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Why The World No Longer Needs The Cold War’s NATO

The old willingness to ‘pay any price, bear any burden’ is waning. There is no reason we should subsidize others’ luxuries, let alone when we have so many problems at home.

John Mearsheimer, a professor at the University of Chicago, predicted in 1990 that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would soon dissolve. Among academics, Mearsheimer has the reputation of a contrarian, perhaps even of a crank. But, back in 1994, he also predicted (to much derision) that Ukraine would regret surrendering its nukes when it wound up the victim of Russian aggression. Both predictions were born from a realist worldview, a worldview Donald Trump has returned to the White House.


Why Trump Makes Sense Regarding NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was conceived as a mutual defense pact against possible Soviet aggression in Europe following WWII, and the U.S., under President Harry Truman’s initiative, became one of the original twelve members in 1949. The unwillingness of the USSR to withdraw from various Eastern European countries at the end of WWII (which countries were then referred to by Winston Churchill as “behind the Iron Curtain”) gave considerable credibility to the idea that a mutual defense pact was needed in Europe. Such a pact would only make sense with U.S. membership since our infrastructure and economy had not been devastated by the War, and in fact in many ways had flourished


Backstabbing Trudeau insists Canada spending enough on defence, as Trump declares victory at NATO

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada hasn’t committed to spending new money on defence, despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments that he convinced NATO allies to dramatically hike spending.

Instead, Trudeau said at the wrap of the summit in Brussels that Canada has reaffirmed its commitment to work toward contributing two per cent of its gross domestic product to military spending — the military alliance’s benchmark —and reverse any cuts.

Canada is being lead by juveniles.


Donald Trump refuses to deny threatening to pull out of Nato, but says organisation ‘much stronger than it was two days ago’

Donald Trump has said that the United States’ commitment to Nato “remains very strong”, after member countries agreed to his demands to increase funding for defence.

Mr Trump refused to deny that he had threatened to pull the US out of the organisation, and said the atmosphere in the meeting was “a little tough for a little while,” but cordial after the spending commitments went up “like a rocket ship”.

Despite this Justin will still give our money to unaccountable 3rd world crap holes.


Trump at Nato: President accuses Germany of being ‘a captive of Russia’ in blistering attack

Donald Trump has accused Germany of being “captive” to Russia and questioned why America should continue to fund Nato in a blistering attack at the gathering.

The US president used opening remarks in a meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato general secretary, in Brussels to criticise other alliance members over defence spending.

Mr Trump said it was “very inappropriate” for Germany to be supporting the proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline between its country and Russia.

He questioned why America should be spending billions of dollars on Nato to counter the Kremlin only for European countries to hands billions back to Russia in energy deals.

This is great – Twitter exploding.

Better video at the link but this will give you the gist.


Trudeau won’t double defence budget despite calls from Trump

RIGA, LATVIA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will not double Canada’s defence budget, despite continued calls from U.S. President Donald Trump for all NATO countries to meet agreed-upon targets for defence spending.

Trudeau calls the military spending target — two per cent of GDP, agreed to by all NATO allies at the 2014 summit in Wales — “an easy shorthand” but a “limited tool” to measure a country’s commitment to the alliance.


Nato summit: Fears Trump may pull troops out of Europe

Donald Trump could threaten to pull US troops out of Ukraine and refuse to take part in joint Nato exercises if Britain and other European countries fail to commit to increased spending on defence, military figures and diplomats fear.

Senior sources involved in preparations for this week’s Nato summit are concerned that the US president will begin talks with Vladimir Putin about “redrawing the security landscape” across Europe if leaders refuse to meet Mr Trump’s demands to shoulder a bigger share of the military “burden”.


Is Turkey Playing a Double Game with NATO?

In January, 2018 Turkey reportedly awarded an 18-month contract for a study on the development and production of a long-range air- and missile-defense system to France and Italy, showing — ostensibly — Turkey’s ongoing commitment to NATO. The study, contracted between the EUROSAM consortium and Turkey’s Aselsan and Roketsan companies, was agreed upon in Paris, on the sidelines of a meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The contract for the study came on the heels of a deal between Ankara and Moscow, according to which Turkey would purchase the S-400 missile defense system — one of the most sophisticated on the global market — from Russia. The question is: Why would Turkey first order a Russian defense system and then turn around and make a cooperation agreement with Europe for the same purpose?

The answer is likely that Ankara is trying to pretend that it is still loyal to NATO, at a time when its strategic inclinations seem to indicate otherwise.


US considering troop withdrawal from Germany, report says

The US Department of Defense is examining options for withdrawing US forces stationed in Germany after President Donald Trump expressed interest in such a move, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

The newspaper, citing anonymous sources familiar with the evaluation, said officials were analyzing the cost and consequences of shifting either some or all 35,000 US troops to the US or Poland. Top defense officials, the paper said, have not been involved in the analysis.

The US Department of Defense rejected The Washington Post‘s report on Friday evening. A Pentagon spokesman told German news agency DPA that the National Security Council had not received any cost analysis from the Ministry of Defense for relocating US troops stationed in Germany.


Countering Moscow: NATO’s New “Military Schengen Zone”

On March 28, the European Union unveiled a plan to enhance NATO defense capabilities, particularly in view of increasing Russian aggression. The plan, which envisions the establishment of a European Defense Union by the year 2025, is aimed at easing current restrictions on the deployment of troops and the movement of military materiel across Europe, in the same way that the Schengen Area agreement has enabled passport-free travel between 26 states, most of which belong to the EU.


Russian-trained mercenaries back Bosnia’s Serb separatists

Russian-trained mercenaries are helping establishment a paramilitary unit serving the Serb separatist leader in Bosnia, it was reported in Sarajevo on Friday.

The report on the Žurnal news site, which was confirmed by the Bosnian security minister, comes at a time of mounting western anxiety about Russian efforts to destabilise the Balkans and resist Nato enlargement in the region.

On Tuesday, Milorad Dodik, the hardline leader of the Serb half of Bosnia, staged a military parade in Banja Luka in defiance of a ruling by the country’s constitutional court.

The Žurnal report said that a militia called “Serbian Honour” – which it said had been trained in a Russian-funded “humanitarian centre” in Serbia – was in the process of setting up a paramilitary group to be used against Dodik’s opponents.