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Germany’s AfD joins Italy’s League in new populist coalition

Italy’s Matteo Salvini has formally launched his much-anticipated bid to unite European far-right parties ahead of EU elections in May. “We want to reform Europe,” he declared during a press conference at a swanky hotel in central Milan. “For many people, the EU is a nightmare, not a dream,” said the Italian interior minister and deputy prime minister.

Salvini has teamed up with Germany’s right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, whose leader and currently the group’s only MEP, Jörg Meuthen was by his side. Also at the table were representatives from the Danish People’s Party and the Finns Party of Finland, who are for now the only other confirmed members.


Neo-fascist violence keeps Roma out of Rome neighbourhood

Hundreds of neo-fascists, far-right activists and local residents took to the streets of a Rome suburb on Tuesday in a violent protest against 70 Roma people, including 33 children and 22 women, who were to be temporarily transferred to a reception centre in the area.

Demonstrators set fire to cars and bins, destroyed food that was meant for Roma and prevented their entry into a shelter for vulnerable people.

The protesters also included members of the neo-fascist CasaPound party and the far-right Forza Nuova, who finally forced the city council to transfer the Roma women and children to another neighbourhood.

Something tells me the Guardian isn’t telling both sides of this story.


Senegalese school bus driver who hijacked vehicle in Italy to protest migrant drownings was a known paedophile & posted video saying ‘Africa – arise’ before attack

A man who hijacked a school bus in Italy and set it alight was a known paedophile who had posted a video on YouTube saying ‘Africa – arise’, it has emerged.

Ousseynou Sy abducted 51 children, told them ‘no one would survive’ and set the bus on fire after they escaped in a 40-minute ordeal near Milan yesterday.

The 47-year-old driver, of Senegalese origin, told authorities he wanted to vindicate Europe-bound migrants who have died in the Mediterranean.

CIA Factbook – Senegal’s population is 95.9% Muslim


Bus full of children in Italy set alight by angry Senegalese driver ‘in retaliation’ for migrant drownings in Mediterranean

An Italian bus driver of Senegalese descent was arrested on Wednesday after hijacking his own vehicle and setting it on fire, allegedly threatening to kill more than 50 children on board.

The 47-year-old man said he was acting in revenge for the thousands of migrants, many of them African, who have drowned in the Mediterranean in recent years while trying to reach Europe from Libya.

“No one will survive,” he said, according to police.

“He shouted: ‘Stop the deaths at sea, I’ll carry out a massacre’,” said Marco Palmieri, a police spokesman.

Senegal is 95% Muslim according to the CIA World Factbook.


France condemns Italy’s meeting with gilets jaunes leader

Luigi Di Maio, the Italian deputy prime minister and leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), has met a senior figure from the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement – a meeting slammed as an unacceptable provocation by the French foreign ministry.

Di Maio and Alessandro Di Battista, a prominent M5S member, met Christophe Chalençon, as well as candidates the protest movement has put forward for the European elections in May, on the outskirts of Paris on Tuesday. Posting a photo of the group on Facebook, Di Maio described it as a “beautiful” meeting.

“The wind of change has crossed the Alps. I repeat. The wind of change has crossed the Alps,” he wrote.


Italy: Court rules far-right leader Salvini can be charged with kidnapping

A court in Sicily ruled on Thursday that Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini can be charged with kidnapping after he prevented refugees from disembarking from an Italian coast guard ship in August. “I confess,” Salvini said in a video posted to his Facebook page, “there is no need for a trial. It’s true, I did it and I’d do it again.”


Troll Level – Expert: Italy’s “Benny Hill” Appointed to UNESCO commission by populist government

Populist coalition under fire after Italy’s answer to Benny Hill appointed to Unesco commission

In the world of Italian film, he enjoys a reputation roughly equivalent to that of Benny Hill.

But that did not stop an Italian actor renowned for starring in a series of low-cost, ribald comedies involving scantily-clad women, improbable plots and slap-stick humour, from being appointed to a prestigious Unesco commission this week.


“Salvini is deporting children, migrants, he’s a racist, a fascist, a Nazi,”

Italy’s Matteo Salvini under fire as migrants removed from one of the country’s biggest reception centres

…But Mr Salvini dismissed the criticism, claiming that the migrant centre cost €6m a year to operate.

“Salvini is deporting children, migrants, he’s a racist, a fascist, a Nazi,” he wrote in a sarcastic social media post. “Lies of galactic proportions.”

Migrants who have their requests for asylum granted will be allowed to stay in Italy while the others will be sent back to their home countries, he said.

“We will use the money that we save to help Italians or whoever else is in need.”


Italy’s Salvini hopes France will get rid of ‘terrible’ Macron

In the latest in a series of incendiary comments aimed at maligned centrist French president Emmanuel Macron, Italy’s far-right Interior Minister worsened already strained relations between Rome and Paris by saying he hoped the French could soon free themselves of their “terrible president.”

“The opportunity will come on May 26 (the European elections) when finally the French people will be able to take back control of its future, destiny, (and) pride, which are poorly represented by a character like Macron”, Matteo Salvini said in his latest Facebook video taunting the government across the Alps.


Italy Building Anti-EU Axis

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is leading an effort to create a pan-European populist alliance to challenge the pro-European establishment over the future of the European Union. The aim is to reclaim sovereignty from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and transfer key EU powers back to national capitals.

Germany and France, the self-appointed guardians of European integration, are responding to the challenge with an ambitious counterplan to make the European Union a “more decisive power on the world stage.”

The showdown, which threatens to split the European Union down the middle between Eurosceptic nationalists and Europhile globalists, will heat up in coming weeks and months, ahead of elections for the European Parliament in late May 2019.


Italian leftist militant Battisti arrested in Bolivia 38 years after jailbreak

MILAN (Reuters) – Italian former leftist guerrilla Cesare Battisti, on the run for almost four decades after escaping prison following a murder conviction, has been arrested in Bolivia and is expected to be extradited to Italy, officials said on Sunday.

“He will soon arrive in Brazil and from here will be transferred to Italy to serve a life sentence,” Filipe G. Martins, a senior aide on international affairs to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, tweeted.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who is also deputy prime minister, told Italian television he hoped Battisti – who lived in Brazil for years – would be back in Italy by the middle of the week.


Leftist Italian mayors rebel against hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini over asylum seeker law

A group of Italian mayors has rebelled against Matteo Salvini, the country’s hardline interior minister, by refusing to implement stringent new laws on the treatment of asylum seekers.

The mayors of Palermo, Naples, Florence and Parma said that a controversial security law, passed by the populist coalition in November, violates the basic rights of migrants and refugees.

The law prevents migrants from seeking residency permits while they are waiting for their asylum applications to be considered, meaning that they cannot access services such as health care, housing and schools for their children.