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Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards: Force Christian medics to do abortions

From Steven Ertelt at Life News:

Last month, Cecile Richards sent an email to supporters of the Planned Parenthood abortion company asking them to contact the Department of Health and Human Services to reject proposed guidelines protecting the conscience rights of medical professionals who don’t want to be forced to be involved in abortions by either killing unborn children or referring patients for abortions. Without such conscience protections, pro-life doctors, Christian medical workers, and others who do not want to be abortion participants would be forced to be involved in abortions — as has happened in numerous cases across the country and around the world.

Richards sent Planned Parenthood abortion activists a follow-up email today asking them to once again speak out against conscience rights for medical professionals.More.

Reality check: As more people discover that abortion is life baby dismemberment, they need to force involvement. Forcing medical personnel to take part is like the Fugitive Slave Laws: They forced people who were not themselves slave owners to help the cause. Sometimes that helps weaken a cause and let us hope that forced involvement in abortions has that effect. But will it do so in a post-modern environment?

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It was never about freedom of choice, exactly; it was about abortion. And in the age of euthanasia, we are all “the fetus” now.


Catholic Bishop to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: You Can’t Bully Us Into Supporting Abortion

Catholic leaders are accusing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of bullying religious groups into supporting abortion on demand.

Trudeau’s administration is facing a huge backlash after it decided to begin forcing groups to affirm their support of “reproductive rights” on an application for grants for student summer jobs.


Justin Trudeau says killing infant Peoplekinds is A-OK, showing pics of the brutal process is “hateful” Badthink.

Group at centre of summer jobs storm stirs debate over graphic anti-abortion images

Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform singled out by Justin Trudeau for ‘hateful’ flyers

An anti-abortion group at the centre of the summer jobs grants controversy has been called out by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for using graphic and disturbing images in its messaging.

During a town hall in Winnipeg last month, Trudeau defended his government’s policy requiring that employers applying for job grants sign an attestation on reproductive and LGBT rights. He called flyers depicting bloodied, aborted fetuses used by the Calgary-based Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform (CCBR) “hateful.”

I am sickened that this stupid evil punk is Canada’s PM.


No, NYT, Pro-Life Websites Are Not Fake News

From the outset to the conclusion, the author does very little to successfully explain why any of the articles, examples, or pro-life news sites that she identifies actually qualify as fake news.

Recently, The New York Times published a column claiming that Facebook is ignoring fake news masquerading as pro-life articles and viewpoints. In it, Rossalyn Warren laments that the massive social media platform has not done more to weed out what she refers to as misinformation from pro-life news sites.

The major flaw in Warren’s column is obvious from the beginning.


Laws limiting fundamental freedom of protest at Ontario abortion clinics receive all-party support

All fundamentalisms have a totalitarian impulse, and secular fundamentalism is not immune. Canada has its share of secular fundamentalists infected with that impulse.

Much attention has been given to the face-covering law passed last week in Quebec. This week, Ontario will pass a law limiting protests against abortion that merits similar attention. In both cases, disproportionate measures are employed to limit freedoms, not to address a pressing public policy issue but as a form of official denunciation, backed by the fierce power of state coercion. One of the signs that totalitarian winds are blowing is when political dissent disappears, with the opposition parties in full cahoots with the government.


“Dialogue” at San Jose State U: Instructor threatens to beat up pro-life protesters

Of course. From Daniel Payne at the College Fix

“Amy Kapell and I were both in a ‘Grrr, we should just go find someone to beat the shit out of’ mood,” the post, attributed to San Jose State University lecturer Matthew Kapell, reads. “Then we found planned parenthood [sic] protesters. Who’s gonna bail us out?” More.

Reality check: But why are people like these teaching at a university anyway? It’s time for their victims, actual and intended, to start sueing and/or asking the police to lay charges.

Needless to say, alumni should stop giving to these five-star prison yards; they are no longer the universities the alumni once attended. And taxpayers should stop subsidizing them.

Let them starve until current administrations are replaced with ones that can hire faculty worthy of the calling and insist on students demonstrating the behaviour expected in an institution that thrives on and requires the free exchange of ideas.

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Celebs compete to glamorize abortion

From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

The website Deadline reports that there are not one but two movie projects attempting to glorify an underground abortion collective in Chicago that operated in the four years before the 1973 Roe v. Wade court decision legalizing abortion.

They won’t consider real-life exposes by The Center for Medical Progress. One report after another uncovers horrors. It recently displayed a hidden-camera video from National Abortion Federation conventions in 2014 and 2015. One abortion doctor wisecracked, “The fetus is a tough little object, and taking it — I mean, taking it apart on day one is very difficult.” Another said: “Our stories don’t really have a place in a lot of pro-choice discourse and rhetoric, right? The heads that get stuck that we can’t get out … the hemorrhages that we manage.

Instead, Jacklynn Blanchard of the Ms. Magazine blog publicized these movies as an opportunity to make abortion uplifting. More.

Reality check: For many progressives, it is uplifting. The power to destroy young lives unhindered promises that they will be permitted to do whatever they want to anyone else they want if they can find the rationale within their system. Knowing that few will protest and those few are easily dealt with. And they actually do not have much else to live for.

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Do late term abortions happen in Canada


Do late term abortions happen in Canada?

That means there are at least 2,000 late-term abortions every year.

Not counting Quebec: There are 94 facilities providing abortions in Canada since 2012 and nearly half (49%) are in Quebec. (From RightNow)

Reality check: Late term abortion inures the public to involuntary euthanasia. It is Cool to kill someone if they are not wanted or needed.

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Euthanasia in its happy host countries, Netherlands and Canada


China: Child born from 3rd trimester abortion was sold

From Sophie Williams at Daily Mail:

Woman, 18, aborts her baby at 35 WEEKS… and then is horrified to discover the midwife has saved the boy and sold him to her cousin

18-year-old Lili had an abortion after finding out she was pregnant

She was told that the procedure had been successful and paid the fees

Some three days later she was shocked to find the child had survived

A nurse had given it oxygen and sold the baby to her cousin

This is so cool, so feminist, it should have happened in Canada. It is legal here except the money part. More.

Reality check: A viable unborn child has fewer rights and fewer defenders than a shelter animal. Can you imagine the glitterati at Humane Society fundraisers sparing a thought for such a child?

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A pro-life activist celebrates her hate mail

From Alissa Golub at Right Now:

Reality check: Golub seems so different from the old lady right-to-lifers who, starting in the 1970s, brought about the worst situation in the Western world in Canada by their zeal, fury, factionalism, and absolute misunderstanding of the situation.

Big, elite, progressive governments do not need people who are good citizens the way they used to, and it is a good question whether the people can afford these types of governments.

Let’s hope more young people start realizing and talking about that.

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