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Swedish woman who sabotaged deportation of wife-beater migrant gets off with small fine

Elin Ersson – Swedish for asshole.

A Swedish woman who blocked the deportation of an Afghan asylum-seeker by refusing to sit down on an airplane has been fined 3,000 SEK (£250)

Elin Ersson, 21, has been found guilty of breaking aviation law when she failed to comply with orders from Turkish Airways crew at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg in July 2018.

She had purchased a ticket for the Istanbul flight with the intention of preventing the deportation of another Afghan man, however ended up stopping the expulsion of a 52-year-old convicted criminal.


American ISIS bride who called for terror attacks & has married 3 Muslim terrorists begs the US to let her back

Hoda Muthana – Muslim terrorist – ‘I made a big mistake’

An American jihadi bride living in a refugee camp after fleeing ISIS’s last stand in Syria is begging the US to allow her to return home.

Hoda Muthana, 24, left Hoover, Alabama in 2014, in order to join ISIS in Syria, where she would later call for US Muslims to ‘spill all of the blood’ by launching terror attacks during Memorial Day events.

Now, having lost two of her three jihadi fighter husbands and living in a squalid refugee camp, she claims to have been brainwashed and made a ‘big mistake’ when she travelled to Syria.


Canadian ‘ISIS bride’ in Syria: ‘I should be allowed to go home’

Amy – Idiot converted to Islam

A pregnant Alberta woman who moved to Syria with her ISIS-supporting husband and their two young boys says she wants to return to Canada.

The woman, whose first name is Amy, is one of four Canadian ISIS brides who spoke to CTV News from inside the Kurdish-run Al-Hawl refugee camp in eastern Syria.

Amy, who is 34, told CTV London Bureau Chief Paul Workman the story of how she ended up in such a dangerous situation. It all started when she married a Muslim man and converted to Islam.

Sorry not Sorry. No.


Rep. Omar’s Anti-Semitism is Just CAIR’s Anti-Semitism

Rep. Ilhan Omar defended the anti-Semitic Black Israelites hate group in January. In February, she was originally scheduled to speak at an Islamic Relief USA dinner alongside IRUSA’s Yousef Abdallah who had endorsed violence against Jews and described former Governor Chris Christie “down on his knees before the jewish lords and masters… only money makes stuff like this happen.”

Abdallah’s comments were very similar to the anti-Semitic Twitter slurs that got Omar in trouble.


Agonising hunt by US father for children trapped in Isis enclave

In late March 2015, Bashiurul Shikder made an urgent call home to ask about his wife and children. The 37-year-old American had just completed a pilgrimage to Mecca and his repeated messages to his wife in Florida had gone unanswered for over a week. Come home, his family told him. They’re in hospital. A short while later came the truth: “They finally told me, ‘they’re gone’,” said Shikder. “She’d taken them to Isis.”

In the anguished following days and the four long years since, Shikder’s search for his children, Yusuf, then seven, and Zahra, then three, has been a bitter journey, which he has kept to himself until now. As the ground held by Islamic State shrank, Shikder desperately followed his family’s retreat to the last enclave of the final town held by the group – a battered pocket of an eastern Syrian town named Baghuz.

That’s some Mom alright.


Some crimes are best left unsolved: Brother of two British ISIS fighters killed in Syria is stabbed to death in Brighton

The brother of two British teenagers killed fighting for Islamists in Syria has died in hospital after being stabbed in a car after it crashed.

Abdul Deghayes, from Brighton, died in the early hours of Sunday morning in the East Sussex city, Sussex Police confirmed as they announced they had launched a murder investigation.

The 22-year-old was found just before 9.30pm on Saturday in the passenger seat of a silver Volkswagen Polo which had crashed into other cars, police said.


‘I don’t trust anyone’: The British women who married IS jihadis

I see the UN is spending our money to feed and house Muslim terrorists. Great.

Reema Iqbal is talking to us from behind the plastic sheeting which marks the tented area which is now her home in Roj camp in northeast Syria.

She is not wearing the all-covering black Islamic dress and veil that most of the women walking around the camp are dressed in.

She’s instead in a T-shirt with shoulder-length hair which is wavy and flowing.

The first thing that strikes me is how healthy she appears. Her hair is shiny; her skin is glowing and flawless, and her teeth are white.

Pity if someone were to beat the shit out of her. I think the Kurds/SDF should just dispose of this trash. No questions asked.


