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A year later, police still struggling to solve deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman

Almost a year after billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman were found dead in their Toronto mansion, police are still struggling to solve the mystery.

Barry Sherman, 75, was the founder and CEO of generic drug manufacturer Apotex. His wife, Honey, 70, was a well-known philanthropist.

The case has attracted international attention, not only because of the bizarre circumstances surrounding their deaths, but also due to the couple’s well-known multimillion-dollar gifts to charities in Canada and abroad


Corbella: Notley stays quiet while Bill C-69 passes another hurdle

On Wednesday afternoon, federal Bill C-69 passed second reading in the Senate by a vote of 56-29.

The response from the Alberta government on this troubling news?

Crickets. Deafening silence. Inaction on an epic scale.

Officially called the Impact Assessment Act, many people in the energy industry prefer to call it Justin Trudeau’s “No More Pipelines Law”. Deron Bilous, Alberta’s economic development and trade minister, said Bill C-69 will “doom our energy sector.”

Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP government argues it has done plenty to object to Bill C-69.

The facts state otherwise.


Gingerbread men banned at Scottish Parliament as part of a new drive to ‘stamp out sexism’

Gingerbread men have been replaced by gingerbread persons in the Scottish Parliament’s coffee shop in case the traditional name causes offence.

The move comes as a strategy aimed at stamping out sexual harassment and sexism was introduced at Holyrood this week after a survey found 30 per cent of women working there believed they had been sexually harassed.

But the decision to rename the sweet treat has not gone down well with everyone.


‘Yellow-vest’ protesters defy government to gather in Paris

“Yellow vest” protesters have gathered on the Champs-Elysées in Paris for a fifth consecutive weekend of demonstrations.

Thousands of police will be deployed in case of violent clashes and disruptions that have marked previous protests.

The movement began five weeks ago, initially against a rise in fuel taxes, but has since spread to take in other issues, including education reforms.

Dozens of people have already been arrested this Saturday.

Nude Mariannes’s confront Police on the Champs Élysées.


Canada’s Liberal Party uses our tax dollars to support Muslim terrorists who murder women and children.

MALCOLM: The baby killed by Hamas is yet another wake-up call

The terrorists deliberately shot a heavily pregnant woman straight through the stomach, before cowardly fleeing the scene.

…The much-documented phenomenon of Palestinian indoctrination has ties to Canada and the Trudeau government’s decision to boost funding to a United Nations agency that has been infiltrated with Hamas operatives.

Earlier this year — after the U.S. announced it would pull funding from UNRWA, following in the footsteps of Canada’s former prime minister Stephen Harper who also pulled funding — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he would reinstate funding to the corrupt agency to the tune of $75 million in taxpayer funds.

See also Muslim Terrorists Are Financing Operations In Canada


Muslim terrorists are financing operations in Canada

FINTRAC – (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) has released its first Terrorist Financing Assessment. It is a very Islamophobic document!

Below is the section outlining the extent of risk presented by Hizballah (Hezbollah) activities in Canada. The report further details the extent of support found within the Muslim population resident in Canada for Mohammedan terrorist organizations worldwide.

It’s a sobering read and begs the question – why is Canada importing a violent supremacist cult?


Hizballah is one of the most complex listed terrorist organizations from a financing perspective and currently one of the most powerful political parties in Lebanon. The organization is well entrenched in the Lebanese political and economic landscape, giving it the capacity to act as a state within a state. Outside of these formal structures, however, Hizballah operates within a logistical and support structure that is both global in scope and highly diversified in nature. The organization makes use of this support network to augment its financial capacity for operations both within and outside the Middle East.

For decades, Hizballah has received significant funding from Iran, resulting in many countries designating it as a state sponsor of terrorism. This funding likely accounts for a large proportion of Hizballah’s overall budget, although specific figures are not known.

Second to state support for Hizballah are numerous material supporters–successful individuals in business and other professions–who provide both financial and other resources to the organization. These individuals operate in many countries both within and outside of the Middle East, including Canada. In many cases, these individuals are not directly tied to the formal structures of Hizballah, and operate successful businesses that engage in legitimate commercial activity. Some of the resources these businesses generate, however, are ultimately diverted to support Hizballah’s official activities.

Hizballah also maintains an international network of charities, non-profit organizations and other organizations sympathetic to its cause. These organizations exist in countries throughout the world, again including Canada. The financial connections between Hizballah and these organizations, however, are not always straightforward. In some cases, a portion of the funds these organizations raise may find its way back to Hizballah in the Middle East; however, in other cases these organizations themselves may be the beneficiaries of Hizballah funding.

