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Suppression: Theaters Drop ‘Gosnell’ Movie Despite It Being a Top-Grossing Film

When “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” was released last week, 668 theaters decided to hold screenings of the independent film. The movie quickly surpassed expectations by grossing $1.2 million on just 668 screenings of the film, Daily Wire reported. It even was put in the top 10 film list. Now, 188 theaters have dropped the film, 15 of which were top-performing multiplexes.

“Gosnell” executives aren’t surprised by the move, especially after the up-hill battle they’ve faced producing and placing the film. 


Female Student Physically Attacks a Pro-Life Demonstrator at Ryerson University in Ontario, Infringing on Free Speech

We have been following the increasing violence seen on college campuses, particularly directed against conservative and pro-life speakers. The latest incident occurred at Ryerson University in Ontario where a video captured Ryerson Student Gabriela “Gabby” Skwarko attacking two members of Toronto Against Abortion (TAA). Skwarko works for the school’s Office of Social Innovation. The video below shows a violent and unprovoked attack to stop an act of free speech on campus.


Great Hulking Beast Known As “The Skwarkonator” Under Investigation For Assault On Pro-Lifer At Ryerson

Toronto Police is investigating an anti-abortion demonstration turned violent at Ryerson University earlier this month.

Officers were called to Gould St. around 2:10 p.m. on Oct. 1 after a woman with the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective allegedly assaulted another woman, who was protesting with the Toronto Against Abortion group.

Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective?? If there were reproductive justice there would be no Skwarkonator!


‘Gosnell’: The movie

Arguably, a contributing factor to the continuation of abortion is that it is performed out of sight and thus, out of many minds.

A film about one of the worst practitioners of abortion, Kermit Gosnell, opens Oct. 12 in at least 600 theaters. Gosnellis the Philadelphia abortionist sentenced in 2013 to life in prison without parole for the murder of a baby born alive in a botched abortion.

The film, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” is based on trial transcripts and police records.

While on the SteynAtSea cruise we were treated to a showing of the film and a chat with producers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. The “chicken eating” scene was actually played down to mitigate the gross out factor. Do watch this movie, it is not a screed rather it has been designed to play as crime drama, which indeed it was.


Pro-choice male hairstylist suddenly roundhouse kicks pro-life campaigner as she peacefully protests at anti-abortion rally in Toronto

This is the shocking moment a man performs a vicious roundhouse kick on a woman as she takes part in a peaceful protest against abortion.

The irate stranger targeted Marie-Claire Bissonnette, 27, after she accused him of vandalising pro-life activists’ signs and clothing with permanent marker pens.

Jaw-dropping footage shows the seemingly unprovoked assault at the annual Life Chain street demonstration in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday.

Justin Trudeau refuses to directly condemn attack on pro-life woman

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to directly condemn a violent attack on a young pro-life woman by a pro-abortion advocate that happened in broad daylight during a pro-life event in Toronto on Sunday. A video of the attack has gone viral on social media.

PETITION: Tell Trudeau to condemn attack on pro-life woman

The video is so outrageous it has been picked up by major news outlets across North America.

Still, Prime Minister Trudeau refuses to directly condemn the attack, issuing a statement today that he disapproves “all violence.”

h/t JHW

BREAKING: Jordan Hunt had previously assaulted a young pro-life woman

The video of abortion supporter Jordan Hunt roundhouse-kicking a peaceful pro-life woman earlier this week has gone viral, with millions watching videos of the assault on social media. When the video was first released, many of my colleagues at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform noted that Hunt looked very familiar. When they reviewed footage of an assault on one of our young female interns earlier this summer during a pro-life demonstration in Toronto, we discovered why: Jordan Hunt was the attacker. It turns out that his assault earlier this week is not the first time he has attacked a pro-life female for expressing her views in public.

BREAKING: Twitter account of pro-abortion attacker was faked

The user behind Twitter account @jordan_hunt18 has created a media firestorm by refusing to apologize for the violent incident, taking swipes at pro-lifers, and comparing himself to Gandhi.


Did Trudeau just create an ‘ambassador for abortion’?

Shortly after forming government, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals announced that the Office of Religious Freedom, set up by the Harper Government to defend religious liberty around the world, would be closed down. It was an unnecessary project, they contended—and their contempt for freedom of conscience over the next several years would illustrate precisely why they felt it so unnecessary.


