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YouTube removes episode 23 of David Wood’s “Islamicize Me” as “hate speech”

Every day during this Ramadan, David Wood has been posting episodes of the video series he has produced in collaboration with Vocab Malone and Jon McCray, “Islamicize Me.” The idea is that three young men decide to live exactly as Muhammad directed for a month. It’s a biting satire based on the genuinely strange, dangerous, inexplicable, and violent things Muhammad is depicted as saying and doing in Hadith collections that Muslims accept as reliable.


FUREY: YouTube suspends Canadian anti-terror expert Tom Quiggin

Canadian intelligence expert Tom Quiggin has quite the resume. He’s worked with the RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces, the UN Protection Force in Yugoslavia, to name but a few. He’s testified before the Senate and at the Air India Inquiry. He was even an arms control inspector in Europe.

Yet, these extensive qualifications apparently aren’t enough for YouTube, which removed Quiggin’s new podcast from its platform before he even posted the first episode.

Check out the Quiggin Report.


Sadistic YouTube Deletes Channels, Demonetizes and Censors Content and Refuses to Respond to Press

The news that a content creator who was demonetized and censored by YouTube snapped and went homicidal at the company’s headquarters points to an ugly, systemic problem. YouTube creators have been asking for over a year for YouTube to communicate honestly and fairly with its creators, demanding an explanation for why some channels are demonetized and others with similar content aren’t.


Who is Nasim Aghdam? Everything we know about the YouTube HQ shooter

The woman who opened fire at YouTube’s offices in California on Tuesday raged against the video-sharing service for what she saw as censorship of her clips on her niche channel covering vegan issues, animal rights, Persian culture and fitness.

Nasim Aghdam, 39, of Southern California, was identified by police officials as the woman who approached the campus around lunchtime and began to fire before entering the building of the Google-owned video sharing service.

One man and two women were shot in the incident before the female shooter apparently committed suicide.

Ms Aghdam’s family say she was “angry” with the company and had complained about YouTube supposedly censoring her videos and cutting her ad revenue.

So, nothing to do with domestic violence, nor religion but a passionate hatred of YouTube’s arbitrary and discriminatory demonetization and censorship policies. This may result in Nasim being turned into a hero.

“Be aware! Dictatorship exists in all countries but with different tactics! They only care for personal and short-term profits and do anything to reach their goals even by fooling simple-minded people, hiding the truth, manipulating science and everything, putting public mental and physical health at risk, abusing non-human animals, polluting the environment, destroying family values, promoting materialism and sexual degeneration in the name of freedom and turning people into programmed robots!”

Shooter hated YouTube: Iranian animal rights protester, 39, who shot three staff at video giant’s HQ before killing herself, had a vendetta against ‘dictatorial’ site for censoring her videos and not paying her

Hard to argue this point… Aghdam compared her “workout video” to videos by “Nicki Minaj, Miley [Cyrus] and many others that have sexual things so inappropriate for children to watch,” but they “don’t get age-restricted.”

YouTube shooting suspect Nasim Aghdam ‘hated’ the company, her father claims

On Twitter many are revising their views of Nasim, they deplore her actions but understand her motivation. I can appreciate that perspective. YouTube is run by SJW’s of the Googly kind and they in turn will make themselves martyr’s, they shouldn’t.


Nasim Aghdam, YouTube Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nasim Aghdam has been identified as the suspect who opened fire outside of the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, on Tuesday, April 3, according to NBC News. The suspect was found dead by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“This woman came to the YouTube workplace with a specific target in mind; someone she knew, someone with whom she wanted to settle a grievance. She shot that person, she may have shot a second person who was with him, intentionally. We’re not sure about the third person,” Pete Williams said on MSNBC.

Batshit Crazy Homicidal Vegan Progressive – Suspect in YouTube Shooting Posted Rants About the Company Online

Nasim Aghdam: Do I look good in a hijab? Instagram

Truckloads of Batshit Crazy Homicidal Progressive Veganism Ahead – Nasim Aghdam’s website


‘Multiple people injured by FEMALE active shooter’ inside YouTube’s California headquarters

Update: Sources tell KRON4 that a woman shot and killed her boyfriend.

Unconfirmed reports say it was a female shooter and that two people have been shot but police are yet to give any information other than to confirm there is an active shooter at the scene.

Twitter: Youtube Shooting

Report shooter is down – self inflicted gunshot

Suspect in shooting at YouTube’s California headquarters is a woman: Law enforcement sources


How The USA Will Censor The Internet

When the FATNAG (Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Google) companies support something, it is to make their lives easier. The law has just given them a mandate to remove any content they deem to be “risky,” which is why Reddit just removed alcohol, guns, and tobacco content while keeping dubious, medically unwise, and bizarre sexual content, despite FOSTA being in theory designed to reduce online sexual exploitation.


Gun vloggers vent fury as YouTube bans firearms videos, switch to PornHub

Gun rights activists, bloggers and second amendment advocates are outraged at YouTube’s ban on videos and channels which promote websites that sell firearms and accessories. And some believe Pornhub is the solution.

Online gun vlogger InRangeTv has already begun migrating their videos to Pornhub. The group referred to YouTube’s rule changes as “vague” and “one-sided.”


Youtube Becomes Govtube With New Anti-Gun Rules

GovTube – that is, YouTube – which has become GovTube (specifically the parts of gov that advance the very far left statist agenda of the progressive party, the Democrat Party), has announced some draconian new policies regarding guns that appear to open wide the door for GovTube to all-but ban gun videos on the Neo-Puritanical social media video platform.


YouTube Bans The Daily Mail For ‘Violating Community Guidelines’

YouTube has banned the official channel of The Daily Mail, one of the United Kingdom’s longest-running tabloid newspapers.

Users navigating to the newspaper’s official YouTube page as of Saturday evening (EST) are greeted by a page informing them that the account has been suspended for violating “community guidelines.”

The newspaper, founded in 1896, is a frequent target of the British left for its conservative positions. The paper backed the campaign for Brexit in 2016.


Germany and YouTube try to censor increasing anti-Merkel protests in the country

A large demonstration of ordinary Germans in the town of Kandel took place on Saturday. Even Germany’s state controlled media can no longer hide the number of people taking to the streets to protest against Merkel and her destructive open border policies. Kandel is a symbolic location, as it is the place where a 15-year-old German girl was murdered by an Afghan refugee.