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Michael Moore Lashes Out On ‘Old, Tired, Privileged’ White People, Including Nancy Pelosi, On Twitter

“White people,” he tweeted, along with a video clip of Pelosi’s “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday. “Nobody likes giving up power. And they never see the writing on the wall. The new day arrives and no one has the heart to tell them they and their old tired privileged ways are over.”


The Civil War

America is a land that bans books, has political prisoners and condemns people to a form of internal exile where they cannot have a job or maintain a normal life. Ten years ago, if someone said Americans would lose their jobs because they liked something on social media, only the aluminum foil hat types would have believed it. Such things were considered impossible just a decade ago. In the 1980’s, these were the sorts of things that happened in the Soviet Union, which was why communism was considered evil.


A Liberal’s Losing Game: Fighting Racism with Racism

Kyle Korver of the Utah Jazz spends much of his April 8 “Privileged” essay on decrying racial prejudice and urging greater awareness of related issues.  Those certainly are fine admonitions.  I would heartily echo them.

But Korver does not stop there.  He wrongly goes on to endorse racist philosophy against one skin-color group, at the same time rightly bemoaning racism’s effects against others.  And, late in the writing, he attacks freedoms of thought and speech, those constitutional rights (among others) so despised in modern SJW circles.


How a Survey on Race Disproves White Privilege

How the “white privilege” fantasy is a symptom of racial differences.

White privilege, the hottest racist idea since cross-burnings at midnight and photos with Farrakhan, is a subject of academic study and media discourse. It’s hard to escape its pernicious message that an entire race is tainted by virtue of its skin color and that the accomplishments of any individual white person are due, not to his or her efforts, but to race, skin color, and a national infrastructure of white supremacism.

But who actually believes in white privilege?


Whistleblower Leaks Google’s ‘White Privilege’ Diversity Training

Mike Wacker leaked two pages of far-left dogma on race, privilege, and sexuality published in Google’s Allyship 101 “diversity training” materials. He quipped on Twitter, “At Google, we are a nonpartisan company…so long as you first accept our highly partisan definitions of key terms.” He elaborated that these policy-shaping definitions come from sources like “UC Berkeley and also Robin DiAngelo, the author of White Fragility.” Wacker previously made headlines when he claimed that a Google manager vowed “we need to stop hate [speech] and fake news because that’s how Trump won the election.”


Jussie Smollett perversion proves White Privilege is a myth, say black conservatives

Black conservatives across America are furious at Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx over her stunning unilateral decision to drop all 16 felony counts against “Empire” star Jussie Smollett after he staged a fake hate crime.

Which perversion do they mean?


What does white privilege look like? Here are a couple of examples …

I’m certainly no fan of racial profiling, but if there’s anyone I’m inherently suspicious of, and frankly afraid of, in a post-Pittsburgh, post-Christchurch world — in a society with a growing white nationalism problem — it’s definitely not Muslims in the lavatory. It’s white men wearing red hats that say Make America Great Again. Wouldn’t it be nice, for a change, if one of those guys was rudely interrupted on the toilet?


Esquire cover featuring white, middle-class ‘American boy’ sparks backlash: ‘How is this real?’

Esquire magazine just debuted its March 2019 issue, and the cover shines a spotlight on what it’s like for “an American boy” to grow up “white, middle class, and male in the era of social media, school shootings, toxic masculinity, #MeToo, and a divided country.”


Ice skating linked to white supremacy in climate study

‘Little Ice Age’ which froze the River Thames caused by Americas genocide, study finds

The “Little Ice Age” of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was triggered by the genocide of indigenous people in the Americas by European settlers, new research shows.

Scientists have long wondered what caused the drop in temperatures so severe it sometimes caused the River Thames to freeze over.

Now, new analysis by University College London (UCL) argues that so many people were slaughtered or died of disease that the amount of agricultural land dramatically reduced, in turn sucking carbon dioxide (CO²) from the atmosphere.

Muslims slaughtered over 400 million Hindus when they invaded India during the 12th to the 16th centuries. The “Little Ice Age” occurred between about 1300 and 1870. That’s a significant overlap. So why don’t the Muslims get blamed having killed 4 times as many? Was theirs a “Green” mass murder? Or is it just politically correct to blame whitey?


Fire service changes entrance test so it’s deliberately harder for white men

One of the county’s biggest fire services has been accused of discrimination after it emerged white men have to score higher in its recruitment tests than anyone else. West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service wants 60% of new recruits to be women, and 35% to be from black and minority ethnic groups by 2021. In a bid to reach the target, they have altered the pass rates to make it easier for people from those groups to get through the test.


White Privilege and Illegal Immigration

White privilege is a crime, according to Leftists. Consequently, young people are drilled into believing that they are criminal because of their melanin levels.  On the “Teaching Tolerance” site, students are told by author Cory Collins that they “can imagine [white privilege]  as something of a whiteness water cycle, wherein racism is the rain. That rain populates the earth, giving some areas more access to life and resources than others. The evaporation is white privilege — an invisible phenomenon that is both a result of the rain and the reason it keeps going.”

But if white privilege is so awful, wouldn’t it be hypocritical to come to a country that is predominantly white and then partake of the wealth and power that white privilege provides?  After all, benefiting from an evil system does not seem ethical.  And leftists always claim the moral high ground — don’t they? 


The Answer to ‘Privilege’

A student came to me with a dilemma: I had just given a presentation about being a conservative in academia, and she and a few others gathered after the talk to ask my advice.

“What do I say,” she began, “when I start talking about political issues and people tell me I can’t join in because of my ‘white privilege’?” She was genuinely uncertain, and showed not the slightest hostility toward the people who shut her down. She was dismayed, not angry.

I looked at her and said, “Next time, you face them down and speak the truth: ‘So, then, it’s war.’” She blinked. The others stayed quiet but their eyes widened. Clearly, this was an answer they didn’t expect.


‘Do white people dominate the outdoors?’ MEC apologizes for using only white models

In a surprising apology, Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Canadian outdoor apparel giant, admitted to helping advance the “vastly incorrect notion” that the outdoors is for white people only, criticizing decades worth of its own advertisements and catalogues for depending almost exclusively on white models to sell wares.