Finally, Hizballah may benefit indirectly from donations or other funding from sympathetic members of the global Lebanese Shia population. Often, these individuals have no direct or even indirect affiliation with the organization, but may simply sympathize with it for political reasons. This support can even extend to individuals engaging in criminal activity, as has been seen on a limited number of occasions in the past in locations as diverse as West Africa, the United States and South America.


Hizballah will remain a primary concern for terrorist financing activity, since its global reach, diversified funding structure, and role in the Lebanese political system will ensure its longevity. Its increasing influence in Syria and Iraq as a result of its participation in the fight against Daesh has also bolstered its fortunes. The risk of the potential diversion of funds to support Hizballah remains higher in Canada in particular, given the longstanding and significant financial flows between Canada and Lebanon, the volume of which can often make suspicious transactions more difficult for reporting entities to detect.

Below is the full FINTRAC report in pdf format.

FINTRAC Terrorist Finance Assessment 2018


German jails ill-equipped to handle inmate radicalization

The petty criminal suspected of having committed Tuesday’s Strasbourg terror attack, Cherif Chekatt, may have also been radicalized in jail — perhaps when he was incarcerated in Germany. If that proves to be the case, he would be one of several Islamist terrorists in Europe with a criminal background who have been radicalized while in jail. Among them was Anis Amri, who perpetrated the terrorist attack on a Berlin Christmas market in December 2016. DW spoke with René Müller, who heads Germany’s prison officer union (BSBD), about the growing problem.


Iran’s European Hit Men

It is just before dusk when gunshots sound on a quiet, residential street in November 2017. A man falls to the sidewalk. A dark BMW races off, into the growing darkness of the night.

The victim, Ahmad Mola Nissi, dies that night of his wounds – including several shots to the head. He leaves a family grieving, but not surprised; there have been threats against him for some time, and efforts by the police to protect him. Those who know Nissi know who he is: the founder of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA), an Iranian separatist group which seeks independence for the Arab people of the Iranian province of Ahwazi, or Khuzestan. Iran calls it a terrorist group.


Why are Jewish people ‘wandering’ again?

Sometimes in the middle of grand political events – including grand political cock-ups – the story of one individual stands out and speaks for more than itself. Such a moment occurred last week with decision of one British man and his partner to leave the UK.

Mark Lewis (54) is not a household name. Although as one of Britain’s leading experts in media and libel law, plenty of the events of his life and career have intersected with moments of public interest. Lewis was the lawyer representing some of the most prominent victims in the News International phone-hacking scandal. His clients included the family of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and also the singer Charlotte Church. More recently, he represented the food-writer Jack Munroe in her successful libel case against Katie Hopkins.


Why your pizza may never be delivered by drone

For years tech companies such as Amazon, Alphabet and Uber have promised us delivery drones bringing goods to our doorsteps in a matter of minutes. So why are they taking so long to arrive?

One word: regulation.

If our skies are to become as crowded as our streets, airspace rules need updating to prevent accidents, terrorist attacks, and related problems, such as noise pollution.


Trump Admin. to Slash Support for UN Peacekeeping Missions in Africa

The Trump administration plans to significantly cut U.S. support for United Nations peacekeeping missions in Africa as part of a broader strategy that seeks to better promote American interests on the continent, National Security Adviser John Bolton said Thursday.

Speaking at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., Bolton criticized “unproductive, unsuccessful, and unaccountable U.N. peacekeeping missions” that often lead to decades of U.N. occupation rather than conflict resolution.


The Women’s March Anti-Semites: A Cautionary, ‘Intersectional’ Tale

Identity politics thrives by creating a hierarchy of victimhood — and every story of victimization requires a villain.

Identity politics is having a moment. As the Democratic party struggles to unite around a vision for its future, activists are targeting disengaged young people and members of minority communities, offering them something to belong to that’s more important than themselves — an especially tall order these days.


Elizabeth Warren Admits She Is Not A Person Of Color

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren admitted on Friday that she is not a person of color, despite recently seeking to prove that she has Native American ancestry.

In October, Warren released a DNA test in an attempt to combat President Donald Trump’s many attacks on her alleged Native American ancestry. The test results showed that she has a Native American ancestor “in the range of 6–10 generations ago.”

But during a commencement address at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday, Warren made clear that she does not consider herself a person of color.


63% of Pakistani mothers in Born in Bradford were found to be married to cousins

Did my children die because I married my cousin?

Ruba and Saqib both carry a gene for an incurable condition, which means their children have a one-in-four chance of dying in early childhood. They’ve already lost three. Ruba now wants IVF, to select a healthy embryo. Saqib is putting his trust in Allah. And some relatives want them to separate and remarry.

Ruba Bibi had not wanted to marry so young. She had planned to do A-levels and go to university, but before she had finished her GCSEs her parents arranged for her to marry Saqib Mehmood, her cousin, in Pakistan.