Toronto District School Board Teaches That Only White People Are Racist

Welcome Instapundit Readers, also check out the TDSB Mosqueteria Story and this beauty…”Dear Parent, The TDSB wishes to inform you that your children are “White Privileged” Racists.”

Reader JH asked: Am I reading this correctly? Yes Jim you are. The Toronto District School Board has decreed that “Only White People Are Racist”

From the TDSB Resource: Teaching about Human Rights 9/11 and Beyond A Package for Educators Grades 7-12

Definitions Pages 5-6 – found on page 70 of this document. (NB: The Link may now be broken. The TDSB may have “disappeared” the document from their site, it is embedded below)


“While people in different contexts can experience prejudice or discrimination, racism, in a North American context, is based on an ideology of the superiority of the white race over other racial groups. Racism is evident in individual acts, such as racial slurs, jokes, etc., and institutionally, in terms of policies and practices at institutional levels of society. The result of institutional racism is that it maintains white privilege and power (such as racial profiling, hiring practices, history, and literature that centre on Western, European civilizations to the exclusion of other civilizations and communities). The social, systemic, and personal assumptions, practices, and behaviours that discriminate against persons according to their skin colour, hair texture, eye shape, and other superficial physical characteristics.”

This is child abuse, it is hate speech, I strongly encourage any parent unfortunate enough to have a child in this filth ridden system to file a complaint with the Toronto Police Services Hate Crimes Unit and to launch a civil suit against the TDSB. (I think that’s a great idea. Flood the system with complaints — especially as they’re valid ones. Instapundit)

I also encourage you to contact the TDSB directly, this cannot be allowed to stand. Contact by phone, by e-mail, or via Twitter – @TDSB_Official

Update: This is not the first time we have encountered “institutional race hatred” in government. Barbara Hall’s Ontario Human Rights Commission long ago revealed themselves to be drinking from the same marxist Race Hate Kool-Aid as did “Race Hate Edmonton“, which threw in a bit of Jew Hate for good measure.

TDSB Only Whites Can Be Racist – Teaching about Human Rights 2003