Trump: EU must take back 800 Isis fighters captured in Syria

Donald Trump has told the EU it must take back its 800 Isis fighters captured in Syria by US-backed forces and put them on trial.

The president’s call came as he prepared to claim the end of the caliphate in north-west Syria with the fall of the final Isis-held town.

Some EU countries, notably France, have said they are preparing to take back their former jihadists, but the UK has been more resistant: it says the fighters held by the west’s Syrian Kurd allies can only return if they seek consular help in Turkey.

Frankly it would be a lot cheaper and much more satisfying to outsource their executions to their victims. A Go Fund Me appeal would raise millions I bet.


Muslim Terrorist: “I think a lot of people should have sympathy towards me for everything I have been through.”

That face is very punchable. No?

IS bride Shamima Begum tells Sky News: ‘A lot of people should have sympathy for me’


Revealed: Shamima Begum’s middle-class terrorist husband who ‘plotted atrocity in Europe’

Smiling shyly in a red checked shirt, this is the Dutch husband of ISIS bride Shamima Begum and the father of her unborn child.

Born into a “lovely” middle-class family, Yago Riedijk grew up in an affluent suburb in the eastern Netherlands with his parents and sister.

Neighbours have told how the “polite” little boy would play football in the street in Arnhem, where his dad worked as a railway engineer.

But now aged 26, Riedijk is a convicted terrorist who police believe was a member of a cell plotting an atrocity in Europe, The Times reports.


‘The Road to Shariadom’ in America

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA) is part of an international network of Muslim scholars that preaches shariah rule as a government system, even issuing a fatwa delineating sharia’s “superiority” over democracy. It is one of many Muslim organizations now dangerously and politically active in the United States. They include the 25-year-old Council of Islamic Relations, CAIR, self-described as a “Muslim civil rights organization” with an Islamic perspective on American public issues. More recent organizations – created in 2015 and similarly politically dedicated – include JETPAC, the Justice, Education and Technology Policy Advocacy Center, which encourages American Muslims to get involved in local politics, and MPower Change, committed to creating a political platform for Muslim issues and organizing around it.


Most ‘Isis brides’ I met in Syria showed signs of regret, even shame. Shamima Begum is different

They climbed down from the trucks in a cloud of dust. More than 1,000 women and children had just left the last few square miles of Isis-held territory, broken and exhausted from fleeing the last battle.

Waiting for them at the screening point in the Syrian desert last month were stern-looking Kurdish intelligence officials and US special forces soldiers. As far as they were concerned, these families who had stayed in the caliphate until its dying days were willing supporters of Isis.

More than 20,000 women and children have gone through the same process in the past two months, before moving on to al-Hol displacement camp further north. Shamima Begum, the British teenager who fled her home in Bethnal Green to join Isis, would have made the same journey not so long ago.


There’s Something about the Somalis…

“With by far the largest Somali American population in the United States – estimates of up to 100,000 – the insular ethnic community in Minnesota offers a rich recruiting ground.

“For over a decade, Islamist terror groups have been able to recruit from Minnesota. This is, in part, because Minnesota has a large Muslim population compared to other parts of the U.S,”


Devout Muslim with Canadian passport admits to role in gruesome ISIS execution videos

A Canadian captured in northern Syria last month has admitted he helped produce ISIS propaganda videos that showed prisoners digging their own graves and being executed, according to a local source.

Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, who was detained by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on Jan. 13, acknowledged his role in the ISIS videos Flames of War and Flames of War 2, the Rojava Information Centre said.

“Our sources in YPG confirmed that he is the narrator of both FoW [Flames of War] videos,” the group said. The YPG is the Kurdish militia that dominates the SDF alliance fighting ISIS.

He was just living his “religion”.


ISIS ‘jihadi brides have connections and skills to be very dangerous,’ warns MI6 chief

JIHADI brides like Shamima Begum who ran away to join Islamic State in Syria are “potentially very dangerous” when they return to the UK, Britain’s spy chief warned yesterday.

Alex Younger, head of MI6, said British-born IS fighters pose an “extremely complex problem” for the authorities when they come home. Mr Younger spoke after Home Secretary Sajid Javid vowed to block Begum’s return to the UK. The heavily-pregnant 19-year-old, now in a refugee camp in northern Syria and who has already lost two children, says she wants to come home to have her baby – the child of a Dutch IS fighter.