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Italy and Hungary Create ‘Anti-Immigration Axis’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini have pledged to create an “anti-immigration axis” aimed at countering the pro-migration policies of the European Union.

Meeting in Milan on August 28, Orbán and Salvini, vowed to work together with Austria and the Visegrad Group — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia — to oppose a pro-migration group of EU countries led by French President Emmanuel Macron.


Italy: Interior Minister Accused of Kidnapping Migrants

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is under formal investigation for “kidnapping” after he refused to allow illegal migrants to disembark from a ship at a Sicilian port. The investigation, a political move aimed at blunting the government’s hardline stance on illegal immigration, has threatened to plunge Italy into a constitutional crisis over the separation of powers.

Sicilian Prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio said that the investigation into Salvini, the head of the anti-immigration League party, would focus on “kidnapping, illegal arrest and the abuse of power.”


Italian Catholics Look to Matteo Salvini Over Pope Francis on Immigration

Many practicing Catholics prefer the immigration policies of Italian Minister Matteo Salvini to those of Pope Francis, according to a series of recent polls.

The German daily Die Welt reported last week that Matteo Salvini is becoming the secret leader of Catholics in Italy because of his firm line on migration, while fewer and fewer Catholics support Pope Francis’ call for greater openness to migrants.


Donald Trump: Europe Should Follow Italy’s Immigration Example

President Donald Trump praised Italy’s tough immigration policies on Monday during a meeting at the White House with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

“I know he’s taken a very firm stance on the border, a stance few countries have taken, and, frankly, he’s doing the right thing, in my opinion,” Trump said during his White House meeting with Conte. “A lot of other countries in Europe should be doing it also.”


Italy investigating German ̷r̷e̷f̷u̷g̷e̷e̷ ̷ illegal alien invader “rescue” workers

Prosecutors from the Sicilian town of Trapani opened an investigation on Wednesday into more than 20 sea rescue workers accused of assisting with illegal immigration, according to a report from German news magazine Der Spiegel.

The rescuers work for various international non-governmental organizations, including Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children. Prosecutors have not pressed any charges and the preliminary investigation is a “technical process” in order to gather information from computers and phones, spokesperson for Doctors Without Borders told German press agency DPA.


Hard cheese: Italy vows to scupper EU free trade deal with Canada

Italy will not ratify the EU’s free trade agreement with Canada, the Italian deputy prime minister has said, potentially scuppering the bloc’s biggest deal in years.

“Soon CETA [Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement] will arrive in parliament and this majority will reject it and it will not ratify it,” Luigi Di Maio said at a farmers’ association gathering in Rome on Friday.

We got a cheese-ball for a leader.


Italy intensifies campaign against migrants by refusing access to merchant vessel involved in rescue

Italy’s populist government intensified its hardline stance against migrants by refusing, for the first time, to allow an Italian merchant ship to deliver a group of rescued asylum seekers to an Italian port.

The oil rig supply vessel picked up 66 migrants from the middle of the Mediterranean after they set out from the coast of Libya, as hundreds of thousands of others have done before them.

But instead of being allowed to bring the asylum seekers directly to Italian soil, as would have happened in the past, Rome insisted that they be transferred from the Vos Thalassa supply ship to an Italian coast guard vessel.


This Italian Town Once Welcomed Migrants. Now, It’s a Symbol for Right-Wing Politics

MACERATA, Italy — At the end of his shooting rampage as the police closed in, Luca Traini climbed the steps of a Fascist-era monument, wrapped himself in an Italian flag and straightened his arm in a Fascist salute.

He had shot and wounded six African migrants — from Ghana, Mali and Nigeria — in this medieval city near the Adriatic Sea to avenge the dismemberment of a young Italian woman, allegedly by a Nigerian drug dealer. In his mind, he was a patriot.

But to Italian leaders, liberals and anti-fascist groups, Mr. Traini was a terrifying omen.

The New York Times struggles to understand why Italians have had it with illegal alien invaders.


Salvini: ‘Soros Wants to Fill Italy and Europe with Migrants Because He Likes Slaves’

Italy’s deputy prime minister and minister of the interior Matteo Salvini has infuriated billionaire plutocrat George Soros, claiming the financier wants to flood Europe with migrant “slaves”.

The Lega (League) leader, who has surged in popularity since coming to office as head of one half of Italy’s new populist coalition government, made the comments in an interview on the In Onda television programme.


Salvini vows to end all migrant arrivals to Italy by boat

Italy’s hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Thursday said he wanted to put a complete stop to migrant arrivals in Italy by boat.
The aim is that “not one more person arrives by boat” on Italian shores, said Salvini during a news conference with Ahmed Maiteeq, vice president of the Libyan UN-backed Government of National Accord.

Salvini said that as “a minister and a father” he did not want any more “women or babies to get into rubber dinghies”.

“The goal is for those who come to Italy to arrive on planes, even first class,” said Salvini, who is the leader of the far-right League party which governs the country as part of a coalition.


Italy will close ports to NGO migrant ships ‘all summer’ despite drownings

Italy’s hardline interior minister, Matteo Salvini, announced Friday that Italian ports would be closed “all summer” to NGO ships which rescue migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe.

“The NGOs will only see Italy on a postcard,” quipped Salvini, who is also the new deputy prime minister and head of the far-right League party.

“The ports will be closed all summer,” he said on Italian radio. He added that the ban would concern not only access to ports but also “the furnishing of fuel to the NGOs.”

“As the Italian military tells me as well as the Libyans, the NGOs help traffickers, consciously or not,” said Salvini. But he stressed that Italy with other states “would continue to save all those who need to be saved.”