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For Ontario voters dissatisfied with Ford, Horwath and Wynne, there’s another choice: General Zod

For Ontario voters who don’t like the idea of a government run by Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath or Kathleen Wynne, another potential leader has emerged.

All he asks is that you kneel before him.

Which is really no less than what Trudeau and Wynne demand.

h/t Mark


A Win-Win: Make “Dreamers” Build That Wall!

Here’s the deal: “dreamers” could earn green-card status by volunteering for a military-service length period of time to serve on the construction crews building the wall. The more “dreamers” who enroll, the faster the wall gets completed! The Davis-Bacon Act would be suspended for these purposes, and the volunteers would be unpaid (except, perhaps, for some small stipend along the lines of what prisoners get for work serving in federal prisons). Food (MRE or above) and shelter (tent or above) will be provided. Only upon completion of the wall across our entire southern border will the green card status for those who have completed their duty be awarded.