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Finnish City Bans Asylum Seekers From Schools Amid Grooming Gang Scandal

The city of Oulu has temporarily banned asylum seeker and refugee visits to schools and day care centres as investigations into sexual abuse of minors continue, national Finnish broadcaster Yle reported.

The city’s ban of the integrational visits organised by the Red Cross and other charitable groups is based on an ongoing investigation into the alleged sexual abuse of underage girls by a number of asylum seekers and refugees in Oulu.

Mika Penttilä, the city’s Head of Education and Cultural Services, cited parental concerns and security reasons as the driving force behind the decision.


Finland’s Grooming Gangs

What hits hardest in the little town of Oulu in Finland is a disturbing sense that history is repeating itself here and nothing has been learned from the well-documented lessons of the past. Instead there seems to be a hope that with a few overdue statements this problem will go back underground and the noise will go away.


‘It is unacceptable that people granted asylum here have brought evil’: Finnish President expresses his ‘disgust’ at migrant grooming gangs

The President of Finland has expressed his ‘shock and disgust’ after police identified more suspects in connection with a foreign grooming gang targeting children in a town in the north of the country.

Police suspect 16 foreign-born men of rape or other sexual abuses of girls aged between ten and 15 in Oulu, northern Finland, adding another four men to the investigation today.

In addition, police in the capital Helsinki said on Sunday they had arrested three foreign-born men on similar charges.


Finland Shocked by Migrant Grooming Gangs Assaulting Girls as Young as 10

A series of sexual attacks against teenage and even preteen schoolgirls, with the suspected involvement by migrants from the Middle East, has shaken Finland, prompting condemnation from top-ranking politicians including Prime Minister Juha Sipilä and President Sauli Niinistö.

A group of eight immigrants suspected of brutally raping and sexually assaulting schoolgirls over a prolonged period of time have been arrested in the Finnish town of Oulu. According to the police all the men came to Finland as asylum seekers or refugees, some from the Middle East, national broadcaster Yle reported.

The alleged abusers are aged 18-40, whereas their victims were all aged under 15, with the youngest only 10 years of age. At least some of those detained have already received Finnish citizenship.


Finland – Nationalist Politician Slams School As Her Picture Is Used To Describe “Death”

Just as in other Scandinavian nations (Sweden, Denmark and Norway), Finland as well has seen a rise of populist, nationalist parties in recent years. One of their prominent figures is MP Ms Laura Huhtasaari, who couldn’t look more Finnish if you tried.

Over the weekend, Ms Huhtasaari said she was astonished when someone sent her a poster of a school project which has been done in a class on the topic of immigration.


62% of Finns believe Islam is fundamentally incompatible with their culture and values

Many Finns remain somewhat uncomfortable with Islam, suggests a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of Finns revealed they believe Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the culture and values in Finland. Over a quarter (28%), meanwhile, indicated that they would not accept a Muslim as a family member and 14 per cent that they would not accept a Muslim as a neighbour.


Finnish primary school sex education book

Traditional Britain Group, a British ultra-conservative organization, has expressed outrage over a “Finnish primary school sex education book” allegedly being distributed by a Finnish youth group, Hivpoint. The organisation shared an image on their social media network along with a text description of the brochure, which was taken from the “Just Wear It in Sex” Finnish brochure.


93% of migrant sex crimes in Finland are committed by migrants from Islamic countries – Study

A total of 1052 asylum seekers were suspected of crimes in 2016 and virtually all were men, who together represented 29 nations. Two thirds were Iraqis and the age of the suspects was evenly distributed.


Finland: Every Asylum Seeker Suspect Or Victim Of Crime

According to the release, a study conducted by the college based on the database on asylum seekers recorded in 2016 by the police information system found that the most common crimes committed by asylum seekers tend to involve assaults and intimidation at reception centres.

The next most common crimes committed by asylum seekers were property offences, sexual offences, and offences against reception centres and their staff.

But what about the curious incident of the goat in the night?


Sex with 10yo not rape, Finnish court rules in migrant’s case

In a case that has triggered public outrage, a top Finnish court has upheld a ruling that sex between an asylum seeker and a 10-year-old girl didn’t constitute rape. Critics are calling for harsher sentences for child abuse.

Finland’s Supreme Court rejected a request from the prosecution to appeal a three-year jail term for a 23-year-old man on Thursday. Finnish media identify him as Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin, an asylum seeker, but don’t reveal his country of origin.