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Fordham students fight back against Christian group’s petition to cancel drag show

The Bronx Jesuit school’s offices received angry calls and emails last week after an evangelical organization, the Tradition Family Property Student Group, posted a petition ripping the event at a school auditorium.


Vice and RuPaul Encourage Kids of All Ages to Find Their Inner Drag Queen

Kids should always be encouraged to find a hobby or a constructive outlet for their young minds. Maybe sports is a good option for some, or taking up a musical instrument works better for others. How about getting children interested in drag culture at a very young age? Does wearing platform shoes or a miniskirt sound like something a your young son would enjoy?


Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour

It takes a certain something to be a good storyteller: enthusiasm, timing and a flair for the dramatic. Performers at a children’s story hour at a New York City library have all that and then some – they’re drag queens.

About once a month since last fall, the Brooklyn Public Library has been presenting Drag Queen Story Hour, where performers with names such as Lil Miss Hot Mess and Ona Louise regale an audience of young children and their parents. There’s even a drag-queen version of “Wheels on the Bus” in which Lil Miss Hot Mess sings of hips that go “swish, swish, swish” and heels that go “higher, higher, higher.”


Student accuses restaurant of ‘transphobia’ after being denied entry while in drag

unnamed-2Grant’s outfit the night of the incident.

Tyler Grant, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, who identifies as gender queer, has filed a complaint against Whataburger after being denied entry while dressing in drag.

Grant – who prefers to be identified using gender-neutral pronouns such as “they,” “them” and “their” — says the officer initially allowed Grant into the Austin, Texas, restaurant. But the officer, Grant says, changed his mind upon hearing Grant’s voice and realizing Grant was not a cisgender female.

According to Grant, the officer asked, “Wait, are you a dude?” After notifying a Whataburger manager of the situation, the group – Grant and three friends – was asked to leave by both the officer and Whataburger manager.

Grant and a friend returned to the same Whataburger location the following day to speak with the manager on duty, who said the reason Grant was denied entry was because of Grant’s “see through” clothes…


First British Muslim Drag Queen Has Eurovision Hopes

According to the UK’s first Muslim Drag Queen Asifa Lahore, what differentiates this project from her other songs is is that for the first time, she releases original material with a strong focus on thoughtful contemporary lyrics and stunning vocals.

‘You may have seen me trying to discuss the topic of faith and sexual identity on the BBC Three show ‘Free Speech’ earlier this year, and subsequently in the press. Since then I have appearing on BBC World News with leading Bollywood actress Celina Jaitly and an array of British Asian community channels talking openly about LGBT issues…