging to the most varied social and economic categories,” the pope told Mayor Virginia Raggi in his prepared address, “without canceling their legitimate differences, without humiliating or crushing their respective peculiar characteristics and identity.”


What Is in the Pope’s Hand?

Pope Francis is increasingly showing his hand. He came into the papacy promising to clean up the Church, especially on matters of sexual abuse. In doing so, he raised hopes among the laity, especially in America and Latin America. He said all the right things or at least many of the right things. He traveled the world. Now it is increasingly obvious that he means none of it.

Pope Francis comes from Argentina. Yet the more I see of him he looks and sounds like a fat alderman from Chicago. He is slippery, evasive, and I think we all know where he is going to go. He is heading to the comfortable left, ever to the left. What he really thinks about anything I cannot say, but look at the issues that he claims move him.


Sheik Francis al-Vatican to visit Moroccan imam school to boost “Moderate Islam”

The Vatican on Saturday released the schedule for the pope’s trip to Rabat, the capital of Morocco. It comes on the heels of Francis’ recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, where he signed a landmark “fraternity” document with a leading Sunni imam and sought to encourage moderate Islam and interfaith ties.


Pope Francis Tells Islamic Imam Who Wants to Kill Christian Converts, “You’re my brother…”

Practitioners of Islam use ‘Interfaith Dialogue’ as an intentional strategy to win the hearts and minds of professing Christians and to reaffirm the faith of questioning Muslims. The practice is called Dawah, and unsuspecting people happily engage in Interfaith Dialogue with Muslims, either ignorant of their tactics or self-assured in their own hubris, convinced of their inability to be suckered.


Pope Francis Tells China Bishops to Show Loyalty to Communists

Pope Francis has called on Chinese bishops to show respect and loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party as faithful “members of the Chinese people.”

The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, published an article Sunday in Italian, English, and Chinese, saying that the pope has invited “all the Bishops to renew their total adherence to Christ and to the Church.”


The Pope’s Stubborn Silence on the Persecution of Christians

4,305 Christians were killed simply because their Christian faith in 2018. This is the dramatic number contained in the new “World Watch List 2019” just compiled by the non-governmental organization Open Doors. It reveals that in 2018, there were 1,000 more Christian victims — 25% more — than the year before, when there were 3,066.

These days, 245 million Christians in the world are apparently persecuted simply for their faith. Last November, The organization Aid to the Church in Need released its “Religious Freedom Report” for 2018 and reached the a similar conclusion: 300 million Christians were subjected to violence. Christianity, despite stiff competition, has been called “the most persecuted religion in the world“.

In March 2019, Pope Francis will travel to Morocco, a country also listed in the Open Doors’ watch list. Unfortunately, Pope Francis’s stance on Islam seems to be coming from a fantasy world.


Pope Francis’ Fake Mission to the Muslim World

Vatican News recently announced Pope Francis’ upcoming “Apostolic Journey to Morocco, whose theme is hope.” Before spending March 30-31 in Morocco, Francis is also scheduled to visit the United Arab Emirates. “Pope Francis will meet the leader of Moroccan Muslims,” Vatican News continues, “800 years after the meeting between St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan al-Malik al-Kāmil of Egypt.”

And they will smile while dreaming of his murder at their hands.


Not exactly another John Paul II: Pope Francis declares neutrality on Venezuela

Imagine Pope John Paul II openly declaring he wouldn’t take sides in Poland, as the showdown between Solidarity’s hugely popular freedom fighters, and the detested Jaruzelski communist military regime came to a head.

What a coincidence. In Venezuela, that same sort of sort of conflict over communism and freedom is happening, the world is choosing sides, a pope from the actual region is there, and Russia remains the same malevolent puppetmaster in the background.


Pope Francis: Viewing migrants as threat to society is ‘senseless’

In remarks made to hundreds of thousands of young Catholics at World Youth Day in Panama, Pope Francis said Friday it was “senseless and irresponsible” to view migrants as a blanket threat to security.

“We want to be a church that fosters a culture that welcomes, protects, promotes and integrates, that does not stigmatize, much less indulge in a senseless and irresponsible condemnation of every immigrant as a threat to society,” the pope said.

You live in gilded refinement, behind a wall, a big wall.