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Austria: First asked if he was a Muslim, then he bit him in the ear

On Wednesday between 10 pm and 11 pm, a 26-year-old man appeared at the Hard police station to report an unusual experience. “He had a visible injury to his ear,” police spokesman Rainer Fitz told the Vorarlberger Nachrichten newspaper.

Opening with the Mike Tyson Gambit is a risky but bold maneuver.


Austria: Prosecutors Charged 17 Members of the Right Wing Generation Identity Group

Austrian prosecutors announced criminal charges Monday against 17 members of the far-right “Identitarian Movement” (IBÖ) connected to several of the group’s activities in recent years.
The state prosecutor in the city of Graz said 10 prominent members of the group and seven other “active sympathisers” were being charged with various counts of hate speech, criminal association, damage to property and coercion.


Syrian Granted Asylum Despite Being Convicted of Selling Drugs to Children

The Syrian, along with two other Syrian asylum seekers, one being his twin brother, were on trial for selling meth to young girls in the city of Linz when the 18-year-old had his asylum claim approved, Kronen Zeitung reports.The three Syrians are said to have used their apartment as a base to sell at least 750 grams of meth to various customers including underage girls, some of whom paid for the drugs with sex. Some of the girls were as young as 14 years old.


Austrian Police Raid Multiple Identitarian Members’ Homes Including Martin Sellner’s

Austrian police have raided ten homes and offices of identitarian activists, including Generation Identity co-leaders Martin Sellner and Patrick Lenart.

The authorities seized Sellner’s electronic devices including his phone and computers, with a Graz prosecutor looking to prosecute the activists as a criminal organisation.

The announcement of the raids came from Martin Sellner himself, who took to Twitter saying that the police had raided his apartment in Vienna and confiscated all of his electronic devices


Austria shifts further to the right with hardline asylum policy

Austria’s far-right FPÖ is still adjusting to its new role in government, moderating its language but not its positions. The party’s anti-immigrant stance still seems to resonate with many people in the country.

As the CBC is to Justin DW is to Merkel. The scorn for Austria’s asylum policy and the government is evident throughout the article, primarily because they’re doing exactly what they said they’d do and gosh darn it the Austrian people support them for it!


Vienna court imprisons teen over planned Christmas attacks in Germany

The Vienna Criminal Court sentenced an Austrian man of Albanian descent to nine years in prison on Friday in connection with plans for two Islamist extremist attacks in Germany.

The case highlights the challenges posed by radicalized youth ready to commit acts of terror at home and in neighboring countries.


Austria’s government plans to ban girls from wearing headscarves in primary schools to combat ‘parallel Muslim societies’

Austria’s right-wing government has announced plans to ban girls in kindergarten and primary schools from wearing Muslim headscarves.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who rules in coalition with the far-right Freedom Party, said the proposed anti-hijab law would aim to combat what the government sees as a threat to Austrian mainstream culture from some Muslims.

If any such plan became law it would apply to girls of up to around the age of ten, however as most Muslims who wear the hijab only begin doing so from puberty, it is not known how many people the ‘ban’ would affect.


Austrian migrant play dubbed Globalist ‘propaganda,’ canceled after outrage

…The play was commissioned by then-Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka from the center-right People’s Party, as well as the International Center for Migration Policy Development, and the Pedagogical Secondary College in Lower Austria. Its author, Edmund Enge, told Oe1 Radio station that some 350 teachers gave “almost exclusively positive critique and reactions from all sides.”

However, the majority of critics didn’t share this enthusiasm for the ‘Welt in Bewegung.’ One unnamed teacher who watched the play said that it had ‘put years of integration in danger.’

“What the play is about is what the ministry ordered. It’s actually not a play, it’s indoctrination supposed to result in thinking the right way,” Gerhard Ruiss, the head of the IG-Autoren writers’ collective, added.

According to director and political activist Tina Leisch, the Interior Ministry commissioned a “racist, poorly written” play, which turned out to be “the stupidest propaganda.” “It is a rape of what theater or art should be, and that is a call to thought, and not to say, ‘We are the ministry, and we are beating children over the head with our political positions,'” she said.


“A cry for help”: Austrian teacher breaks ranks to talk about Islam in schools

A veteran teacher with 25 years experience talks openly about the increasingly difficult job of getting through to students with migrant backgrounds who are preoccupied with their faith and culture.


Muslim patient forbids Austrian father from entering hospital room and visit his ill daughter

Having a sick child is one of the most horrible cards a person can be dealt in life and not even being allowed into your child’s room is even worse. In Vienna the family Salfenauer experienced exactly that and not because of medical reasons but because of the religious beliefs of another patient.


Police officer attacked outside Austrian parliament

A 26-year-old assailant has attacked a police officer outside the Austrian parliament in Vienna. The incident comes days after a 26-year-old man attacked a soldier outside the Iranian ambassador’s home in the city.

The incident comes just days after an attack outside the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Vienna which saw a 26-year-old man shot dead after stabbing a soldier several times.

Austria’s interior ministry said on Tuesday that the man, who was an Austrian of Egyptian origin, sympathized with radical Islamist ideology but it’s too early to ascertain his motives.


Muslim shouted about “Allah” while stabbing 4 in Vienna Attack, police stumped for motive

An Afghan man has been arrested after four people were injured in two knife attacks in Vienna, Austria.

Three pedestrians were attacked at random by a man wielding a knife near the capital’s famous Prater Park at around 7.45pm local time.

Police say that the three victims hurt in the stabbing frenzy were a family, including a father, mother and their daughter, 17.

Then 30 minutes later, another person was seriously injured in a separate attack at Praterstern. A police spokesman confirmed all the victims were Austrian.

One eyewitness said the attack happened in front of a Japanese restaurant near the U1 Nestroyplatz station on the Praterstrasse. He claimed the male victim injured in the first attack suffered from a heart attack and that the attacker shouted ‘Allah, Allah’. This has not been confirmed by police.

Police remain unsure of a possible motive.