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Rohingya Muslim militants massacred 99 Hindu men, women and children who refused to convert to Islam

The Rohingya military group Arsa carried out deadly massacres and abductions of the Hindu community in Myanmar’s Rakhine state last year, a new report by Amnesty International has revealed.

Testimony collected by Amnesty from dozens of witnesses and survivors of the attacks in Rakhine in August have detailed how up to 99 Hindu men, women and children were killed by Arsa militants armed with knives, swords and sticks. Only those who agreed to convert to Islam were spared.


BREAKING NEWS: At least two people have been killed and several others injured in a shooting at a dance studio in Texas

Officers found one victim dead outside Studio 74, and several people were transported to hospitals – one of whom died from his injuries, Fort Worth police spokesman Daniel Segura said in a statement.

The disturbance began inside the studio, in the 2400 block of E. Lancaster Avenue, shortly after midnight and spilled out into the street, WFAA reports.

Well of course you’re going to get shot in there. Duh.


Paris France is SO OVER The Slaughter of Their Own People

“Screw the memorial to the dead” say the Black Block Anarchists!  Yeah, they were throwing the memorial candles for the dead at the Police. Continue reading


Swedish Media and Government Covering Up Ikea Terror Attack …AT LEAST ONE VICTIM BEHEADED



Dr. Carolin Herlin, victim of Islam

Mirjam Tapper posts that she has seen photos sent to here from someone that was at the crime scene.

“Just seen a couple of pictures taken by a visitor at IKEA. The images and text to them had legs almost give way under me. If the photos are authentic (I have no reason to believe that they are not) it shows that what many long feared has now happened in Sweden. The murders appear to be sheer terror act.
And performed in the most brutal manner.
I was furious when Rapport journalist yesterday commented on the murders and the victims’ situation, “they had the maximum of bad luck.” And the police called it a crazy deed.
In any country except this one had this incident prompted a comment from the government, but here dismissed it as an event any of the flow of violence. And it only blinds and silences. I feel anger, disappointment and contempt for this country’s politicians that left / leaves his people in the lurch and exposes the social experiment that has fatal consequences. Sweden is sick, very, very sick and it needs to recover. Am glad I do not have to stay here longer. I have much to compare to when I lived in many countries in Europe, follow the news in three languages in addition to Swedish, and I am excited to the core of ignorance in Sweden.

(The record is updated) I have not used me of the Swedish media at all. They spoke black in the first twelve hours. The fact that no Swedish politician has spoken out here 24 hours, seems very odd and cowardly. It dawns Now that the victims are a completely random mother and son. Victims are Carola Herlin , Skelleftea (55) and Emil Herlin (28). The woman appears to be decapitated , according to unconfirmed sources.


Here is an interview Dr. Herlin two months before she was murdered


Bad Lessons: Learning With Closed Eyes

Twenty five years ago a lone gunman walked into the École Polytechnique engineering school in Montreal, ordered the men to leave, and shot fourteen women. It was a traumatic experience, not just for the victims and their families, but for all of Canadian society.

Two and a half decades later, we still look back in astonishment, trying to understand how such a thing happened. We try to make it into a teaching experience, so that at least we’ve gained the ability to avoid repeating the tragedy. Intellectuals, editorialists point to our society’s misogyny, and the lack of gun control as the prime lessons.


Governor of southern Mexico state says bodies found in mass graves are not those of the 43 missing students

The governor of the southern Mexico state where 43 college students disappeared said Saturday that some of the bodies recovered from clandestine graves last weekend did not match the missing students.

Guerrero state Gov. Angel Aguirre gave no details about the DNA of the 28 bodies that were uncovered in clandestine graves last week. CBS News reports that the remains were severely burned and DNA tests are being conducted to identify the dead.

On Sept. 26, 43 local students were taken, but not as a result of organized crime — they were taken by local police officers.

Authorities say that officers rounded up the students who had visited the city from their rural college in Ayotzinapa to solicit donations and drove off with them after two shooting incidents in Iguala in which police gunfire killed six people and left 25 wounded.

Investigators say that a video showed police taking an undetermined number of students from the city after the violence, according to ABC 7…

Must be some other massacre. I gather these are not unusual in Mexico.

(Photo: People protest over the missing students)


Survivor of Mexico student massacre tells of his narrow escape from police death squad

unnamed-7A forensic investigator works at the site of the mass graves, near Iguala in Mexico

A survivor of the apparent massacre of dozens of students in Mexico has told of his narrow escape from the gang of corrupt police officers and drug cartel hit men who ambushed them.

State prosecutors believe more than 40 students who went missing last month after a violent clash with officers on the outskirts of Iguala were rounded up, killed and thrown in mass graves.

One of those who escaped said the students were travelling in buses which they had seized for a protest when they were blocked by a police car.

The 19-year-old, who wants to be known as Eusebio for fear of reprisals, said the officers then opened fire as the students got off the buses, killing at least one and injuring several others.

“The shooting carried on for a long time”…