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Syrian refugee: Most refugees want to dominate Europe and destroy Christianity

In an interview with a German opinion magazine, a Syrian refugee speaks out about the real intentions of the refugees that came to Germany. The German editor changed his name to “Paul” for his protection.


Syrian refugees living in Lebanon start returning to Syria

ARSAL, Lebanon — Women and children crammed in the back of pick-up trucks piled high with mattresses and blankets, as dozens of Syrian refugees in Lebanon began crossing the border on Thursday, heading back home to an uncertain future in war-torn Syria.

The small exodus is part of a repatriation program that the government says is voluntary — the first batch of refugees to return to Syria from the Lebanese border town of Arsal this year. About 470 Syrians are expected to make the crossing on Thursday, after having requested permission from the Lebanese and Syrian governments.

Syrian pro-government Al-Ikhbariya TV broadcast from the border crossing, showing vehicles and civilians crossing over, and some of who were interviewed praised the Syrian army.


Sweden 2018 – 25,000 New Muslim Citizens From Syria And Somalia

The number of new Swedish citizens continues to increase at a rapid pace: so far this year, 25,000 cases of Sweden citizenship have already been distributed. As of today, the largest groups being granted citizenship are Syrias, “stateless” and Somalis, followed by minority groups from other Muslim countries.


Syrian refugee commits 400 crimes since he arrived in Germany in 2015

Police giving refugees instructions on how to locate infidel females.

He arrived in October 2015 and since then he lived in Plauen. Just a month after his arrival, he became member of the “tunnel gang” of Plauen. The gang is named after Plauen’s city centre, also called “tunnel” and consists mostly of migrants.


Syrian Granted Asylum Despite Being Convicted of Selling Drugs to Children

The Syrian, along with two other Syrian asylum seekers, one being his twin brother, were on trial for selling meth to young girls in the city of Linz when the 18-year-old had his asylum claim approved, Kronen Zeitung reports.The three Syrians are said to have used their apartment as a base to sell at least 750 grams of meth to various customers including underage girls, some of whom paid for the drugs with sex. Some of the girls were as young as 14 years old.