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Italy Building Anti-EU Axis

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is leading an effort to create a pan-European populist alliance to challenge the pro-European establishment over the future of the European Union. The aim is to reclaim sovereignty from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and transfer key EU powers back to national capitals.

Germany and France, the self-appointed guardians of European integration, are responding to the challenge with an ambitious counterplan to make the European Union a “more decisive power on the world stage.”

The showdown, which threatens to split the European Union down the middle between Eurosceptic nationalists and Europhile globalists, will heat up in coming weeks and months, ahead of elections for the European Parliament in late May 2019.


Italian leftist militant Battisti arrested in Bolivia 38 years after jailbreak

MILAN (Reuters) – Italian former leftist guerrilla Cesare Battisti, on the run for almost four decades after escaping prison following a murder conviction, has been arrested in Bolivia and is expected to be extradited to Italy, officials said on Sunday.

“He will soon arrive in Brazil and from here will be transferred to Italy to serve a life sentence,” Filipe G. Martins, a senior aide on international affairs to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, tweeted.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who is also deputy prime minister, told Italian television he hoped Battisti – who lived in Brazil for years – would be back in Italy by the middle of the week.


Leftist Italian mayors rebel against hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini over asylum seeker law

A group of Italian mayors has rebelled against Matteo Salvini, the country’s hardline interior minister, by refusing to implement stringent new laws on the treatment of asylum seekers.

The mayors of Palermo, Naples, Florence and Parma said that a controversial security law, passed by the populist coalition in November, violates the basic rights of migrants and refugees.

The law prevents migrants from seeking residency permits while they are waiting for their asylum applications to be considered, meaning that they cannot access services such as health care, housing and schools for their children.


Toddler dies in botched circumcision in Rome migrant refuge

A toddler has died and his twin brother is fighting for his life at a Rome hospital after a botched home circumcision carried out at a migrant refuge on the outskirts of the city.

Italian police and local prosecutors have opened a murder investigation into the death of the boy who reportedly died of severe blood loss on Saturday when the procedure went wrong.

He and his brother, who have not been named, were born in Italy in January 2017 to a woman of Nigerian origin who is believed to have sought asylum in Italy.


Muslim leader who said polygamy is a civil right, demands “democratic representation” in Italian Government

Hamza Piccardo is one of Italy’s most prominent Muslim leaders. In the past he has claimed that “polygamy is our civil right” and now he has written to Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini requesting he “establish an electoral process leading to the election of a democratic representation of Italian Muslims.”


Somali migrant planned to blow up Italy’s largest church during Christmas “when the churches are full”

He ‘wanted to attack St. Peter’s at Christmas’ in Rome. Using wiretap recordings, DIGOS special security police in Bari, make arrest of a 20-year-old Somali national on terrorism charges.


‘Anti-Semitism coming predominantly from Muslim communities’

Public Security Minister Erdan meets Italian Deputy PM.

…Minister Erdan expressed his appreciation for “everything that Italy does to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, especially through an educational system,” noting that it is vital to act against any form of anti-Semitism. “It must be recognized that a large part of the anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in Europe comes from the new Muslim communities throughout the continent, and we must combat this phenomenon,” Erdan told Salvini.


Italy Adopts Hardline Immigration Law

The Italian Parliament has approved a tough new immigration and security law that will make it easier to deport migrants who commit crimes and strip those convicted of terrorism of their Italian citizenship.

Italy’s lower house of parliament, the Camera dei Deputativoted 396 to 99 on November 28 to approve the new law, which was sponsored by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. The law had previously been approved by the Italian Senate on November 7. The measure was promulgated by President Sergio Mattarella on December 3.

Also known as the “Security Decree” or the “Salvini Decree,” the new law includes several key provisions…


Italy orders seizure of migrant rescue ship Aquarius for ‘illegal waste treatment’

Italy has ordered the seizure of the migrant rescue ship Aquarius for alleged illegal waste treatment, Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiere MSF) said on Tuesday.

Investigators suspect the vessel, chartered by MSF and the SOS Mediterranee charity and currently stuck in the French port of Marseille, passed off 24 tonnes of potentially toxic waste as ordinary waste, Italian media reported.

MSF bank accounts in Italy have been blocked by the authorities, the international charity said.


Italy’s populist government plans to reward fertile families with state land in bid to boost birth rate

Italy’s populist government wants to reward parents who have a third child with the offer of free farmland, in a new plan aimed at reviving the country’s low birth rate.

The children-for-land incentive, inserted into Italy’s latest draft budget, aims to give parcels of state-held agricultural land for 20 years to parents who give birth to a third child between 2019 and 2021.

Families also would be eligible for zero-interest loans for up to €200,000 (£175,000) if they opt to buy their first home near their newly acquired land.


Italian Interior Minister starts deportation of 2,700 illegal migrants for a safer Italy

Already the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Salvini has almost completely ended illegal immigration via the sea and has combatted the illegal immigration business and human trafficking NGOs.

Now a budget of 12 million euros has been allocated by Italy’s government to remigrate illegals coming from places such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Half of the costs will be covered by the EU.


Italy to EU: “Italians come first … Italy no longer wants to be a servant to silly rules”

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini today said that the Italian government will not change its budget plan for 2019 despite the European Commission’s rejection of the government’s fiscal plan and call on Rome to rewrite the package within three weeks, employing the 2013 power to send back a budget of a euro zone country it says violates the rulebook.


“The gravy train is finished.” Italy’s Matteo Salvini applauds town cutting school meals and bus rides for “migrant” children

A town in Italy that has denied school meals and bus services to the children of migrant families has been denounced as “despicable” by critics but applauded by the country’s hard-line interior minister, Matteo Salvini.

Around 200 children have been affected by the controversial new measures in Lodi, a town in the northern region of Lombardy that is run by the hard-Right League party.

Matteo Salvini, who is head of The League as well as interior minister and deputy prime minister, praised the mayor of the town on Monday, saying: “The gravy train is finished.”