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Abortion activists panic over pro-life billboard pointing out Canada has no abortion law

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia, August 15, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Abortion activists and supporters are in a tizzy over billboards that state there is no abortion law in Canada, saying the billboards are misleading and disappointing.

“If you see a billboard in Dartmouth or elsewhere saying ‘Canada has no abortion laws’: (a) that’s not true and (b) the link on the billboard takes you to an anti-abortion website. To be clear: *CANADIAN LAW PROTECTS ABORTION ACCESS*,” tweeted Jennifer Taylor, of the Halifax-based firm of Stewart-McKelvey.


The war on conscientious objection shows how liberalism has changed

From Michael Cook at MercatorNet:

An “expert group” of abortion activists has launched a strong attack on the concept and practice of conscientious objection (CO) in healthcare. “The practice of refusing to provide legal and essential health care due to a doctor’s personal or religious beliefs is a violation of medical ethics and of patients’ right to health care,” says the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) in conjunction with Mujer y Salud en Uruguay. More.

Reality check: They are doing the same with euthanasia in Ontario. Soon, you will not be able to choose adoctor who would not kill you or your kid.

Progressives know that in order to win they must compromise everyone they cannot crush. Their defeat at the polls is a necessary first step to restoring safety for human beings.

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Liberals freak out over Kennedy retirement: ‘abortion access, same-sex marriage…on the line now’

Wednesday’s sudden news of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the US Supreme Court provoked near-instantaneous responses of fear and anger from Democrat officeholders, left-wing commentators, and pro-abortion activists.

23 Tweets From the Left on Kennedy’s Retirement


Hollywood wants a more positive image for abortion

From Brent Bozell and Tim Graham at Townhall:

Rina Mimoun, who scripted an abortion plot for the drama “Everwood” back in 2003, is still upset the main doctor character on the show wasn’t an abortionist, as they wanted. She’s upset that abortion is relegated to a Very Special Episode.

“The goal for all of it — network, streaming, everything — is to stop making it the one-off episode or the arc,” Mimoun said. “It would be nice if it was just part of the conversation and didn’t have to be so special and so earnest and so important.”

Her feminist ideal came on the CW show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” A woman has an abortion, and the pizza delivery driver rings her doorbell. In response, her son says, “Mom, I’ll get it, since you just had an abortion.”More.

Reality check: Not very likely dialogue, that.

Hollywood probably does not get the fact that the #MeToo revelations have robbed it of moral authority. People may not care what the celebs do but they don’t look up to them the same way either. Abortion chic will probably go the way of the many PC duds currently hitting the sod. There is just so much else nowadays to watch, see, and do, stuff that represents more accurately how real people think.

See also: Gallup: Most Americans favor abortion restrictions, have not become more liberal. As Kathy Shaidle has pointed out, the ultrasound on the fridge means that “the fetus” has a face.


U.S. blocked Canada’s abortion agenda at G7 negotiations

In the lead-up to this year’s G7 summit in Quebec, Canadian officials were explicit: women and children were going to be central, and an essential component of their health and empowerment is abortion. But when the final declarations were released, all language about “reproductive rights” was removed, and, according to Devex, “the U.S. delegation…was responsible for the softer official language.”


Irish Expats Travel Home to Vote on Abortion Referendum

Thousands of Irish citizens who live around the world have chronicled their journeys back there this week to vote on Friday in a divisive referendum on legalizing abortion.

Using the hashtag #HomeToVote on Twitter and Instagram, Irish people living abroad have shared stories about their journeys and explained why it was important to them to vote. Some traveled relatively short distances, like from London and Edinburgh, while others returned from as far away as Istanbul, Los Angeles and São Paulo, Brazil.


Alberta “Conservatives” Walk Out During Abortion Vote

Walking out isn’t leadership. It’s cowardice:

Alberta’s abortion clinic bill has moved one step closer to being passed following a debate that saw Opposition United Conservatives walk out of the chamber en masse five more times to avoid casting a vote.

At one point, the votes on amendments came quickly, with UCP members leaving their seats, exiting the chamber, returning and sitting down, then popping up minutes later to walk out again.

Five amendments put forward by Independent Derek Fildebrandt were defeated by the NDP and the opposition parties, moving the bill to third and final reading.

The bill calls for putting a legal buffer zone in place around abortion clinics to prevent staff and patients from being harassed by anti-abortion protesters.

UCP Leader Jason Kenney, who is against abortion, has said the bill is a political game by Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP to stir up divisive social issues, and has said his caucus will not participate.

By not participating, Kenney has allowed an abortion bill to go through. How does that wash with his moral objections?



The Canadian Voter

Oh, boy:

A new survey on the addition of an abortion-rights clause to 2018 Canada Summer Jobs applications shows Canadians are evenly divided over whether the requirement seems fair — but ultimately, a small majority support the decision to impose it anyway.

The Angus Reid Institute study shows a complicated response to the issue, with answers not neatly lining up with political parties or views on abortion. It also shows most Canadians haven’t been closely tuned in to the issue, with just 20 per cent saying they know a lot about it and 56 per cent saying this was the first time they’d even heard of it.


Ontario’s voters of all stripes think little of carbon pricing schemes, say the results of a new poll released on Monday.

An Ipsos poll found most Ontarians consider the controversial emissions-reduction measure as little more than a tax grab — a sentiment shared by seven in 10 respondents.

While 85% of Conservative voters took a dim view of carbon taxes, the poll shows similar sentiments right across party lines — 72% NDP and 54% Liberal.

Eighty-three percent of decided Conservative voters felt carbon taxes unfairly punish commuters — feelings shared by 71% of NDP supporters and 52% of Liberals.


Kelly McParland: Who would have guessed the Liberals would reopen the abortion debate?

Recognition is in order for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, who have succeeded in taking an important but slumbering national issue and bringing it to the fore.

Problem is, they didn’t mean to. At least, I don’t think they meant to, since nowhere in their long and varied list of election promises did they pledge to divert the country into a debate over abortion.

Justin may have virtue signalled himself into a corner…