European Court Ruling Opens Up Censorship of Comparing Abortion to Murder

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has rejected the appeal of a German pro-life campaigner, opening up censorship to those who compare abortion to murder.

The Strasbourg court rejected the appeal of campaigner Klaus Guenter Annen who was ordered by German courts in four separate injunctions to stop comparing abortions to the Holocaust and saying that the doctors performing them were committing “aggravated murder”, Il Giornale reports.


Chelsea Clinton: ‘As a Deeply Religious Person’ I Believe It’s ‘Unchristian’ to End Legal Abortion’

Chelsea Clinton said in a SiriusXM interview Thursday that she believes it is “unchristian” to go back to a pre-Roe v. Wade America.

In response to a question about how she stayed optimistic about her fight to keep abortion legal, Clinton replied that “every day I make the moral choice to be optimistic that my efforts and my energies, particularly when I’m fortunate enough to be in partnership with fellow travelers, hopefully will make a difference.”


How The Left’s Attachment To Abortion Reflects Its Inner Marxism

Abortion’s prominence in the American left’s thought directly reflects its prominence in Marxist thought, which today enjoys a deep influence in this country.

The American left’s panic over the Supreme Court possibly overturning Roe v. Wade goes beyond the stated fear of government controlling sexuality. Abortion’s prominence in the American left’s thought directly reflects its prominence in Marxist thought, which today enjoys a deep influence in this country.

Re-branded as “critical theory” from the Frankfurt School of philosophy, Marxism now permeates the academy. Re-branded as “democratic socialism,” Marxism now permeates the Democratic Party.


Prediction: Peter Singer was right. Expect more aggressive public defences of infanticide

From Charles Camosy at Commonweal,

For about fifteen years now, one of the first things I do when having an argument about abortion is to ask prochoicers whether they think Peter Singer is wrong to support infanticide. If they think he is wrong, I then attempt to walk them back from their reasoning about infanticide to see how it might affect their reasoning about abortion. In public debates and private conversations, Singer and I have discussed the likely results of this strategy. He is convinced that prochoicers are more likely to become prochoice for infanticide as well as abortion than to question their views on abortion. Until recently, I’ve been convinced that prochoicers are more likely to change their minds about abortion than to become pro-infanticide. After witnessing the reaction to the Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans cases, I’m no longer so confident. Indeed, I worry that we are likely to see more aggressive public defenses of infanticide. And I also worry that, unless we can find a way to defend a non-ableist and non-ageist conception of human dignity, we simply won’t have the moral resources to resist. More.

Reality check: We are all “the fetus” now.

See also: The faces of the children…


Is Hollywood abortion culture not really popular culture after all?

Consider these developments:

Oprah shouts for abortion.

Oprah faces huge backlash.

Hollywood celebs wear abortion jewelry

National Abortion Rights Action League offers abortion-themed ice cream


766 babies born alive after failed abortions in Canada and left to die

Kermit Gosnell’s disgusting collection of 47 aborted babies kept as trophies Also: The mass murderer who couldn’t make the papers.

Meanwhile, a pro-life group noted in a media release about a recent court decision in Kentucky:


AUGUST 23, 2018


Americans United for Life Issues Statement on Reluctant 11th Circuit Upholds Injunction Against Alabama Abortion Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senior Counsel for the leading pro-life advocacy group Americans United for Life (AUL), Clarke Forsythe, has issued the following statement:

“The Eleventh Circuit’s decision yesterday striking down the Alabama prohibition on dismemberment abortion was disappointing but not unexpected, given the Supreme Court’s 2016 abortion decision that gave little room for the States to protect maternal health or the unborn child from abortion. What is striking is the fact that two of the three judges on this case were openly critical of the Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence, with the Chief Judge saying the court was forced to apply “the aberration of constitutional law relating to abortion” and strike down the law, and the second judge simply stating that Roe [the pro-abortion law] “has no basis in constitutional law.” Their voices are now added to the more than a dozen federal judges who have said that Roe is unworkable and must be re-examined.”

AUL, the nation’s premier pro-life legal team, works through the law and legislative process to one end: achieving comprehensive legal protection for human life from conception to natural death.

It’s hard to tell what’s happening in a battle amid all the smoke and noise but some clear outlines may be beginning to appear…

See also: The faces of the children…  Yes, sorry. I meant those forgotten faces, not the Time Magazine “crying child” cover that turned out to be a non-story. And Time stood by its non-story.